The Blue Room Crossword
"Easy Does It"(July 2002)- By S. John Ross

Here's another quick number for those asking for "a few more easy ones" among the crosswords; enjoy! For the solution to this archived puzzle, click here (no peeking until you've tried it!) For more, click here! There's also a handy Rich Text version for easier printing (readable in Word and many other programs).

[The July 2002 Crossword Image]


"In brightest day, in _______ night, no evil shall escape my sight . . ." (7)
5. The whole "Santa" joke really annoys him. LaVey's a booster. (5)
8. Alvy's schoolmate went from heroin to this. (9)
9. Groo often wonders if he did. (3)
10. A crossword haiku: "Little chunks of rice. Seaweed, deep emerald green. Beware wasabe." (5)
12. When this beast flies an airplane, you've got a great rules-free RPG supplement (among other things). (7)
13. The new president of Huxley College arrives with a smoldering cigar and a fresh shave. (13)
15. The last of Sheckley's victims, originally. (7)
17. Blackman brought her to life in '64. (5)
19. The ingredients are organic, in Newman's. (3)
20. Juliette Binoche can make it for me any day, especially in those cute 1950s dresses. But I spell it in English, by golly. (9)
22. Hexes are these, in GURPS. (5)
23. "I like ladies _______; that's a fact." (7)


1. R. Buckminster Fuller showed us how to make useful ones out of triangles. (5)
2. "Mutt in a ______" shows Elmer Fudd's dog convinced that Elmer will kill him. (3)
3. A respectable kind of action, in a dogfight in outer space. In court, it's less popular with the audience. (7)
4. What a Paranoia character does when he isn't busy dying. (13)
5. It can mean a collection of magic scrolls or a quiver of magic arrows. Or, if you're boring, a lot of things that aren't magic. (5)
6. In one of my favorite RPGs, they're from outer space. (9)
7. You pass through these to get to Sandra's hometown, if you're coming in from the Atlantic. (7)
11. The version of the Temphis Runes most resembling serious calligraphy. (9)
13. According to Dan Quayle, "People that are really very weird" can have a tremendous impact on this. Such wisdom in that boy. (7)
14. The nipponophiles have been slurping a lot of this through straws, lately. (7)
16. These pass for names, in chat. (5)
18. The red triangle indicates right-of-way at an intersection, which is a real tease if you're expecting crop outputs or somesuch. (5)
21. The telephone sanitizers were led to believe they were on the second one. (3)


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