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For a long time, I was the Open Directory Project editor for the GURPS directory. Before I got hold of it, it was a ratty list of 36 links of indifferent quality. I did my best to change that, by creating subcategories for it, writing better descriptions, and so on. I retired from that position in 2004 because my gaming attention has shifted more to other games nowadays, but the ODP GURPS links are still going strong (pretty much exactly as I left them - at least so far), and it's still just about the best list of GURPS links I can point you to. For other pages dedicated to GURPS surfing, see the "indices & directories" category. For a quick overview of the most vital GURPS sites, read on . . .

The World Wide GURPS Primer

The many GURPS sites on the World Wide Web are a lot easier to appreciate if you have a copy of GURPS itself. This means either getting a copy of the GURPS Basic Set, or downloading a free copy of GURPS Lite. SJ Games indexes recent changes to the official pages, too - that and the Daily Illuminator are the best ways to stay current.

Other prime GURPS surfing includes the GURPS FAQ, Dr. Kromm's GURPS page, and the GURPSnet Archive. The official GURPS site is a good place to check on the latest releases, and you can use Deja News to search for threads on the GURPS newsgroup. Finally, The best collection of GURPS articles is the online archive of Roleplayer, the sadly-defunct GURPS house-organ. These days, the GURPS magazine (and a whole lot more) is Pyramid, Steve Jackson Games' online 'zine. I was even its editor for a short while. The SJ Games site is also fully searchable, and contains some surprising things ...

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