A GURPS Anagram Puzzle
by S. John Ross, Copyright © 1999

Being a certified GURPS junkie, GURPS book titles tend to show up in just about every kind of puzzle I fiddle with. Here's a quick and dirty one: Once upon a time for the Blue Room Mailing List, I sent out a little anagram puzzle. The puzzle is pretty simple; just figure out which GURPS book titles I've mercilessly scrambled! Some are easier than others!

1. fun ghetto treacheries
2. lame anus interpretations
3. icy ape breasts
4. be nasty if astray
5. dirt heeds antibiotics
6. ripe hornets
7. pig nuts top cars
8. her last anteater
9. suburbs & new iron
10. boiled sex mud

Special kudos to Mark Cogan, who aced it in a matter of hours when I posted it to the list (and on the list, I didn't bother pointing out that they were GURPS titles!) If you get stuck, you can find the solution in the Blue Room Journal archive!

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