Keeping in Touch

The best way to contact me directly is via email. I enjoy hearing from people who enjoy Cumberland Games, my homepage, or my work for the gaming industry. However, I get an awful lot of mail, so I've created this page as a guide to those who are considering dropping me a line.

If You Have A Question

Before writing, please consult the Frequently Asked Questions page, to see if your question is covered already (or if it is a closed topic on which I no longer accept questions).

If You're Just Writing to Say "Hi!"

That's my favorite kind! Just drop me a line at the email address specified in the FAQ. If I'm in town and the computer is working okay, I'll read your mail within 24 hours. One crucial rule: please give your email a descriptive title. I get thousands of spam in a month (I keep my spam-filters minimal for business reasons), so emails without a subject line, and emails with generic subject lines like "your web page" or "hello" or "of interest" will be deleted without a second glance. The same goes for wacked-out titles that I won't understand. When in doubt, use specific titles of articles, pages, games, etc. to get my attention.

Depending on how swamped with mail and work I am, you'll probably hear back from me quickly (if you catch me online, sometimes you'll hear back from me a few seconds after hitting "send"). If you're a Cumberland Games customer who's wandered into the Blue Room (hiya!), you can expect a response within 24 hours barring personal emergency. Otherwise, I'm often very busy with work (and with avoiding the computer as much as I can when not working) and I've occasionally been known to take months to respond when I'm pinned under and the emails pile up. If you expected a response and don't get one within 120 days (24 hours for customer emails), feel free to poke at me a bit with another email. Correspondents who are kind and respectful of my time get preferential treatment. Rude people will be dealt with appropriately.

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