The Blue Room Crossword Archive
(May 1998)- By S. John Ross

This is the May, 1998 Crossword; enjoy! For more, click here. For the solution to this archived puzzle, click here, instead (no peeking until you've tried it!)

The May Puzzle



1. Two very short women can summon him by singing.

7. He's worn a snakeskin jacket, a sequined jumpsuit, and (very nearly) blue tights and a red cape.

11. Flashman's Lady (singular and Scottish).

12. Pyramid chats take place in one of these.

13. Fair trade for a whip?

14. Pluto's pal.

16. She was just as cute as Kate Lemon as she was as Miss Dashwood.

18. If you go out for Chinese, you often get pots of this.

20. Warp Engine (singular; Scottish)

22. This demon lives in a dungeon of his own devising, inside a British gamebook, not knowing that the final level in Super Widget bears his name.

24. He did half of his scenes in The Princess Bride while stinking drunk, according to director Rob Reiner.

26. The unit of powerstone limitations, among other things.

28. Stamps, Vampires and Vectors - Now that rings a bell!

[This clue written by special Guest Clue Writer Kenneth Hite, popular online columnist and owner of all five volumes of the collected letters of H.P. Lovecraft]

30. If GURPS has a parent, this is it, even moreso than The Fantasy Trip.

31. What you have if your hands feel like two balloons.

32. Mink was his boy.

35. The Redskins abandoned it (This clue proves that I'd rather even talk about football than dead members of a certain family!)

37. My final In Nomine work was this.

38. He thought he was a Roman emperor, and used wierd alien liquid glass psionic technology to kill.

39. If you ever find yourself saying "Did you . . . glue me to the floor?" you might be talking to him. On the other hand, he's dead, now.

1. She and Satsuki met a Totoro.

2. He's played either a lot of villains, or one villain in a lot of films.

3. His favorite sauce was allegedly spicy.

4. A dreamer on the nightside.

5. It hopped publishers to Palladium.

6. The oldest of the Musketeers.

7. These days, any braided egg-bread can get this name stuck to it, but the traditional Jewish version is still the most satisfying.

8. Popeye meant this, not sweet potatoes.

9. Speaking of Popeye, he once encountered a land of strange savages, and in doing so introduced this word to the English language.

10. With a strange one or two, even death may die [anti-Anglophile version; special thanks to Guest Clue Checker Kenneth Hite for Checking this Clue as my Guest]

15. All great orators do? Thats what they told the Prince, anyway.

16. Charlotte's Web author (first two initials).

17. It stood at the opposite end from Fall Out.

19. Same deal as 16 Across, but for The Man Who Was Thursday and the Father Brown stories.

21. Berthold, Commander Clement, and others.

23. Where the Dawn Treader sailed.

24. The Philosopher that suggested that the will to live is more important than intellect. (Initials)

25. A kind of horizon.

26. Melanesian cults that believe that salvation will come in the form of wealth carried on ships and planes, and that white people carry the secret to producing such wealth.

27. Miserable English poet, in love with Elizabeth Barry (she didn't love him back). Initials.

29. He spoke through Commander Larsen, saying "go to the window."

31. Two cubits and a half was the length of it, and a cubit and a half the breadth of it, and a cubit and a half the height of it.

32. Enochian, Schmocian. Forget Quinti Libri Mysteriorum, he did a translation of the Necronomicon, man! Well, okay, not really.

33. Gateway 2000 bought them out for $194 million.

34. Those things that go beep . . . beep . . . beep . . . for as long as your heart keeps beating. Commonly "misspelled" with a K.

36. He drove the Pork Chop Express, and played Elvis, too (initials).


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