Uresia ArcanaUresia Arcana is a graphic aid for Uresia: Grave of Heaven Game Masters and enthusiasts: four sets of Uresia-inspired images for mapping, website decoration, and player handouts - nearly 100 images, plus nearly 100 variants. Arcana is an adaptation of fontwork I began the day Guardians of Order told me I could draw my own maps. I sat doodling bullets and lines with no specific role in mind for any of them. I just knew I had a particular look in mind, and wanted to crystallize it in useful form. Now, you can have them too, to give a distinctly Uresian character to your own maps and props. The four fonts are:
  • Arcana: This one is a playful grab-bag of fragments and images. Armed with this font, you can easily give any map you create a strong visual similarity to the original Uresia maps - and there are lots of odd bits lurking here that could be put to dozens of other uses by a sufficiently warped mind. There are 26 different glyphs, mapped A to Z, and 26 modified versions of those glyphs, mapped to the uppercase keys.
  • Islands: If you need a blank map of the Rindenland to plot out the locations of the missing shards of Vurma's Headdress or a party's path while searching for a Slime Gone Mad, this font will allow you to print what you need in any size. There are two versions of each nation: simple and detailed, as well as some whole-world views showing the islands together, with and without the Troll Lands. There are 26 different glyphs, mapped A to Z, all in silhouette, with hollow outlines mapped to the uppercase keys.
  • Metropolis: The smallest font in the set, Metropolis is a dozen glyphs doing for Shadow River what Uresia Islands does for the land beyond it. Each glyph A through I is a different borough of the city, in clean vector blocks. The remaining three glyphs are composite views.
  • Home Town: While Uresia fans will recognize the style of the top-down buildings in this village-mapping font, it's designed not for re-creating the map of Rogan's Heath, but for designing new villages of your own. There are 26 glyphs, each a different rooftop in random style, and 26 vertically-mirrored versions on the uppercase keys. Type randomly and make a street! Three additional glyphs, more Rogan's Heath-specific, are mapped to keys 1, 2 and 3.

Uresia Arcana is Freeware!

In the years since Arcana was released, I've done a lot more Uresia maps, and a lot more Uresia graphics of all kinds, and the Arcana set began to feel like a smaller and smaller subset of the Uresia aesthetic, so it's freeware, now. You can snag it as a part of the Uresia: Lore & Curiosities freebie library! If you're desperate to spend money on Uresia fonts, Uresia Arcana goes well with The Temphis Runes, so give that a try!

Try the Temphis Runes, Too!Try the Temphis Runes, Too!Try the Temphis Runes, Too!

Uresia Arcana is the work of Cumberland Games, publisher of Uresia itself, the awesome Uresia Caravel mini-supplement, the Fief medieval sourcebook, the Points in Space series of science-fiction resources, Sparks: Paper Miniatures in Font Form, and mapping fonts like HexPaper and Flagstones. Check us out! Uresia: Grave of Heaven is a trademark of S. John Ross.

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