The Blue Room Crossword Archive
(March 1998)- By S. John Ross

This is the March, 1998 Crossword; enjoy! For more, click here. For the solution to this archived puzzle, click here, instead (no peeking until you've tried it!).

The Blue Room Crossword

Across Down
1. Easily one of the worst places to sing "Surrey with a fringe on top."

10. What you get when a single cybertank goes up against 5 heavies and a GEV.

11. Feebles have more of it than Muppets, apparently.

13. You get these when you clean the drugs out of your system.

14. In GURPS Grimoire, we added rules for making this stuff out of nuts.

15. Where to look if you're concerned about heavy objects falling on you.

16. He liked those little peanut-butter candies, and as a result got me hooked on them for a while, until they made me really sick.

17. A right bastard.

19. He thought of a little girl, trying to stick a hot dog through a donut. The same actor played the tree trimmer in Better Off Dead.

21. The dwarf collected these, not books.

23. On the subject of.

25. She wasn't as nice as Betty. (Initials)

26. Yummy with curds, I hear.

27. In In Nomine, you can get his attention more easily if you have a battleship. Okay, you can get just about anybody's attention easier with a battleship . . .

29. If aliens show up and say they're going to blow up the world in a couple of days, Jason Dean would take this onto a lake.

31. A certain degree.

33. The Knights used to say this.

34. The Varangians kicked some of these around along the Dnieper.

35. An ancient place with a very short name.

37. There should be only _________.

38. Anastasia, for one.

41. "______________ in the brain."

2. Where the Simpsons live.

3. Higher on the nurses' pecking order than an LPN.

4. The place where all the old words that nobody uses hang out.

5. Paranoia is said to have only one of these, by it's detractors.

6. It does 8 dice of damage and can use APFSDS rounds. (Car Wars).

7. In Russian, the same word means either "beautiful" ___________.

8. This shows up shortly after the trailers. But they tell you to shut up, first.

9. This is the step that comes just before "Repeat."

11. Voyager does this, but not in the fun way.

12. Peck worked for them, and he was so smug he actually got Egon pissed.

18. This was AD&D's answer to angels.

20. If you dislike these, stay the hell away from pianos.

22. Go west from Albany and you end up here. If you go north, you're in Macon.

24. Spunk. Chutzpah.

27. He knew the difference between a rat and a hamster, but he only spoke "classical" Spanish.

28. That devil guy.

30. Sandra's middle name.

32. To play that universal game (verb).

36. He's a street fighter.

37. The plastic ones form bands, I hear.

39. Lesbian friend of Hemingway and Picasso, she coined the phrase "The Lost Generation." (initials).

40. They attack Hoth in pairs, connected only by a hyphen. What a shameless clue.


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