The Blue Room Crossword Archive
(Summer 1998)- By S. John Ross

This is the Summer, 1998 Crossword; enjoy! For more, click here. For the solution to this archived puzzle, click here, instead (no peeking until you've tried it!)

Summer Crossword!

1. Cat sang about this while Maude died.
7. Shorthand for "superstitious nonsense," used for when you're taking it a little more seriously.
12. Sometimes it's brown, sometimes it's green, and life resembles one, according to a friend of Lee Garvin's.
13. They run the big game shows.
14. Flaky poetspeak for "over."
15. Nothing can stop J.D.. Not the FBI, the CIA, or this.
16. Among many other things, a synonym for Black Bird.
18. It determines what software you can run.
19. You're in the desert, dealing with the unpleasant Coke machine, when this nation is kind enough to send a tank full of ready-to-surrender soldiers. Bye-bye, unpleasant Coke machine.
20. The superheroic arm of the United Nations
21. Toodles!
22. The state where you'll find Rochester, Buffalo, Park Rapids, and Willmar.
23. It's got four arms, but only on its forearms.
25. More than one cute Hong Kong babe bears this name, which is also the war-cry of the enraged Elephant Man (at least as Jeff Goldblum portrays them).
27. A shape for beacons.
30. A TV lawyer. Alternately, something you can't be if you're a woman.
32. ______ Kao had a slight flaw in his character.
33. The _________ folk got smaller as the years went on, since there were fewer places for them to be hiding.
34. The company that includes Ruzimatov, Makhalina, and Kim.
36. Pink. Also, when events inspire optomism.
38. Put these two letters in front of a gamer and ask him to tell you the first number that comes to mind. It's pretty likely he'll say "47."
40. It's deep, in the veins.
41. O'neill's first two initials (the space colony guy).
43. The range that Strogoff had to cross, in the Jules Verne novel that bore his name.
45. It shrieks, and it goes where Davros tells it to.
48. When they packed The Orb into a crate, this got painted on the box.
50. Another name for an album.
51. Chris Adams drew me ____________ sketch.
53. It stands between Chef and Dee? No, it's just a petty Russian noble.
55. The outfit that built the Facility.
57. When GURPS Black Magic is due. Also, I think it was one of the Brady Bunch.
59. Aberdeen, Moses Lake, and Yakima are there.
60. Spoonbending phony (initials).
62. The Animal played him in a recent film biography of one of his coworkers.
64. An enchanted realm resembling, of all places, Florida.
65. Suicidal Superman (initials).
66. You can do this if you think it's improper to swear.
69. In Star Wars, Han Solo did this to Jabba the Hutt.
71. Flaky poetspeak for "when it happens that."
72. He collected maps, and had some bothersome Took blood in him telling him to enjoy his adventure.
73. The best online 'zine that West End Games could ask for.
75. The most famous one was named "Bib."
76. Slippery Jim's mentor was named after these things that stand in attendance to royalty.

1. The major part of it examines the journey of a fool.
2. Dr. Thompson once wrote that this man was evil in a way that only those who believe in the physical existence of the devil can understand (initials).
3. A dangerous Alley. Alternately, an acronym for when the warehouse runs out of Warehouses, which recently happened.
4. A popular series of electronic fantasy games where the game's fictional designer is included as a fictional NPC.
5. To properly understand this extinct creature, you must first learn to dig it.
6. When one of the major American breweries decided that they should make pretzels to go with their beer, they called the line this.
7. If a group of people are this, they can get even by killing one of their own.
8. "Mutual inflammation?" That clue is either a clever joke or genuine etymology; I'm too lazy to look it up and find out which.
9. MTV for crisis junkies.
10. Infested with lice, originally. Just infested, later on. And then, just something bad.
11. It seemed that Prak would die laughing. Ultimately, though, this is how he went.
17. An Army guy.
77. He has a dog that went nameless for some time. (I messed up the numbering. What can I say? I do it by hand).
23. Certain officials get to bang them.
24. Where people named "Tarl Cabot" can make a name for themselves. Hopefully, it'll be a better name than "Tarl Cabot."
26. How accurately an ancient culture could define this is one of the benchmarks modern people use when trying to decide exactly how superior we should feel to them.
28. It means to raise a child, not spank him.
29. ______ Nalas was the hero of the Bajoran resistance. He died saving Sisko. And yeah, I re-used a word. Can you tell I do this stuff late at night?
30. "Doing right by _________" (in the Old Highland Way) involves fighting her, bare-breasted, while carrying an eight-pound baby.
31. I don't know of any kind other than the kind made with eggs.
33. Buffy's home.
35. Eventually I'll run out of giant Japanese movie monsters, or clues for them, but not today: She was immortalized in song by one of the Monkees.
37. _______ September
39. Their bodies are 12 to 15 feet long and flexible, like that of an Earthly snake.
42. The mutant superheroine Dazzler was originally created as a film role for her, but the deal collapsed when her husband insisted on directing the movie.
43. "No, it was a seven letter word . . ." - Groucho
44. His wife was "Lady Bird."
46. Inventor of the Flux Capacitor (initials).
47. In China, back when good manners meant something (by golly, by gum), giving somebody lots of these was either a sign of respect, or a form of push-ups. I can't figure which.
49. He started off his first series with beef stock, and then did the Tomato Episode, which is where I started watching.
50. Charles Fort's coolest book title, I think.
52. Prince George and Bertie Wooster, among other things.
54. He is the Alpha and Omega, the beginning and the end. If you believe in that kind of thing.
56. From the First Book of Maccabees: "How shall we be able, being __________, to fight against so great a multitude and so strong, seeing we are ready to faint with fasting all this day?"
58. Fake chocolate gunk popular among the 1980's Yuppie Health Food Cults.
61. If your Brass Lantern goes dark, they'll likely eat you.
63. The other John Steed. And Pharaoh Ramses, too. [Initials]
67. An electronic play-by-mail baseball league which uses a modified version of "The Internet Game." [yet another Obligatory Computery Clue]
68. He had a dream.
70. Istanbul, Not Constantinople? Tokyo, Not _____.
74. Dungeons contain piles of these, but they're usually guarded by monsters.


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