Uresia ArcanaUresia Arcana is another graphic aid for Uresia: Grave of Heaven Game Masters and enthusiasts: four sets of Uresia-inspired images for mapping, website decoration, and player handouts - nearly 100 images, plus nearly 100 variants. Arcana is an adaptation of fontwork I began the day Guardians of Order told me I could draw my own maps. I sat doodling bullets and lines with no specific role in mind for any of them. I just knew I had a particular look in mind, and wanted to crystallize it in useful form. Now, you can have them too, to give a distinctly Uresian character to your own maps and props. The four sets are:

Set One: Arcana

This one is a playful grab-bag of fragments and images. Armed with this font, you can easily give any map you create a strong visual similarity to the original Uresia maps - and there are lots of odd bits lurking here that could be put to dozens of other uses by a sufficiently warped mind. There are 26 different glyphs, mapped A to Z, and 26 modified versions of those glyphs, mapped to the uppercase keys.

Set Two: Islands

If you need a blank map of the Rindenland to plot out the locations of the missing shards of Vurma's Headdress or a party's path while searching for a Slime Gone Mad, this font will allow you to print what you need in any size. There are two versions of each nation: simple and detailed, as well as some whole-world views showing the islands together, with and without the Troll Lands. There are 26 different glyphs, mapped A to Z, all in silhouette, with hollow outlines mapped to the uppercase keys.

Set Three: Metropolis

The smallest font in the set, Metropolis is a dozen glyphs doing for Shadow River what Uresia Islands does for the land beyond it. Each glyph A through I is a different borough of the city, in clean vector blocks. The remaining three glyphs are composite views.

Set Four: Home Town

While Uresia fans will recognize the style of the top-down buildings in this village-mapping font, it's designed not for re-creating the map of Rogan's Heath, but for designing new villages of your own. There are 26 glyphs, each a different rooftop in random style, and 26 vertically-mirrored versions on the uppercase keys. Type randomly and make a street! Three additional glyphs, more Rogan's Heath-specific, are mapped to keys 1, 2 and 3.

Try The Set, Free!

Uresia Arcana is just $4.95 for all four fonts (Windows TrueType), plus documentation (in PDF) describing their contents in detail, but if you want to make sure the quality is up to your standards as well as mine, download the Free Sampler first. It contains a special sample font with glyphs from every design in the set, as well as the complete documentation. You can find it right now on the Free Downloads Page. For more fun freebies, explore the rest of the Cumberland Games website, including the Free Stuff of the Moment page! Uresia Arcana goes well with The Temphis Runes, another Uresia-inspired font set.

How to Order

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Try the Temphis Runes, Too!Try the Temphis Runes, Too!Try the Temphis Runes, Too!

Uresia Arcana is the work of Cumberland Games, publisher of Uresia itself, the awesome Uresia Caravel mini-supplement, the Fief medieval sourcebook, the Points in Space series of science-fiction resources, Sparks: Paper Miniatures in Font Form, and mapping fonts like HexPaper and Flagstones. Check us out! Uresia: Grave of Heaven is a trademark of S. John Ross.

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