The Blue Room Crossword
(The "One-Hour" Puzzle, Feb. 2002)
By S. John Ross

This is the February, 2002 Crossword; enjoy! For more, click here! For the solution to this archived puzzle, click here (no peeking until you've tried it!) There's also a handy Rich Text version for easier printing (readable in Word and many other programs).


1. The man in 4 Down was one of the very last ones.
9. An early variant of "endow," and the only example of Lame Crosswordese in the puzzle.
10. It's America's Finest News Source
12. A style of dance, and (more importantly) a Macho Woman
13. One of the five big questions.
14. It's a flower, it's a girl, and more important to Traveller fans, it's a kind of door.
15. Drawings and phone calls can both be this.
16. His habit of devouring celestial bodies really irritates Osiris.
17. How Indy keeps his whip.
18. To break down into components (grammatically speaking).
20. Just another emptyheaded hollywood fanmag, but it's been around awhile.
22. ______ Majesty's Secret Service
24. What a powerfully magnetic personality does to a hard drive (not really, but it was a cute joke in Dilbert).
25. According to Eric Idle, it sounds like a bell.
26. Most of the people reading this clue got it via this.
27. This all-night coffehouse on Guadalupe is a great place for doodling fonts; it's just too close to the Scientologists for comfort.
28. Allegedly separate from Church.
29. The middle of RAW
30. An ideal species for a librarian, I think.


1. I lied. It's another Crosswordese variant, but at least it's of a word people still use ... Specifically, it's when you start getting used to something unpleasant.
2. Tickets often do this, to one.
3. Very trendy ways to put flavor on meats.
4. The man in 17 Down kept a lot of people waiting while he tried to get some of this made for him.
5. The advantage of living in one is that if the elevator's broken, you don't have to carry the groceries too far.
6. First in a presidential trilogy of clues! Clinton claims not to have done so.
7. Noelle is this to the President, and when she tried to file a false prescription, it was yet another scandal.
8. Ripped open by a former presidential candidate, perhaps. Okay, no more presidential clues ...
9. When these kind smile, sure it's like a morn in spring (we'll revisit this portion of the anatomy when discussing famously "unreadable" fantasy stories).
11. He died when he won the lottery.
15. The classic shape for a space station, back in the days when space stations bothered having classic shapes.
17. The guy in 25 Down thought he was trying to teach them Scrabble, but it was pointed out that they didn't actually live in rocky spaces.
18. A unit of moolah, where Franco once ruled.
19. This eye is capable of domineering the wealth of conquering empires, but some people never even get that far.
20. _______ Clown was a superclown created by Bud.
21. How they know you're speeding.
22. Nal _________ ("Precious Gem" or "Glorious Jewel," to the slugs that live there)
23. Because I had to have at least one "current events" entry to confuse people who try to do this puzzle five years from now when the scandalous collapse of an energy company is forgotten.
24. Medical care, but quick.
25. Whether he's an asshole or a kneebiter depends on which edition you read.
27. Bast's favorite is naturally spotted (the only one).

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