The Blue Room Crossword
(July 1999)- By S. John Ross

This is the July, 1999 Crossword; enjoy! Click here for more puzzles, and here for this puzzle's solution (no peeking until you've tried it!) There's also a handy Rich Text version for easier printing (readable in Word and many other programs), or you can solve it online with the Java version.

[The July 1999 Puzzle]


1 As a Halfling, he made the jump from AD&D to GURPS. He didn't really have a habit of passing notes, though. (10)
10 He is the trivia master. That is his curse. (4)
14 If you read about one doing a jig, it's probably a Westlake, but in cooking it often as not means that chocolate and hot peppers will be combined. (5)
15 Where the eaten one escaped from the tombs. Taoist symbolism and a bunch of islands. (8)
17 Blackjack meets Concentration meets divinatory satire. (3)
19 If a woman wants to be treated as an adult, sometimes she's gotta show some. (2)
20 They're just one step away from being apologetic to poor Dave. (3)
22 Okay, so you rolled a six and a one - but what does the brass wheel refer to? Time to learn some Latin. (6)
25 Bandleader and clarinet player, one of the giants of jazz and swing [Initials]. (2)
26 David Niven and Pierce Brosnan have him in common. Use a pencil. (7)
29 When I'm writing, mine are half again the size of this one. (2)
30 Paulo and Tome look lonely without it. (3)
31 The concert held on her island was more jazz-blues than blues-jazz, or was it the other way? (4)
32 Part of him was a decent guy, but tell that to Gwen. (7)
36 In GURPS Magic, they were Objects, but when a couple of whole books were done, they for some reason reverted to this D&D standard. (5)
38 Sucked again? Or maybe it's what happens when you get your jollies with Buffy. (8)
40 If Lucas ruled the universe, terrain and climate would seldom vary below this scale. (9)
43 What happened to Steve Dallas happened to him. (8)
45 Ordinary old destroyer; Guided missile destroyer. That's a lot of one letter, isn't it? (5)
48 One was fucking Harry's wife. (7)
51 It was a risin', and the gin was a'gettin' low. (4)
52 When Jaimie titled his pamphlet about getting "vengeance for the dead," he wasn't referring to one of these. (3)
53 If you want to be a little pretensious, fill this one in in lowercase. (2)
54 The dead ones can apparently be detected by tracking devices eerily reminiscent of the roofcaps of ritzy apartment buildings. (7)
56 Vey. (2)
57 One of the more polite-sounding ways of saying "10 Down." (6)
59 Time in Paris. (3)
60 His real name was Bosco, and he preferred overland transportation. (2)
61 A serving of my Ideal version has an ARat of 8 (what, you expected a Ferengi clue?) (3)
63 On the sixth planet out in this system, you'll find the woman who was just below "Earth." (8)
67 She looked hot in that futuristic white jumpsuit. Or was it that white dress and rock necklace? I get them confused. (5)
70 Sometimes he's close to a cute but untrustworthy witch. Sometimes he's close to a villain bent on world domination. It's not easy being green. (4)
71 Mr. Spock serves aboard one, along with a rabbit and a groundhog. (10).


2 Hot item from Atlas, or the final resting place of the Thief/Acrobat? You decide. (2)
3 Yes, I spelled it wrong, but I'm not about to go back and rebuild half the puzzle over it. That'll teach me to trust people's websites when trying to include clues for games I don't play! (7)
4 Roll against it to find out if you live. (2)
5 Dante felt that prices ending in nine was this. (5)
6 They still use that "sound of his master's voice" image as their trademark. (3)
7 IE's little cousin, for reading mail. (2)
8 The romance between Brian's mom and Naughtius Maximus started out this way. (4)
9 Maybe a physician; maybe something that stands between the hero and a bullet. If it's a very expendable physician, it could be both. (2)
10 The less polite but far more common way of saying "57 Across." (4)
11 It holds a lot. (3)
12 Where I was decidedly unkind to KOEI in a review. (2)
13 Scott's cool snowglobe was a promo toy for the video release of this. (5)
16 It's an old joke to ask people if they enjoy doing this. The joke is that they don't know. It's not much of a joke, really. (7)
18 One of the television's great fictional booksellers; he had a thing for Molly. (4)
21 If I'm from Thimphu and dig archery, then I'm almost certainly this. (4)
23 Ray Stantz had an unfortunate encounter with one of the ungrateful yuppie kind. (5)
24 Lima beans, strawberries, and a name that sounds naughty to Paul Bunyan's companion. (6)
25 Any relationship between this word and the preceding clue is entirely coincidental. (4)
27 When stimulated by antigens, they become either memory cells or plasma cells that form antibodies against the stimulating antigens. (6)
28 He was President of Mexico during a chunk of the classic Call of Cthulhu era [Initials]. (2)
33 In the mid-eighties, he hated "Ordinary fucking people," and we all got a kick out of it, but in Alien, he played this guy. (5)
34 The FCC Office who's job it is to help create new opportunities for competitive technologies. (3)
35 It's genuine crosswordese, one of those words you only find in a crossword puzzle when the puzzle designer is stuck for a legitimate word. Sounds greek, though, and it's an anagram for MY SEED. When I included it, I honestly figured I could just look it up and write a reasonable clue later on. Shows what I know. (6)
37 In every generation there is a chosen one. (6)
39 What Cthulhu does to humans who stray too close, don't know the right rituals, and aren't either very fast or armed with a convenient ship to ram him with. (7)
41 Twonky was this (and a bit dangerous) when they added the Big Gun. (5)
42 Canada has this; here in the States we just have the old one, and sometimes can't tell them from the Republicans. (3)
44 He's the one responsible for cramming GURPS Lite attractively into such a small space. (4)
46 If you you're looking for a bottle of good ouzo at the source, one will not be enough. (7)
47 Fantasy gamers know that the big wolves fit this description. (4)
49 A word that some associate with their tennis, some associate with broad-mindedness, others associate with bids and investments, and I associate with with words and interpretations. (4)
50 Churchward wrote a lot about it, but Alley Oop lived there (he just didn't spell it the same way as Churchward, if indeed he could spell). (2)
52 The first of the trinity to lose a player. (5)
55 Some consider Surak its father. (5)
57 My favorite of these was Unspeakable. My other favorite involved standing in front of a green lamp. Before I wrote this clue, it never occurred to me that I had favorites. (4)
58 A simple but universal sign of trouble. (4)
60 Twonky is my favorite. I've mentioned Twonky twice now, 'cause Twonky is the coolest of them all. (3)
62 The Bunnies & Burrows equivalent to a dragon. (3)
64 Again or about, at the beginning. (2)
65 Eisenhower appointed him to the Supreme Court; he kicked off about two years after I kicked on [Initials]. (2)
66 Where Malcolm X and Fred Astaire were coming from. (2)
68 He discovered Niagra Falls, presumably because of the really really loud noise it makes. (2)
69 The story typically goes that as soon as we develop this, it develops itself from then on and then either enslaves us, kills us, or (more recently) decides that we're an efficient source of power. (2).


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