The Blue Room Crossword
(August/September 1999)- By S. John Ross

This is the August/September, 1999 Crossword; enjoy! For more, click here! For the solution to this archived puzzle, click here (no peeking until you've tried it!) There's also a handy Rich Text version for easier printing (readable in Word and many other programs) or you can solve it online with the Java version.

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1. If you're one of these, you call it "retirement." (11)
10. If you pass this, you can get a lot more than $200. (3)
13. It's what Howard's being. (5)
14. He'll clean them, now. (4)
15. Adventure gamers think of them as a kind of rule, and then there's the warp kind. (4)
16. The source of one of the least "glycemic" sweeteners in the world, it's essential for making tequila (which is presumably why you didn't give it to children on The Flintstones). (5)
17. She seldom wears her most popular outfit to school, which is probably for the best, considering the already-fanatical behavior of the "stormtroopers." (3)
18. She gave up a lawyer for a Vietnam vet, but had a ton of kids the whole time. (5)
19. A category that includes Texas, the mafia, and the prized garments of jesters. (4)
21. They make children's entertainment, from G.I. Joe to Captain Planet (and they brought Sailor Moon to America). (3)
22. The wolfie wolfies. (5)
25. Not only does he have the good taste to appreciate Groo, he also makes great Fudge. (3)
27. He had an island, a mechanical "dragon," and a sinister plan, yes? (2)
29. The first of the modern encounters with them was in Madagascar. Since then, the Company has mostly encountered them in family packs. (12)
30. If Bester had an old -time jock sweater, this would probably be the letter sewed on it. (3)
32. Mexican scratch. (4)
33. Austin does it for fun. (5)
35. Among the forgotten classics of West End, it's the only boardgame that makes me want to smoke a cigar. (5)
38. They used to make a game with droids in it, but Lucasfilm made them stop. (4)
41. He fought to make the world safe for his gang and his bike, and kept back the evil tide of minivans. (3)
42. The closest thing Calvin has to a girlfriend. Or maybe the second closest. (12)
45. Where Bugs should've taken a left turn. (2)
47. McCloud described it as any activity that wasn't driven by basic survival urges; Zappa described it as anything put in a frame, whether literally or metaphorically. (3)
48. I give it a much higher priority than physical realism in my games, but YMMV. (5)
51. One of the things that makes Bill Shatner James T. Kirk. (3)
52. This is an example of the spelling kind. (4)
54. My first-ever published game writing is included in it, now. (5)
57. I've never heard of anyone doing it in, but I always hear of people doing it out, particularly where making a living is concerned. (3)
59. It's what the word before "Verphlichtet" meant, before they renamed it in hopes of selling a few. (5)
61. Motivated by Soulless Science, he had little faith in the future of hardcopy. (4)
62. An actor on a talk show may be expected to explain it. (4)
63. He had a pursuit. Whether his father worked with swords or guitars is debatable, perhaps. (5)
64. Either a young wizard, or a way to drop out and get away with it. (3)
65. He has a million Brownie Points, and can help you find out what happens when you cross the streams. (11)


1. Baltron had one. (6)
2. It can put a serious damper on an IRC RPG. (3)
3. The apple in the eye of 17 Across. The spark will never go out of their relationship. (5)
4. The AD&D non-denominational answer to an angel. (4)
5. There are simple scientific definitions I could use, but I think "Star Trek: The Motion Picture could have used some" is my clue of choice for today. (6)
6. Once ruled by His Illustrious Ferocity, Draske, the folks that live here can field infantry using "strange pole arms," plus great maces and huge bows. (3)
7. The number of these, related to your body mass, is a starting point for determining the raw average intelligence of your species. (7)
8. French for moniker, but when you say it aloud people might think you're talking war. (3)
9. He worked with Thurber on The Male Animal [Initials] (2)
10. Blessed with "Super Stupidity," he is the greatest salesman to ever live. (3)
11. When 4WV enthusiasts talk about their axles, you'll hear good things about this Australian manufacturer's air locker. Talk about traction! (3)
12. Not only is the the 1997 World INWO Sealed Deck Champion, he served as HASTUR president and played Sandra's character's brother in one of my GURPS games. (4)
15. The kind of puffs that can drive a bird mad. (5)
18. Guinea is only the half of it. (6)
20. Morgan and Virgil were the other two. (5)
23. Martha ______, Denture Wearer (3)
24. The place that gave us deep dish, years ago. (3)
26. Karl Marx would have won one for his lounge, had he known more about sports. (5)
28. Where Old Yellow Eyes usually sat. (3)
29. Asia got the name from her (but she, in turn, got it from Barbara). (3)
31. Some transliterate the first part as Rak, others as Rok, but it's both a legendary spirit and a yummy drink made of grenadine, peach schnappes and pineapple juice. Of course, Gygax just mushed the term together. (Note: The clue for this one was going to be "The Andorian term for going really fast," before it occurred to me that nobody's read my book on the Andorians just yet, since it isn't out! (5)
34. The kind of magic that involves calling up the dudes described in The Lemegeton (6)
35. He gave us Maggie and Hopey, for which I (and lots of other fans) will always be grateful. (5)
36. What the NIST used to be. (3)
37. The middle name of the former Miss Earles. (3)
38. Another word for G-man. (No, not Alan Greenspan! Although he's involved with another thing that could serve as an answer to this clue). (3)
39. Another place that LUG will be taking us. (7)
40. When this mutated Jamaican Mento sound first arrived here 40-odd years ago, it was also called "blue beat," which makes it especially appropriate for these pages. These days, "blue beat" refers to a kind of spinoff style. Put on a pork-pie hat and some checkers! (3)
43. Remember "Disco Duck?" Okay, that's pretty bad, but do you remember his name? Once he was licensed as a character to "host" LP disco collections for kids, this is what they called him. Yes, collections on vinyl. Creepy! (5)
44. Where you go to find Aslan. (6)
46. An evil purple one controlled Dr. Fred (6)
49. Douglas Adams made a funny telling us how to fly: Throw yourself at the ground, and miss. What's ironic is that that's a fairly succinct description of this. (5)
50. Grant Naylor's curseword of the future; the show's producers consistently deny that it's an abbreviated form of anything involving secretions, and point out that in Latin, it implies cleanliness. (4)
53. Death, presumably, fears the strange ones. (4)
55. Garibaldi lived at the dawn of the third one. That is to say, the Garibaldi that likes Daffy Duck, not the other one. (3)
56. I think the point being made was that it isn't likely that he'd need a starship. God, what a wretched movie. (3)
57. Out of the Blue was one of their more popular albums, so they fit in with the whole "Blue Music" theme we're starting to develop here. (3)
58. Barker's pride and joy. Tsolyanu, anyone? (3)
60. When IBM teamed up with this Korean outfit a few years ago, each company was so paranoid about their corporate identity that it took several round of negotiations to name the joint venture something that wouldn't cause both sides to walk. The talks actually broke down for several months due to this single issue. Egad. (3)
62. 29 years ago this summer, his play, "The Philanthropist," premiered in London. [Initials] (2)


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