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"I purchased both Points in Space and Fief and was delighted with both. I get more bang for my buck from your stuff than most any supplement in the stores today."

- Chris Nason
Cumberland Customer

"Fief kicks ass. Nice work."

- Jeff Miller
Cumberland Customer

All-System Library books are "good stuff only" roleplaying material, written to work with all your favorite pencil-and-paper roleplaying games. They're by adult gamers, for adult gamers, written to meet the needs of roleplayers with high expectations, busy schedules, and broad interests.

Uresia: Grave of Heaven is Cumberland's beloved fantasy world, a land of humor, horror and humanity where the gods destroyed the world (and nearly everyone in it) leaving behind ... amazing possibilities for adventure!

Caravel adds a new chapter to Grave of Heaven about the lives of mariners aboard a merchant ship. Use them for any Uresia game, in any system, or for the fantasy world of your choice! By S. John Ross.

Fief & Town are what fantasy gamers been clamoring for! These books open the middle ages to those who long to understand what it was like, from the perspectives that mattered most: the ordinary village (Fief) and the medieval city (Town). Find out the truth behind the fantasy! By Lisa J. Steele.

Points in Space1: Starport Locations is really two things at once - a book describing fifteen locations in a strange backwater starport, and a book of maps showing each location in 1:32 scale for miniatures gaming. One emphasizes character-driven drama and wicked comedy, the other is for tactical gameplay. Get both for one low price! By S. John Ross.

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