Gunmetal Blue: A Truly Badass GURPS Page by S. John Ross

[Image: Chow Yun-Fat in The Killer]This page is presented with a single premise in mind: GURPS, the Generic Universal Roleplaying System from Steve Jackson Games, is a swell system for high-action cinematic gaming - games that capture the flavor of films like The Killer or Burning Paradise, films like Terminator 2: Judgement Day or Die Hard.


  • Beyond The Grip of Realism is the original "Truly Badass" collection of cinematic advantages for GURPS. These are NOT for the timid, the slow-paced, or those emotionally attached to the laws of physics.
  • Down to Basics in Black Ops is really an alternate form of Up to the Challenge . . . It's a character-creation variant specifically for GURPS Black Ops, but the advantage it introduces will work in any cinematic GURPS campaign. [Image: Danny Lee in The Killer}
  • Options for High-Tech GURPS is a collection of "house rules" that I've developed over the years for my action-movie, Supers, and other modern games. The rules for armor flexibility are great for medieval fantasy games, too! You've seen my cinematic advantages, and (in GURPS Black Ops) things like my Quick-and-Dirty Autofire rules . . . here's the rest of it!

Badass Links

  • Oltre la stretta della Realtà is "Beyond the Grip of Realism" in Italian. In Italy, rather than being "Truly Badass," you're "Vero Bastardo!" God, I'm jealous. That really does sound even cooler. Vero Bastardo. Vero Bastardo. I could say that all day.
  • Hong Kong Cinema isn't the same "Hong Kong Cinema" I used to link to, but I've begun to lose hope of that one ever re-emerging at a stable location on the net. In the meantime, this other "Hong Kong Cinema" is pretty good, too - a news and reviews site.
  • A Pair of Blood-Spattering Essays on Hong Kong Action Movies is a really long title, but on the other hand there's no confusing what this link leads to.
  • GURPS Black Ops is the one and only Truly Badass GURPS book, written by Jeff Koke and Yours Truly. This link will take you to the official site (which includes excerpts from the book and some spiffy artwork!)

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