The Grand List
Of Blue Room Crossword Puzzle Godlings
Worthy Of Cash and Sexual Favors

March, 1998 - Josh Talley: The first ever Crossword Puzzle Godling Worthy of Cash and Sexual Favors is the redoubtable, outstanding, and overwhelmingly wonderful Josh Talley, who submitted the first completed puzzle about two weeks after it was posted. Josh doesn't have a website to link to or promote or shout nice things about, or I'd be doing that right now! If he DID have a website, I'm sure it would be just about the best one on the web, worth an instant visit and a permanent place among your bookmarks. [...Four Years Pass...] Wait! He's got one! Go go go!

April, 1998 - Jonathan Woodward: This puzzle generated lots of response, including several correct (or nearly-correct) ones. Armin Sykes nearly got it. Bob Portnell nearly got it. Chad Underkoffler nearly got it. Tim Driscoll, one of my bestest ever pals, nearly got it. Shai Laric (and friends) got it - and so did Shawn and Marsha Lockard (working as a couple! God, that's so cool!) - but not before Jonathan Woodward, this month's Godling. Not only is he someone who I [reads from Godling cue-card] personally admire, nay worship, a man known and loved by millions for his clever wit, extraordinary generosity and gentle spirit, he is also [stops reading from the Godling cue-card] the creator of the excellent GURPS Godzilla web-book, which can be found on his homepage, along with several other nifty things. Go there now, and press Ctrl-D unto him, in honor of his Godlinghood.

    Blue Diamond of Excellence: Jonathan Woodward earned the first Blue Diamond of Excellence by being the first Godling to solve the May, 1998 puzzle. Jonathan could have claimed a second godlinghood, but, like the true gentleman he is, he elected merely to take a fresh laurel for his Holy Noggin. This will become standard policy from now on - Godlinghood can only happen once, but Blue Diamonds may be earned to infinity. That's one so far, for Jonathan!

    And Another Blue Diamond of Excellence: And he did it again with the Summer puzzle! That Woodward, what a guy!

    And STILL ANOTHER: Proving himself the uncontested master of all things Crosswordish, Jonathan did it yet again with the August/September puzzle!

May, 1998 - Shawn & Marsha Lockard: Remember that sweet, awwwww-inspiring couple from last month? They were at it again, hot on the crossword and solving it before the phosphor had time to cool. They have personally testified that the Blue Room Crossword qualifies as an aid to happy marriage, so all you couples out there, take heed! No more of that Mars and Venus stuff for you! Sharpen your pencils, for the Lockards say it's so, and they Are Godlings So Ye Must Heed Them! Yea, Verily! Various frothings, speaking in tongues, and falling down doing that kind of pentecostal breakdancing that they do in the little churches out in the boondocks! E Pluribus Unum! Oh, and while we are praising them, let's not forget that Shawn is one of the Webmasters for WEDGE, the coolest little fanzine for West End Games that you could imagine. Which is good, since West End Games can't be bothered to have their OWN page. Thank God for Godlings!

Summer, 1998 - Tim Driscoll & Colby Perkins: The summer puzzle proved to be the most difficult yet - many people emailed me with laments: They had done all but a handful of clues, all but a handful . . . and it went on. Finally, though, a solution came in from Tim Driscoll and Colby Perkins. I've known these guys for a while, now, and I must say that I'm impressed with them. They did what few others could come close to! Tim has a website called Kangaroo Sightings that you should go to immediately. Colbly doesn't have a website, so you should find him and tell him that, as a Godling, it's his responsibility to provide an online temple for his worshippers. And how!

    Yellow Moon of Effort: Tim and Colby (along with a few cohorts, I think) formed a formbidable puzzle-solving team yet again, facing the apparently-insoluble July 1999 puzzle. They didn't complete the puzzle (nobody did!) but they got closest, with only 3 total errors in their best attempt. The next runners-up had 4 errors and 5 errors, respectively, and everybody had different errors by the end, which is interesting. Pulling ahead of the pack by a nose, Tim and Colby once again gain glory as Godlings.

August/September, 1999 - John "Tucker" Taylor: The "Jazzfish," John Taylor, in his own words: "I play an awful lot of boardgames, less RPGs than I'd like, and the cello on occasion. They dragged me kicking and screaming into running the LARP for Technicon this year (March 24-26, 2000, at the Red Lion Inn in Xiansburg/Bleaksburg). I have an overactive imagination, an overused credit card, and a job as a fast-food employee. And I like monkeys." Considering that both the Lockards and the team of Driscoll and Perkins have shadowy ties to Blacksburg, as well, one can only wonder what this all means [cue Twilight Zone theme]. In any case, get thee right NOW to Tucker's page, 'cause he isa GODLING and deserves your hits. Go unto him and learn.

February, 2002 - Stuart Faulds: According to the Godling himself, He lives in "a little country called New Zealand, where I potter about doing nothing of consequence. In between doing those nothings, I like to play Advanced Squad Leader, play around with Recreational Mathematics and occasionally essay the Times crossword." He's been practicing! Saha! Gah, now I'm in the mood to play some ASL ...

July, 2002 - Joel Davis: Heed the thunderous and mighty words of the Godling, when he says he's a reporter living in the green (but increasingly smoggy) hills of East Tennessee. My wonderful wife, Katelyn, and I are expecting the birth of our first child in August. I don't get to game much these days but spend my time reading fantasy, trying to garden and plotting how to interview Gary Gygax and the ever-worthy S. John Ross as part of my job. My claim to fame is a story I wrote helped a Morristown fifth-grader become a 'Tonight Show' guest because of his smelly feet. For more Joel, visit his homepage, early and often, and shower it with offerings of praise and love!

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