3,4 Nothing bad happens, AND the mage's gets (1d x 5) points of free, instant Recovery!
5-9 Nothing happens - this time.
10 The mage's skin and clothing crawl with strange energies, sparks, or other visual effect for 3d minutes, and his eyes glow bright, making Stealth impossible and frightening small animals and many "mundanes."
11 The mage is struck with violent headaches that prevent any action other than suffering (treat as physical stun) which lasts 3d turns (3d minutes if a HT roll is failed). Result 10 also applies.
12 The mage becomes horribly nauseous and weak, taking a -4 to DX, IQ, ST and skills. This lasts 1d hours, after which the mage must make a HT-4 roll every hour to get over the sickness.
13 The mage is cursed with nightmares for 4d days. After the first night, the mage is at -2 to DX, IQ, ST, and skills. The penalties last until the mage gets a normal night's sleep!
14 Any failed casting roll that the mage makes is treated as a critical failure! This lasts for 1d+1 weeks.
15 The mage's mind is bent. The GM should assign one debilitating (15-point) mental disad by fiat. It takes effect immediately, and lasts 1 day. Each day thereafter, the mage may make a Will roll to shake it off.
16 The mage has weakened the binding forces around him. His Threshhold for the next 1d weeks is reduced by 2d+5. The mage is aware of a drop, but not of it's severity! Result 10 also applies.
17 The caster gains a 5-point disadvantage. After 3d days have passed, the mage has the option of buying it off (it will simply fade away). If the mage does not wish to, or doesn't have the points, then it becomes permanent. ANY disad is legal; the mage can get ugly, go insane, and so on.
18 The mage's Threshold is reduced by 4d+10; the change lasts 1d months! In addition, the mage's spellcasting will be at a -3 penalty for 2d weeks. Result 10 also applies.
19 As per 17, but the disad is worth either 10 or 15 points (50/50 chance of either).
20 The mage is aged 2d+13 years, or a number of years equal to the energy cost of the spell that caused the calamity, whichever is worse!
21 Roll again (same modifier) but the result affects a companion of the mage (chosen randomly).
22 The mage gains multiple disads worth a total of (2dx5) points. These are permanent.
23 The mage loses permanently the ability to cast a single spell. The skill is still known, but it cannot be cast. The mage must make a (Will-6) roll. If it is sucessful, he chooses which spell "dies." If not, the spell is chosen at random. On a critical failure, the GM chooses the mage's most useful or favorite spell!
24 The mage loses 1d x 5 points of advantages (or has an attribute lowered). Choose randomly.
25 The mage becomes a wandering Mana-Scar! Spells cost double within a 10-mile radius of the mage, and Recovery is HALTED in the same area! Every mage in the region will be gunning for him . . . The duration, in days, equals the cost of the errant spell, plus one. Result 10 applies for the ENTIRE duration.
26 The mage's skill at spells is reduced by 3d+5. The mage must make a Will roll. If it is successful, the penalty will heal at a rate of one per day. If not, the healing rate is one per week!
27 A plague or curse (locusts, storms, etc) descends on the region, lasting for 3d+ weeks. No one will be able to trace this to the mage (-20 to divination attempts on the subject), but the mage will know the fault is his . . . Be grotesque and CRUEL.
28 The spell propagates out of control. Harmful Regular or Area spells will affect everybody and every thing nearby, allies and enemies alike. Beneficial spells will do likewise, but will go "over the top" and cause dangerous side-effects (a healing spell might raise all the local dead, creating a horde of restless zombies out for revenge!) Information magic will overload the mage's mind (Fright Check at -20); Missile Spells will seem normal to the caster, but have so much punch that they drill through their target and through EVERYTHING ELSE FOR MILES beyond, and so on.
29 The mage permanently loses the ability to cast spells, (but not the skills - small comfort). At this level and above, the spell that causes the roll fails unless a Will roll is made by the mage. The roll is at a penalty equal to the current "excess bonus" (Excess/5 for most mages), and at a bonus equal to triple the mage's level of Aptitude.
30-39 As per 29, and something happens to the region the mage is in. If the result on this table was an even number, magic itself is changed (the region becomes aspected, certain spells function erratically, or some such). If the result was odd, the change is to the physical world - the weather, birth rate, crops, or something else. Sometimes the result is good, sometimes bad (50/50). The duration is equal to the cost of the spell, in days.
40+ As per 30-39, but a GLOBAL change occurs. In addition, the mage must make a HT roll at -6. If this roll is failed, the mage is consumed in a backlash of magical energy, and explodes. The explosion does concussion/burning damage like a grenade doing the mage's (Will+Magery) dice of damage! If the HT-6 roll is made, the backlash is less dramatic; the wizard takes 2d DICE of internal burning damage, and doesn't explode.