Mirror Andoria
by S. John Ross, part of the Untaken Treks

Shieri turned Ghalev's corpse with her foot to look at his frozen expression of shock. She grinned wickedly. "Falin, we were brilliant. To think the little fool trusted us."
     Falin held her close, thrilled at her attention, the warm satisfaction of the kill. "He could have trusted us, if he'd only turned his talents to the Emperor's service. His pride was wasted, misplaced." He stared down, feeling a little sad for his former comrade.
     He spoke as much to the cooling body as to Shieri. "We are Andorian, the dagger of imperial will."
     Shieri kissed Falin softly. "The Senator will be so pleased, my love."

- Douglas Bell,
Falin: a Novel of Andoria, 2253

Andoria is a frozen world orbiting a white subgiant deeply coreward from the heart of the empire. Ruled by a royal family descended from an ancient conqueror, the Andorians are passionate and artistic, but their favorite art is war. Personal squabbles are settled with blood in public duels, where the stink of death and alcohol mingle with screams and hearty laughter. Lusty warriors all, the Andorian rulers maintain the fabric of their society with constant warfare, the pursuit that brings all Andorians together as brothers, and dutiful servants of the Emperor.

Of all the vassal worlds, Andoria is the most openly-worshipful of humanity (or at least, the most notably sincere about it). In Andoriaís cities and villages, every street is decked in imperial regalia, and the Andorian fleet is one of the deadliest tools in the Emperorís war machine. After a resistant new alien world tastes the chaotic fury of the Axanari forward attack, the disciplined waves of death that follow frequently do so at the hands of Andorian warriors. The Emperor values the passionate aliens, masters of the art of combat in love with their role in the empireís growth.

It was not always so. The Andorians of centuries past vainly named themselves the Star Empire, a military state forged centuries before they had even achieved space travel. All that is Andorian was built in the name of Krotus, their legendary conqueror, who brought all the disparate cultures of the frozen world under his iron rule sometime in the 13th century.

Determined to carry the legacy of Krotus to the stars, the Andorians built a dozen thriving colonies, and enslaved the primitive natives of nearby Menk II, before encountering humanity in 2137. The resulting war, fueled by Andorian certainty that they were destined to rule the galaxy, was a costly exercise for the Emperor, as the powerful Andorian ships repelled wave after wave of imperial assault. Ultimately, the Andorians were simply out-numbered and short on the resources necessary for extended warfare, and they found themselves in a humiliating war of attrition. Worn down to nothing, the proud blue warriors admitted defeat, their morale crushed and their cities starving.

For decades, the Andorians were grudgingly servile, but a younger generation fanned the embers of the spirit nearly extinguished by the war. In 2186, during a time of imperial instability, the Endilev clan led a bloody uprising in a desperate bid for Andorian independence. Striking coup after coup using little more than scavenged ships, antique weapons and the clanís signature form of drunken-style hand fighting, their early success was shocking. In the end, however, they were still no match for the empire. An imperial warlord rallied the forces needed to do the job, and their utter defeat at his hands was turned into an instrument in his own bid for the throne.

What developed next surprised even the new Emperor. The Andorians couldnít survive the shame of a second crushing defeat, so they refused to indulge in shame at all. A religious and philosophical renaissance resulted in the fusion of the popular Terionist religion with the teachings of the latter-day prophetess Umarin. The new faith made loyal citizens of the Andorians, who, en masse and over the course of only a few years, embraced the belief that the human Emperor was the reincarnated embodiment of Krotus. They repented, feeling that they had been foolish to deny their destiny by fighting the ruler that they should have been serving all along!

The Emperor, amused, put this new development to use when dealing with the newly-discovered Klingon Empire in 2194. Offering the Klingons the role of favored slaves and guards galled the proud Andorians seriously. When it became necessary to extinguish the Klingons once and for all, the Andorians were the most eagerly aggressive attackers, swearing their lives to Starfleet for the first time in history, and slaughtering fourteen Klingons for every Andorian lost. They were determined that they would be the favored warriors, not the upstart Klingons! The Emperor, smart enough to reward and cultivate Andorian passion, but hardly willing to keep them literally at his side, elevated Andoria to vassal status. There they serve still, confident in the knowledge that they are the instruments of their ancient conqueror.

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(Even though I recently [July 2010] learned that Decipher copied this entire page for their own Mirror Universe title, word for word, without so much as a mention in the credits, it remains, absolutely, Copyright ©2000 by S. John Ross). Guys, I would have said yes ... woulda been nice to ask, though, as this material's copyright was explicitly granted to me when LUG went busto, right? Plus, a comp wouldn't have hurt ... geez.

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