A Variant UMANA CALAMITY TABLE (3d + Excess/5) by Lizard

Fire Magic

3,4 The next damaging spell the mages casts will do an extra die of damage, free!
5-9 Nearby fires flicker, but nothing else happens.
10 The mages eyes are literally ablaze with living flame. Strange, heatless flames sweep up and down his body. These flames do no damage to the mage or anyone else, but are quite spooky. Further, the mage cannot hide in darkness or shadow unless he keeps his eyes closed, or wears sunglasses.
11 The mage gets an all-over sunburn. Ouch. -2 to anything involving movement for 2d6 hours.
12 Any paper items the mage has on his person ignite.
13 Hotfoot! 1d6 burn damage, applied to feet. Armor does not protect.
14 The mage cannot cast spells at range for 1 week. All spells center on the caster. This does not include 'touch' spells.
15 Fwoosh! Mages hair catches on fire. No damage the first turn, 1d6 per turn until it is put out. Note that if the mage is wearing a full helm, this can be tricky.
16 Searing heat slashes across the mage. A random body part is scarred. Take 1d6 damage.
17 Heat flare emenates from the mage. Straw, paper, dry leaves, and the like catch fire.
18 All fire spells 'cost' 2 points extra in terms of threshold for 1d6 weeks. (So a 3 point fireball costs 5 THRESH)
19 Soulburn. A little bit of the mages soul is consumed by magical fire. Give the mage a 5 pt mental disad.
20 Lifeburn. The mage ages 2d+13 years, or the equivalent for their race. (i.e, double the amount for a race which lives twice as long as humans)
21 Roll twice with no severity mods, and combine the results.
22 Severe soulburn: Gain 2d*5 points worth of mental disads.
23 Knowledgeburn: The knowledge of how to cast the spell which was just cast is 'burned away' from the mage, and must be relearned from scratch.
24 Limbburn: One limb (pick one) is seared to a crisp. Anyone for bacon?
25 The mage is a living beacon of anti-fire. All fire within 1/2 mile of the mage is extinguished, and no fire can be lit. The good part is, he won't be burned at the stake. The bad part is, he can still be lynched. But a 'stick wielding mob' is less scary than a torch wielding one, after all. This lasts for 3d days.
26 Manaburn:A level of Magery is 'burned away'. If this reduced the mage to no Magery, he can no longer cast spells in a normal-mana zone.
27 Hostilefire:Fires in the region turn 'hostile'. People are burned more frequently, sparks leap to start fires with seeming malice, etc. Fires needed for survival may refuse to start, or gutter for no reason. If anyone finds out the mage is responsible...this will last for 2d weeks. No one will be able to trace this to the mage (-7 to divination attempts on the subject), but the mage will know the fault is his . . . Be grotesque and CRUEL.
28 The spell propagates out of control. Firestorm! 1d damage to everything in a mile around the mage, plus all the secondary damage from things catching fire, etc. The mage is at the center of the mess...
29 Major Knowledgeburn: All fire spells are gone from the mind of the mage, and he cannot learn them again. Spells which are prereqs for other spells remain, but he cannot cast them.
30-39 A severe fire-related effect surrounds the region the mage is in. Choose a result above and apply it to the whole area, or come up with something suitably nasty. Duration is the cost of the spell, in days. (On a 1-4, the result will be negative, on a 5, neutral, on a 6, positive)
40+ As 30-39, but global. The mage must make a HT roll at -6, or turn into a pillar of fire, burning to ash in one agonizing second and doing 6d to everything in the surrounding hexes, 5d to everything 1 hex away, 4d to everything two hexes away, etc. A global change might be that wood stops burning, or fire burns without heat, or no mage can cast fire spells, or fire will no longer burn living things (but you can still cook meat).