Unlimited Mana
Printable HTML Calamity Tables

The Original Calamity Table (Revised): This is the table featured in the article itself, in an easy-to-print HTML form (you can also snag it in PDF form by clicking here).

Lizard's Tables: Way back in 1997, Craig Roth started a discussion about College-specific calamities on GURPSnet, and the result was two cool fan-designed tables by Lizard: one for the Fire College and another for the Necromantic College. Lizard appended the following note to the latter:

OK, here's another one. A few quick notes, and responsed to earlier comments.

a) Some people have noted my fire table wasn't sufficiently deadly. To a certain extent, that was intentional -- I really didn't want "15:Take 2d6 damage. 16:Take 3d6 Damage. 17:Take 4d6 Damage" ad infinitum. In the Lizardverse, magic is chaotic, and a lot more things can happen to you than just getting burnt. YMMV.

b) This table has only a handful of items which cause damage to the mage. In the Lizardverse, necromancy is fundementally self-corrupting -- the more you tamper with Things Man Was Not Meant To Know, the more your mind and body are corrupted. Necromancers don't live in isolated towers on top of the Barren Peaks beyond the Dark Forest across the River Of Blood because the rents are cheap. More than one or two rolls on this table, and a little bit of bad luck, and the character might become quite unplayable -- GM's might want to tone down the large number of 'permanent' effects.

(Some of this table was inspired by dim memories of Warhammer FRP, which also had the 'magic makes you go nuts' feature. I've got to see about digging that up and converting some of the ideas in there to GURPS)

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