The Blue Room Crossword Archive
(April 1998)- By S. John Ross

This is the April, 1998 Crossword; enjoy! For more, click here. For the solution to this archived puzzle, click here, instead (no peeking until you've tried it!)

April's Puzzle

Across Down
1. The kind of radiation that makes you green?

6. Blonde.

9. A woman in the U.S. Marine Corps (USMC slang).

12. The German scholar that pointed out the hypocrisy of Europe regarding the sexual habits of Old Russia.

13. It includes a paleness, which is why a lot of goths probably wish they were, and the rest of the goths just pretend they are.

16. Until the mid-80s, when MTV played the same video hourly for a full day, I didn't realize that this was available in fruit flavors.

17. You get to shoot a lot of it in Castle Wolfenstien.

18. He's full of meat. And we all love him.

19. Largely responsible for Kathy Ireland's success, despite her unfortunate voice.

20. The little funny dress you wear at the dojo.

21. An expensive hobby involving model cars, model planes, and batteries.

22. Holland's second-most-popular cheese export. Mellow and nice. In this country, the paraffin coating is usually red.

25. Your sense of it is one of the most signifigant keys to happiness you'll ever find.

28. Anita Mui was part of an heroic one.

29. Miss Rosenberg is this, but in a cute way.

30. He wrote a famous poem about the Brooklyn Bridge, but, when he finally killed himself by jumping into water, it was the Gulf of Mexico he jumped into.

31. The star of one of my favorite films about Mad German Nuns and building things for them. He's more famous as Mark Thackeray or John Wade Prentice, though.

32. Along with rice, wheat, barley and millet, the Chinese consider this little thing one of the Five Sacred Grains, whether it's a "grain" or not.

34. These days, a lot of people do this with their web browsers.

35. A clever wit is often compared to this.

38. An old slang term for a bit of strong drink.

41. The old pun about puns: Beauty is in the ___ of the beholder.

42. Originally, the clue here was going to be either about musicians in the Star Wars universe, or popular comic performers in the Babylon 5 universe. But I spelled it with an extra "e," and now I haven't the foggiest idea what the clue should be about.

44. According to the Birds of Aristophenes, he impregnated Chaos (Hesiod claims that it was Gaea rather than Chaos, but who trusts Hesiod?)

45. One of these is putting something on the wall in the background when Threepio meets the "echuta!" droid and gets himself blasted to scrap.

46. According to Wowbagger, he was a jerk.

47. How GURPS Vehicles measures volume.

48. The kind of campaign that you'd run for shampoo, as opposed to six wierd friends with dice.

49. Where to find red rain.

50. Possibly Billie Burke's most famous role, and certainly the one most people have seen.

52. It's the half where God seems a little less forgiving.

53. "Ah, this is obviously some strange _________ of the word 'safe' that I wasn't previously aware of."

56. To do this is either futile or useless, depending on the alien involved.

57. He grew up on Yancy Street, and John Byrne complained that a lot of artists drew him to look like Fozzie Bear.

58. What electrical engineers chant when they meditate. (and, for the record, I apologize)

59. "This hand, to tyrants ______ sworn the foe" (John Quincy Adams).

60. "Hams" perform to these.

1. Little mouths? No, just drinking vessels.

2. The D&D equivalent of Coca-Cola.

3. The most popular one is little (and you can't even go into a supermarket without seeing her plastered all over the place this month).

4. Ever since Dexter's neighbor went blind, every woman looks just like her.

5. Norton!

6. When riffs collide. Outside of music, it's got something to do with jamming, which is pretty ironic, if you think about it.

7. Where the Waco Kid got shot by an Actual Kid.

8. Ann and Andy loved each other despite being a bit of this.

9. Sloot is my favorite example of these. They want our women! They watch our football! They sing "Louie, Louie" at the tops of their lungs! If they have lungs.

10. The only thing standing between the Atlantic and Pacific (except for that other, bigger thing. But I don't count that).

11. Useful for chatting to people in exotic locales like Newfoundland ;)

14. It's an old joke to switch this with the shampoo. I did it once in Junior High, and it got the wrong person. The effect wasn't nearly as dramatic as I'd hoped, either.

15. Disneyland is there.

19. Propaganda is meant to do this to public opinion.

23. Turkey does this so easily if you roast it incorrectly.

24. According to an old popular song, it can't be trusted. I think that I tend to agree.

26. The children with sugarplums dancing in their heads were this, among other things.

27. Bernie left his hat at his apartment.

30. Stacked. (Hubba, Hubba! Okay, maybe not . . .)

33. Some items made of this, and some chocolate, are all you need to win over the natives.

34. Dark sewer tunnels can be navigated by this. Ugh.

36. Until a little while back, this was probably the most important part of my wife's home province's economy. These days, there isn't a lot of it left up there.

37. It means that it happened before something. But, if you want to make up new definitions, it could be used to mean you're hunting something down.

38. A company that makes lawn mowers specifically to anger bulls, apparently.

39. A fancy-pants way of saying "succeed and win." Hey, what can I say, sometimes only fancy-pants words will fit in the grid! I can't help it!

40. "So much is a man worth as he ___________ himself." (Francis Rabelais)

43. He does that little goodbye from The Prisoner. Creepy. One of my favorite characters on television, even if I've never read much by the author he's named after.

45. They give you more DOOM for your money.

47. Antony deserted Octavia to shack up with this chick.

50. He built the world's first (intentional) radio telescope in 1937. (initials)

51. An ancient game where the object is to force your opponent to pick up the last item from a group. Once you learn the trick, it goes from Frustrating to Pointless with no stops in-between.

52. This is what they call it when you leave your body behind and start drifting off, tempted by the light. Alternately, when you leave your body behind to get into movies for free.

53. Yuck!

54. _______ Lanka (Arthur Clarke lives there).

55. All other time is compared to this.


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