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Category: Fonts

On Snot and Fonts: It's not flashy or graphics-laden or even colorful. It's just a very, very, very complete guide to where you can find any kind of font, or information about fonts, or tools for making fonts, or forums for discussing fonts . . . Anything. I love fonts (and make them myself, for fun) and I love Luc Devroye's unfortunately-titled website. It deserves to be the world's most popular website with "snot" in the title. If you like fonts, go.

Category: Role-Playing Games

John Kim's Free RPGs on the Web: There aren't any cool, general-hobby gaming sites. There are a handful of "okay" ones, but coolness seems to be reserved for game-specific works. Most gamers feel the majority of the passion for their game(s) of choice, I think, rather than the challenges of the hobby as a whole. My brain works the other way, though, so my favorite gaming site is the one that carries me to new games, and (better still) free new games. There are a few high-profile free-RPG pages on the Web, but Kim leaves them all cringing in his icy shadow. Go grab one, and play.

Category: Gamebooks

Demian's Gamebook Webpage: What Luc Devroye does for fonts, Demian Katz does for gamebooks, pickapaths, and solitaire adventures. You know the ones: If you stab the guard, go to 34. If you turn into mist and slink under the door, turn to 16. If you just ask the way to the Men's Room, go to 198. Remember those? So does Demian, and he's a really cool guy with a really cool, thorough website, the best a gamebook collector could ever hope for.

Category: Writing

Wordplay: Most websites for writers are like most magazines for writers: pointless dream-sheets for foot-shuffling wannabes. Wordplay is such a shining exception that I love it even though I have no real interest in its primary thrust, which is Hollywood screenwriting. The parts that are applicable to my work as a game-writer are good stuff though, and it's just a very sharp, professional, very real piece of work.

Category: Close Personal Pals

Rogue's Den of Iniquity: I have many friends to love. I have many friends with websites. Rogue's Den of Iniquity is that rarest of things: a friend's website that I love. Of course, I love Rogue, too; she's like the sister I never had (which is probably good, because if I'd grown up with Rogue I fear I'd be shorter from beatings). A truly cool, occasionally disturbing, sometimes thought-provoking and thoroughly personal website.

Category: Paper Miniatures

Card Modeling FAQ: This is for hardcore card modelers (which I'm not) but it also includes nearly-exhaustive lists of online sources of paper miniatures and paper models, including an enormous list of freebies. Sadly, my own Sparks stuff isn't included, but just about everything else is, and there's no better source for new ways to clutter your desk with really cool things made of light cardstock.

Category: Medieval Stuff

ORB: The Online Reference Book is a massively-cool gateway to the world of medieval interests on the web, and there's a lot of stuff to link to, apparently. Most of it is bone-crackingly dry, of course, but when you've just got to have one more cool detail to make your 7th-Level Bullywug Slayer a little more rustic-feeling, this is the place to go.

Category: Text Adventure Games

The Interactive Fiction Database: If you love text adventures ("Interactive Fiction" in the evolved tradition of Zork and the like), the good news is that it's more alive than ever, as a thriving hobby community rather than as a commercial industry. There are hundreds of new games each year, some of them alarmingly excellent. How to find them and keep up on the latest? The IFDB, by far the grooviest nexus for parser-based shenanigans. Watch out for grues!

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