Previous Entrances Of The " Blue Writing-desk "

When I originally began to file the blue matter of the writing-desk, I do not think that it happened to me that theréd is possible as much of him. Consequently, I have divided the file in manageable pieces, for the easy reading and fast shipment.

Observe that the warnings are maintained form essentially without publishing. This means that the certain news can be old fashioned for the moment at which you read them, and some of hyperlinks can no longer function.

Descolora summer That

9/14/99: Then the summer finally begins to relax its squeeze in the climate of Roofing tiles, the things happy and are occupied. Our good friends Kenneth Hite (revealing of the line of the RPG of the difficult trip of the weekly star and extraordinaire of the game-columnista) and their wife Sheila Ralston are visiting this week, that means that the mixture of the good food and the diversions of Austin is generally twice so pleasant (plus her both has birthday this week).

The work continues here in all my projects, of my work of the difficult trip to the time of hardships to a project of the cut-fiction that I am working ignited to crucigrama of the next month. Also next it is the first blue event of the site to have true physical prizes - matches 1999 of the masters of the world, to celebrate the development of Armin Sykes of certain the new software spiffy of the network-game for the version of the computer of freeware of the masters. If you are an user of the Windows and wishes to help him to prove it towards outside, the drop by the site and to unload 2.5 version beta, then finds an opponent and game! The matches itself will be announced in some weeks, and the prizes will include the matter of some GURPS, a beautiful copy of the new one hardcover of the RPG of the difficult trip of the star, the free registry for a copy of the program of GCA of Armin, and some other goodies. So brush for above in its masters!

Sir Francis/Blake

9/5/99: What marks detect if you have seen falls of the twin, Idaho - playing in the theaters of " indy/arthouse " now. And you wanted that you had sense. It is a great film. Sandra and I took night to it of Friday, and finish of amamoslo to the pieces. He goes goes goes, darnit. Seriously. You have not seen the similars.

Tonight it was one night of the diversion for the game. Jeremy Zauder (of SJ games), Dustin Wright (of Chaosium) and two more pleasant people - Rouse and James Nance - united Sandra and I for an interpretation of GURPS of the T1: The village of Hommlet, the classic adventure of AD&d by Gary Gygax. This one was part of my " series step by step of Austin, " where shot together totally of a new group for step by step a every month or so. Awhile magnificent he was had by all, it finishes with chow delicious and the portions of five words of the dollar (courtesy of Gygax). Just really a handful of the diversion of players, really reclined tonight and never vacillating to roleplay and has diversion with her. ** Time-out ** we to hook in the good one brigand-hunts old-fashioned and Dungeon-stomping in fine style, with the sword to contellear and shining magic to everything around. They even remembered that manuevers classic as " they left the NPC they open the door." It is like mounting a bicycle, I conjecture. Definitively the necessity to do more of that, and she is inspired to obtain to me again to work on the hoarse ones of GURPS for the fourth blue one, when I have time again. The eternal loose hope!

In any case, it also hopes that its weekend of the affluent holiday goes. More better possible to you of us.

These Are The Trips

8/29/99: I wrote only a single chapter of the game of Roleplaying of the difficult trip of the star - or what was meant to be a chapter (in the end, he obtained smooshed he along with is brother-chapter in a one great one). But the delay finally to consider a copy was like agonizing like the reserve of anxiety I of the pre-publication normally for the books that I have written to in extensive! Why?

Well, first of all, I finish wishing the game, seriously, like ventilator. When you see it, you will see why. Upon that one, he was really proud of my small chapter (ídem in " when you see it "). Upon that, this one is my first time " in hardcover " with more than a pair of paragraphs. Upon that, this one is only my third time in the chain bookstores. Upon that, this one is the first project of the difficult trip of the star of many (it see the section of the plugs today, as soon as put to the day), and upon that one, is the first time that Kenneth Hite and I was able to work together in a project of the difficult trip, since Kenneth is, of course, the revealer of the line of the difficult trip of the star.

This game is - finally - in game-saves shelves through the country. Those equal ones game-save the shelves that now offer GURPS Russia, so it is a good week, darnit (GURPS Russia now is officially outside printing, to intention, and it would not bet megabus from the church to him that it returns at any time soon, so now is the time, as they say).

Therefore, it obtains thee to a department of the game!

In the site-news, I recently added a blue registry of the update of the site, a pagination where any made significant change to any part of the site will be registered. If you now watch there, you will see the things such of the diversion as a " recent improvement " the article of pizza, a new pagination in the GURPS section, and more.

Complete Circle

8/21/99: After years to hope, the hard work and the lover who I always spilled in my better work, GURPS Russia, finally has paid extinguished. This last Wednesday, when Sandra and I towards outside leafed through around for of tickets of the Dr that hoped Strangelove to go for sale in the Paramount, caímos in the premises game-we do purchases, and. there it was. For sale. Where gamers could see it.

I have been expected seises and half of the years this. Franc, still I do not think that it is sunk entirely inside still. But surely he was pleasant. Aclamations.

Bastard Vero!

8/13/99: Literally " a true bastard." In that it is equivalent the Italian " truth of Badass, " that you are probably familiar with beyond the squeeze the realism and (one more a way to stealthier, thanks to the Dr Kromm) GURPS black Ops. He does awhile, I included a connection to the Italian translation of Flows limitless, but he had not made that was a whole bog of translations of my articles in the same site! Now I have bought up to date the bluepaginations of GURPS and Gunmetal appropriately. Godono! And amici of miei of ai of ciao in Italy.

Recently, an pleasant crack in Japan wrote and requested the permission to make similar translations in its language; more in that one as it happens.

In the news of Risus, Tim Huntley has added two new paginations of Risus to the World Wide Web, one for its " game of As-of-Yet-Unnamed Risus " and to one for the rules of Cthulhu-Style Sanity/Insanity. My own " the rules of the trauma of Gonzo " will deal with the application the sanity a much more idiot way in the next companion of Risus, but Mr. Huntley has provided to a system very simple and clean to do it in more serious games.

Being unemployed in crucigramas

8/8/99: The somewhere distant north of here, another GENE With is being able ready to coil down (I key in here for some photos of the diversion with, courtesy of last Unicorn). Here in the country, I am obtaining a little writing done (being centered in the chapter of the narrator of the next Klingon boxed the assembly, at the moment that), after one takes pleasant around city with Sandra! It bought a game to us of Cheapass that pulse its supposition; we caused that a diversion leafed through to the one of our used bookstores favourites, plus an pleasant mixture hardly to be mistaken around city, of a little purchases of the grocer's, of a food towards outside, and portions of smooching and being very shamelessly affectionate in public.

And here in the fourth blue one, crucigrama last he is available now for its diversion, and Tim Driscoll and Colby Perkins it is honored again in the pagination of Godlings - although they absolutely did not solve the July puzzle! They came more close possible, although. Who will take to the layer from east Godling time? It can be that you are!


8/4/99: Hardly a general update and hello, this time around. Updates of the site first: I have made some adjustments, cuts, and additions to the homemade pagination of the search of the oh-so-practical blue site. Like always, the best way to use the pagination is right to the hook he and put him in its impelling mechanism it last (right drop that the content of this small RELÁmpago CLOSING files in someplace of the directory) to do that a express-shipment and pagination nifty of the search of his very has. Or, you can have access to him of here. Any works of the way.

Update Of the Health: After many tests icky in the hospital, the good news are that I do not have hardship of the heart. Something, the repugnant pains the chest look like to indicate something gastrointestinal, possibly one hernia. The being a diabetic with one hernia aspires, but positively attractive he is compared to the perspective of being a diabetic with hardship of the heart! Therefore, it colors been thankful to me, both for my healthy heart, and Sandra, to be so good for him!

The speech of my sweetie, Sandra and I went to consider to execute Lola to execute the other night - punky is a small German film on lover, young distributions of the drug, robbery, and causality. Class of. Any way, express- settles down the step, delicious amoral, and very shamelessly it cheers, that is absolutely the combination. If it is in his city, it does not lack it. Still I have obtained that song of the " desire " that was executed through my head.

Any person who takes care of GENE With this weekend must make two things for insurance. First it must find the cabin passed of the games of Unicorn to finally obtain a copy of the RPG of the difficult trip of the star -, the original game of the series will be available, and promises to be a beauty (more, I wrote a chapter)! Release/versión in the same time is toolbox of my narrator, although that could not do With itself (it maintains a bare eye in the local department of the game). Whereas you are there, she says to the individuals of TERMINAL I said hi! The second thing to do is to find the magicians of the cabin of the coast (are limited to be someplace there; you can be that she must request around; I am safe that the visualization will be very subtle and small). Dígales that said that they oscillate. Recently, Sandra and I slightly bought a defective copy of a supplement of Robo-Rally (being junkies of that boardgame incredibly fresh) - one of cards of the correspondence we were misglued. I made contact with enemy with WotC via its line of client aid, and those individuals gave to return sky and earth the other way around to make the compensation, to being pleasant true to me and to burst in their private action to send a card to me of the replacement. Kudos to WotC!

And it watches east space for more. This weekend, I will put above for crucigrama new, and announcement the new Godling for the present one - if there is a Godling to announce! ' until then, taken care of of the taking.

An eclipse in the horizon

7/20/99: If you are within a pair of hours of Colombia, Missouri, formulates plans to take care of eclipse 2000 the east to come January! They confirm to me officially like the GoH game for with (if his website does not even mention it just yet), and both Is and Sandra will be there, bringing the aclamation of the game in the fresh new millenium. If all the fanatics of Y2K are right, we will be game next to torchlight in the ruins burn-towards outside once a that-great city, with hordes of the post-apocalyptic mutants that attack the room of With for pretzeles and 7-Up aged, so it brings the shining blankets and trinkets to the commerce, as soon as in case that! Naturally, I will execute the game of Roleplaying of the difficult trip of the star and will raise to noble people raises in the games passed of Unicorn, as well as to speak upon my next book of Chivalry and the witchcraft, doing the my best one to animate gamers up-and-coming (and the writing game-programs), and generally summoning all to heck. And if they obtain to the GoH artist to who they are trying, is double-counts impressive. More in that one as it happens!

In another one, the more uneven news: Miniaturesof AD&d? " surely, " you opinion. " I have seen portions of miniatures of AD&d." Not absolutely like these! See my overhaul in RPGnet above!

An alcohol of the adventure

7/12/99: Another game-night this last Saturday - a game of Bigass de Robo-Rally with Scott Haring, Tim Keating, Steve Scivally and the Costellos (microphone and mel and Marissa) in the attention - obtained me in a glad humor, and I it is finally beginning to place inside and to do in front of this whole diabetic thing. It continues being horrible bloody, really, but I have discovered a thing: my new " dietetic restrictions " do not feel specially of restriction, after all. There are portions of drastic changes, but I see it less as than a series the " song of " and more of a assembly of the options animating that I must have done anyway. It is a new whole assembly of culinarios challenges, of which it is for insurance! And Sandra is habits of the commutation along with me, who helps much. Total, is an adventure!

Another thing that has provided the distraction and diversion in awhile difficult has been my recent attachment of eBay. It always had a thing for the flea markets, in any case, and I even have several uneven auctions my the own ones inside there, proving waters (and the limits) in my own small way. Many more in the way, more likely - it is diversion!

The verdict looks like to be that crucigrama present is a bit in the difficult face! A friend indicated that he and a group of four others worked in equipment to conquer it - and could not absolutely obtain it. Another corresponding one has sent a solution, but right short circuit of the mark fell, and it is again to a corner of the card that he draws up. Since the previous puzzles tended to produce net fresh Godlings within a day or two to fix, in the majority, I can be only concluded that the following puzzle needs to be attenuated a bit, so will be (and it will be here in August)! In the half time, the Godling that it conquers the present beast will be watered with praise and is the subject of the wonder. Sharpen so those pencils and déle an attempt!

Some updates from the minor one to the site recently - mainly in the form to touch " to the invisible " violin with format and whatnot, but also a new characteristic in the secret library. Coming in a moment: My pagination of the RPG of the difficult trip of the star!

Healthy Mantener

7/7/99: The last week has been absolutely an education, in everything of the matter normal nutrition-nutrition-oriented (that really it finishes being more confirmation yet than medical science is right doing it for above because it goes), to a pile of lessons of the diversion in the world of Wacky de HMOs. Just it wished to fix an update been brief to remain that still I am here, calculating outside how in front of doing her everything - and to thank for all whóve pleasant of written people with well-wishes me, the prescriptions, the personal recommendations of the book, references to the other people who can help, and more! A true difference in awhile difficult becomes.

I am officially again to work today, leaving my keyboard I take myself again to the federation together with from planets name of fine people in the games passed of Unicorn (who took to home a well-deserved concession from the origins this last weekend for the difficult trip swellerific from the star: The RPG Of the Following Generation). The new RPG of the difficult trip of the star (the original series) will be towards outside in the hour for GENE With or thereabouts; clock for him (I wrote adventure-I design the chapter), ' cause will be to sweller and to terrifficer uniform! The toolbox of my of the star of the narrative difficult trip of the RPG (my first book in GMing, that is something I has wished to do during long time) release/versión in the almost equal time. Hook he!

Again to work with me. And in the half time, it gives crucigrama of July an attempt! No new Godling has still dominated it!

Ampere hour, Sugar Of the Sugar

7/1/99: Well, it is a pair that tries of days. The other night, some shortness of the concluído breathing concluído and the pains the chest landed to me in an ambulance, with thingamajigs of EKG it stuck all me and more needles than taken care of of I to remember to push in me the blood that it drew up to prove, and the amused oxygen-mask my face, and the works. All the this after one takes disagreeable of the nutritional poisoning (without relation), no less! Yow. And it is it was not more likely any class of heart-attacks (this time), but that I am a serious diabetic of type II of the great-time, and that one can there be some heart-related complications (since I am right to discover that my heart I have been trying to pump the syrup for the last pairs of months). Eww. Ick. Bleah.

It looks like that, like many of diabetics, I " it ran into ahead in the border per years " (the way my doc. put it) before probably crossing the line, due to the voltage (I have had a little that, concluído the last year), of so that the means that with himself to begin to exercise more regularly, sleeping like a normal human, to eat little fruit of Starburst chews and the batteries the bacon and the things, and of-of-stressing. Also it means portions medications and the trips the cardiologists and whatnot (perhaps dietetic in a certain end, also). Upshot of upshot that the new prescriptions in Gourmand Bleu are probable to be good for you, of is now ignited! Any person with ideas you heal-chow flavorful towards outside there, falls an email please to me (the recommendations for cookbooks appropriate are pleasant, also)!

In order to add the appropriate dose of the irony, it controls outside last outside the rectangle, column of the game-biz of the inflammation of Kenneth Hite raises in Mania. The crack which I did on heart-I attack and the movement was not meant to foretell. Gah! In any case, the rest of him is on the matter of the game of the diversion, so it is one more a reading more interesting than this one:)

Ampere hour, receiver of paper. Alive and I learn, I conjecture. The lesson that was that it could have avoided this, or " at least along ran into " by many more years, if there were been taking a care better me. If you have familiar antecedents or other factors of risk, attention of the taking! To say to the " step " to that third doughnut is worth it, creates to me. Thanks to Sandra, my panicking-and-despicable-terror are keeping to a reasonable minimum, and I am trying to take a measurement at the same time him. Drink without sugar, any person? Bleachh.

7/1/99 (again): I was next and I shook upon crucigrama new whereas it was inside here!

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