A Very Happy New Year

12/31/97: As of midnight, tonight, I get to live in a whole new year with my best friend and spouse, Sandra Ross. Three hundred, sixty-five days (or is it sixty-six in '98? I can never keep track), of Wedded Bliss - so, as you can imagine, this is a very Happy New Year for me. Even if she did kick my ass at bowling last night <grin>. I hope yours is as happy!

For the GURPS players, I've got something new added to Gunmetal Blue - a new variant specifically for GURPS Black Ops. Hope you like it!


12/28/97: Not much to report just now -- I'm just settling in to snooze and wanted to write a little something. It's been a good weekend and I'm in a mellow, happy mood. Sandra's the main reason for both. The chat session was, not surprisingly (considering I gave maybe 25 hours notice on a holiday weekend), NOT a crowded house :) Next time I'll give more notice, I promise! In the meantime, if you've never ever done IRC before, you can click right here to get the program you need, and links to FAQs and whatnot. A warning, though: it CAN be addictive. If, next time this year, one of your New Year's Resolutions is "Chat less than 7 hours a day," don't say you weren't warned! I get in about 2 hours a month, myself - mostly going into #Windows95 and begging the resident computer-masters to explain to me why my printer isn't working, or going into #Foodtalk and asking for new recipes for soft pretzels. With #TheBlueRoom now in existence, I'll probably double that figure. If the idea of a channel devoted to discussing "GURPS, Eris, Cooking, and Sandra" takes off, then I'll appoint some channel operators to run it when I'm not there. We'll see.

Time to snooze, now. It's been a very, very good day. Tomorrow means my Game Designer hat goes back on. Tonight, I'm just resting. Hope this finds everybody well.

Happy Boxing Day!

12/26/97: I've had many special Christmas holidays in my life. I'm what you might call a "Christmas person," you see, and every holiday has been a unique and memorable experience (not always "merry" - but always memorable).

Nothing, however, compares to spending my very first Christmas with my wife, Sandra. It was extraordinary. Ask me at a con sometime if you enjoy sappy stories about family and so on - it would take too long to describe it properly here. Suffice it to say that - even if I didn't get around to making the eggnog (I'll make it tonight, maybe; I've still got a quart of cream staring at me from the fridge), it was the swellest Christmas I can remember. Here's hoping that yours was swell, too.

Here at The Blue Room, there are two things to report: First, I've added a "Convention Appearances" section to the main page, here (page down a bit and you'll find it).

Second, I want to talk to you guys online. This Saturday (the 27th, which is to say, tomorrow), I'm going to be on IRC (Internet Relay Chat) hosting the First Ever BlueRoom Live Chat Session. It'll be on DALnet (irc.dal.net) in the channel #TheBlueRoom (which has been there for weeks; I just haven't mentioned it because I haven't had time to use it).

The session will begin at 1:00PM Eastern Standard Time (EST) and run for about an hour and a half. If DALnet is lagging or splitting (not uncommon on a holiday weekend), the backup location will be on TalkCity (chat.talkcity.com), also on channel #TheBlueRoom (which isn't there at all, but will be if we need a lag-free environment).

The reason I'm doing this now is that Sandra will be at work, and I'll be waiting for my friend Tim to show up for a visit - so It'll be no use trying to get any paying work done in those couple of hours. I'll do it again, maybe once a month or so, as schedules allow. We'll chat about whatever we feel like: I just want to see if we can get a big group to show up! Hope to see you there!

Eggnog and Presents

12/22/97: The Solstice has passed, Chanukah is starting, and Christmas is almost here. Time for eggnog! It's also the time for gift-giving, so I've whipped a little something up for everybody. I can't actually come to your house and make the eggnog or bake your ham, but I can at least make your web-browsing a little faster and more productive. Merry Christmas!

Eggnog and Dice

12/12/97: Well, not actually any eggnog . . . although I should make a point to put my eggnog recipe up on Gourmand Bleu sometime in the next week or so! I LOVE eggnog. No eggnog this time, but I have the next best dodgy metaphor: The Blue Room Guide to Last-Minute Christmas Shopping, another short article designed to confuse anyone who thinks that this is my GURPS page (for my actual GURPS page, click the GURPS link above). If you're stuck for what to get your friends or family, and a copy of GURPS Black Ops or GURPS Warehouse 23 seems inappropriate (grandmothers are notorious for failing to appreciate game supplements as presents, for example), it might help!

A late breaking addition to the convention news: It looks like I'll also be attending Dominion 4, a small-but-fun Virginia gaming convention, in February! The SJ Games convention liason emailed me an invitation to attend just after my last update to this page, so it missed the presses. Details when I have them! I did Dominion 2 a couple of years ago, though, and that was a hoot.

Finally, I'd like to tell everybody about a swell "shareware" RPG called Sorcerer, but I can't just yet because I haven't had time to read it! Sounds neat, though . . . And the author links to the Blue Room, so it can't be all bad!

More soon! Keep that bookmark warm . . .


12/8/97: As we string lights across our windowpanes and turn pages more easily with the help of pine sap, it's also time to look forward to 1998, and what the new year will bring. For gamers and other fannish types, this means conventions! I'm confirmed as a guest for two cons in the first quarter of '98 - and Sandra will be along, too! This will be her first exposure to weekend-long assembled fandom, and I'm looking forward to seeing her response ;) The cons in question are:

Naturally, It'd be great to see all of The Blue Room's regular readers drop by to one or both of these; anyone on the East Coast (or planning to be) should click on the links above to get more information! Hope to see you there! If you've never done a con, come along anyway and I'll help you enjoy it. If you're not near Virginia, click here to find a con near you; they're fun!

'Tis The Season

11/28/97: Today is the start of the Christmas season, the busiest shopping day of the year, and the first day of what I call the Week of Inventive Leftovers. So, in honor of the season, I've decked the halls a bit with some decorative lights, and I've settled down to write today's entry with a cup of peppermint tea and a big grin. This year will be my first Christmas with my wife, Sandra, and that makes it even nicer.

Some of my personal tips for getting the most out of the holiday season:

Happy holidays, from Sandra and I, to you and yours.

Marriage, GURPS Russia, and Giving Thanks

11/25/97: A few days ago, Sandra married me. I'm still happily stunned. As a wedding day, it could not have been more perfect: The weather was nice, the dinner was nice, the walks and drives and the movie was nice. Sandra even had a stroke of luck at the used paperback store we frequent, and found an out-of-print book she's been looking for for a long time. The commissioner that married us, as it happens, was celebrating his own 47th anniversary with his wife that day.

Thanks from both of us, Sandra and I, for the emails congratulating us! It's been a long, wierd process, and my Rapture in Blue page will soon be updated with links and information to help other couples separated by borders. Until then, my two cents': Every bit of frustration and fear is worth it.

As if that weren't good enough, there's some unexpected GURPS news: Yesterday, I came home to something nice via the U.S. Mail: an envelope full of xeroxes from Steve Jackson Games, all of it artwork for GURPS Russia, a book I've been waiting for nearly five years to see print. The illustrations (including some excellent work by Eric Hotz, among others), even had page-references, which means the book has been poured into at least a preliminary layout, as well. This means (rising orchestral score) that they're finally, finally going to print the damned thing. Considering how happy I already am from my recent marriage, this is a bit of polish on my already-rosy cheeks. Things are good.

Here in the U.S., we'll be celebrating Thanksgiving in a couple of days, and as you can see, I have plenty to be thankful for. This evening, I'm baking the bread that will go into the stuffing, and making the cranberry sauce. If you're doing the cooking for your family or friends for the holiday, you might find this interesting!

A Red-Letter Day

11/18/97: The prologue is, happily, at its conclusion. Now, the REAL story of Sandra and S. John can begin. This Saturday, at 2:30 PM (4:00 PM Newfoundland Time!), we're going to get married. No rice, no gowns, no crowds of well-wishers. Just the two of us in our jeans, as we are, in a quiet civil ceremony. I am, as you might suppose, deleriously happy. Steel yourself for industrial-strength sappiness around here, sometime soon. I love her I love her I love her and I could easily stroll on the ceiling just now. I'm happy, folks. DARN happy.

It's appropriate that my friend Rogue's website has a brand-new URL these days, since it's about as unsappy as a site gets. If you need something to cut the glucose, it'll do the job. It's also certain to awaken bits of your brain that you were previously convinced weren't actually meant for thinking with. That was a compliment! Alternately, if a little sentiment is exactly your cup of tea, you could go read some Peanuts. If you're just here for the game-stuff, hold your horses. The next important date I'll announce is the GURPS Low-Tech playtest date. Soon. In the meantime, Hunter Johnson's swell page of GURPS Links is now better than ever, since he's marking his (frequent!) new additions as such! Give that one a go, too!

Next time you guys hear from me, I won't be a bachelor anymore. Keen.

It's From Shakespeare

11/12/97: Some stuff for the GURPS fans once again, in the form of another For Daws to Peck At installment (issue Number Three, if you're keeping track). This one is much like the others, right down to the hasty, last-minute cut-and-paste HTML conversion (complete with an unformatted table! Whoo!) - but I wanted to get some gaming back in here before people started to wonder. And, to answer the question some have asked: I haven't forgotten about The Annotated Warehouse 23; it's just that my copy of the book itself is buried in a box someplace! Once we get more settled, that will be tended to. Honest Abe.

To answer another question that's come up a few times in email: Sandra and I have not yet tied the knot. Naturally, there will be hoopla on this very spot when that happens (very soon! Virginia state law requires her to ahve her Social Security Number for the marriage license; once that's out of the way, we'll be all set).

Nice Days

11/9/97: Not much to report in terms of food, GURPS, Discordian insight or Car Wars, but plenty of good things on the domestic front. Sandra and I are in the new townhouse on Jackson Street, about two blocks from the heart of downtown, in a quiet street on the edge of residential Fredericksburg. In a larger city, that combination wouldn't be possible at all! We're buried under boxes, bags, half-rebuild filing cabinets and confused laundry, but loving it. Today, we took a break to take in a show (an amazing string quartet recital), take a walk to enjoy the mellow autumn weather, bake some bread, and otherwise enjoy a pleasant Sunday. It's getting on to bedtime, now, but I wanted you guys to know I haven't forgotten you! I'll have some more stuff added to the site this week, I promise. In the meantime, pardon the silly grin and the mellow, domestic disposition. Sandra and I are taking to cohabitation like the proverbial ducks to water, and I enjoy sharing good news. More soon.

Home Again

11/2/97: Big thanks to everybody who crossed fingers, said prayers, sent letters and gave good wishes; it all worked. After a week of highways and hotels, Sandra and I got back to Virginia yesterday afternoon. What an adventure! The good news is that, once you meet them in person, the INS are pretty decent folks. Both the consulate interview and the border crossing went on without a hitch, which means kudos for U.S. Customs, too. Sandra and I were scared that crossing the border with a car full of Stuff (clothes and books and sundries) might cause delays, but no such problems materialized. All went well.

While in Canada, I got to hang out a bit with Sandra's family and close friends, look around St. John's, Newfoundland (including a stop at Ches's for fish & chips), get "screeched" as an honorary Newfoundlander (a process involving reciting some phrases, kicking back some strong rum, and, for reasons too arcane to reveal here, kissing a codfish), see the Atlantic Provinces by car and by boat (the long ferry crossing off of the island), and go to places I'd only heard about before, like Shopper's Drug Mart and Sobey's. The United States has no idea how much better life can be with Life Brand lime soda, I can tell you. Ditto for Smarties.

In Quebec, we had some swell Thai chow with Dr. Kromm and his wife, Bonnie. Bonnie came out to meet us even though she was under the weather, and they were both really good to us. In upstate New York, we got a cabin for the night in Schroon Lake, and had terrific meals at some of the friendliest local places to eat you ever might see. Southward to Delaware, where we rested again, then on to Virginia and home.

Now it's time to move into the new apartment and otherwise get settled. If the page isn't updated for a little while, it's 'cause I'm busy! Take care, all! See you soon . . .

Together Again!

10/20/97: After months of waiting, apart, Sandra and I will be together again this weekend, in Newfoundland, and then on our way south to attend her interview at the U.S. Consulate in Montreal. If I were even to attempt to describe how happy I am, I'd be here all day.

The next time The Blue Room is updated, I'll be Sandra's husband, and deliriously happy! (still!) Until then, everybody take care and enjoy yourselves. Black Ops, Heaven & Hell and the new Pyramid are all out in a few days, and I'm in all three, so, grab 'em and enjoy.

And to Sandra: I love you, sweetheart. And I'll be seeing you very soon!

Am I Blue?

10/19/97: I've been asked, a couple of times, "Why is your website named The Blue Room?" Recently, I explained in a letter:

Throughout my childhood I used to dream about this red room, with lots of red velvet and red curtains and deep red pile carpet. Most of the walls and furniture were actually deep-stained wood (red leather on the chairs, though). It was an office/library, and I always fancied I'd have one one day. So, when it came time to do my website, I thought I'd commemorate this old daydream-place, and name my site the Red Room.

I was playing around with colors and the logo looked better in blue.

The ironic thing is, I don't even use that logo anymore.

These days, with Sandra and I still waiting to hear from the INS, "blue" takes on much more meaning than it had at the start. But soon, very soon, there should be some good news on that front. Keep us in your prayers.


10/12/97: It's been a weekend of GURPS here at the Blue Room! Last night, I GM'ed a game of GURPS Autoduel for the first time in ages, and had a roaringly grand time playing Escape from Poughkeepsie, John Nowak's classic adventure from the AADA Road Atlas and Survival Guide Volume One. It's an adventure I've run maybe a dozen times, and it never fails to deliver the goods. The players were John "Jay" MeCum and John "Chris" Reid (the reigning INWO sealed-deck World Champion and notorious cheat at Knightmare Chess), with S. "John" Ross behind the sinister screens!

There's also new GURPS material on the website this week. My "Unsorted Ads & Disads" page offers a few new character-creation options, and my main Blue Room GURPS page has a whole new section added to it: MakeChar Ultra, with a ZIP file of my TL7-TL8 Makechar file available now for download (which includes my massive Quirks file and so much more).

Happy Columbus Day, and Happy Thanksgiving (the 13th) to all those reading this in Canada! My sweetie and her family are beginning their feast right now as I write this late Sunday afternoon. Sandra gets two Thanksgiving holidays this year, since we'll be able to celebrate the American holiday together! With Sandra in my life, I've much to be thankful for.

Hot Weasel Heads?

10/8/97: The FedEx guys delivered my advance copy of GURPS Black Ops from the printer just yesterday, and it's great to finally see it in print. SJ Games should have the shipment soon, and that puts it on game-store shelves within a couple of weeks. Give it a look, and delve into the high-action, crazy-dangerous world of the Truly Badass (and yes, we did manage to sneak the advantage in there, sort of!). Dan Smith's interiors are top-notch fun, and the whole book just feels good. I have a lot of faith in the book's potential; we'll see where it goes!

It is the first GURPS book ever to include hot weasel heads. It may be the last. Don't miss it!

Beginning Autumn

10/5/97: Little in the way of news this week; it's been busy around here, but solidly routine for most of it. I got to see a lot of friends this weekend, and played a couple of games of Robo-Rally, one of my favorite boardgames (the robot race game published by Wizards of the Coast). Whenever I play it, I always get kind of sentimental for Sandra, since it was one of the games we enjoyed when she was here a few months ago (she's good at Backgammon, too!). Still no word from the INS on the interview date; keep your fingers crossed for us!

New on the Blue Room this week is my Gamer's Purity Test, a wierd bit of fluff I posted to some private mailing lists last winter for fun. This version is updated, and asks the REALLY personal questions like: Have you ever read a published adventure to "prepare" for playing it? Have you ever been kicked out of a game? Have you ever considered yourself a "fan" of E. Gary Gygax??? Explore the shame of it all and have a grin or two!

More Good News!

9/30/97: So much has been going on lately that I don't know where to begin. Last Saturday, my sweetie mailed off the last of the forms to the Montreal Consulate, and the very next thing we hear will be the date that will let us know, at long last, when we can be married and together again. Please wish us luck; the letters of support we've received from online friends have been a constant source of encouragment and smiles. Thank you all, very much.

A few more entries have been added to The Annotated Warehouse, but it's been slow-going due to my more important work on GURPS Low-Tech, which has been given all my paid writing-time until it's ready! Not much longer now.

This update to the Blue Room is late for a lot of good reasons. The happiest is that yesterday was my sweetie's birthday, and I was busy making things for her! I LOVE YOU SANDRA! ;) On Saturday, I spent my HTML-time converting Spider Robinson's recent "open letter" for posting on the Daily Illuminator. Big thanks to Steve Jackson for giving it the space and attention it deserves. Please support Spider (and all your favorite writers) in this difficult time.

I promised something new every week, though, and since I don't have any new pages up, I've prepared some alternate graft. You'll need a copy of DOOM II, though, to enjoy it properly. This PWAD file (click right here to download it; it's about 112k ZIPped) is one of my own sinister designs; it contains, if I may say so, some of the most fiendish secrets ever found in a DOOM II level. It's great for modem play, too. More GURPS and cooking soon!

Almost Forever!

9/21/97: Sandra and I are a little closer to being married today! The final paperwork on both ends of the chain are essentially finished, and now the only thing left is to ask the Montreal Consulate to set the interview date. If all goes well there (and we have no reason to assume it won't), then my sweetie and I will get to start making our home together sometime in October!

In other news, the beginnings of The Annotated Warehouse are finally online. I gave myself exactly 90 minutes to work on them today (as much "fun time" as I could afford since I was invited to the movies this afternoon and never turn down a free film!) , and I did pretty good for an hour and a half! I'll be using the annotatons as a "brain relaxation project" while Low-Teching this week, so expect updates every day or so until the whole thing is done! In the meantime, enjoy! Speaking of Low-Tech, I have a few more hours before I have to sleep . . . ;)

New Old GURPS!

9/14/97: Just added today to my GURPS Page is a fresh HTML conversion of For Daws to Peck At, Number One. The two articles featured are "You Can Be Scott Maykrantz!" (a guide to writing the sequel to GURPS Creatures of the Night) and "Chain," my all-time favorite GURPS Supers character.

Good News!

9/12/97: More good news, I'm happy to report, from Sandra, my fiance! She received her packet from the Montreal Consulate yesterday, so now it's just a matter of assembling the right paperwork. After that, Sandra will be granted an interview for her visa, and I'll be traveling to Canada to join her for it! Since the interview will take place in Montreal, this means my sweetheart and I will get to meet Sean "Dr. Kromm" Punch if schedules allow. It's wonderful to be one step closer to taking Sandra as my bride. I love you sweetie! See, I'm giving all the gamers cavities!

In other good news, GURPS Black Ops just got shipped to the printer, with a sleeker cover than originally planned! Also, the latest In Nomine supplement, The Marches, should be on game-shop shelves this weekend. There you'll find my expanded writeups on Beleth and Blandine. Check it out!

Risus Goes To Italy!

9/10/97: Max Lambertini, a gamer in Italy, has a swell website devoted to RPGs (check out his homepage in either Italian or English). On his RPG Systems Page, he now features Risus, translated for the first time into a second language. In his own words:

Max assures me that Pinuzzo, like Rudy, is still a ninja. If you have a lazy afternoon to pass, open up English Risus in one window and Italian Risus in another window and enjoy comparing the phrases. Considering my own rather casual use of English, Max had quite a job . . . Thanks, Max!

9/7/97: When Sandra (my lovely fiance!) and I move into our new apartment soon, we'll already have our pet, Stinky. Stinky is a jar of fermented flour and water, bubbly and slightly alchoholic, a living colony of local bacteria and wild yeast. In other words, Stinky is the starter I will use to bake my sweetie fresh sourdough bread! If chia pets and sea monkeys are lacking, and you want a new kind of novel pet, try my new Sourdough Bread Basics page! It's easy and very economical, since you don't have to buy yeast!

This also starts a new tradition. Every week, usually on Sunday, I'll be adding a new page to the Blue Room. Sometimes it will be a cooking page, sometimes it will be a gaming page, and sometimes it will be something other (who knows?); I've been neglecting the page lately due to work, but I've decided that a fresh document a week isn't too much, especially since regular readers of this page have been so encouraging. Thank you, all of you!

8/22/97: A lot of interesting tidbits lately . . . In the Really Good News, Sandra and I are one step closer to being back together; the INS approved our petition for her visa; now we just have to wait for them to set up her interview. The internet has been useful for getting in touch with other couples who are going through this process, or who have already. If anyone reading this is doing so, and needs some advice, don't hesitate to email me! Meantime, I keep close to Sandra through phone calls and email, and by working late at night while listening to OZ FM (a radio station from Sandra's home city) via the internet using RealAudio. Give it a try; you'll be amazed at all the cool bands Canada has that we don't get to hear in the States (I'm listening to it as I write this, in fact)!

In the Really Ironic News, The Familiar, a very promising gaming magazine, is ceasing to be. Specifically, they are ceasing to be just before publishing an article of mine that I was pretty proud of! According to the publisher, the issue in question had already been constructed, right up through layout, but now it will never see print. To see why this is Really Ironic, read the Who is S. John Ross? section further down on this page!

8/4/97: A lot of the readers of this page have suspected it for quite a while, and for quite a while it's been true: Sandra and I are getting married :) We wanted to get some of the paperwork squared away and other preparations made before making the announcement publicly, but now that's done and I can tell the world how fortunate I am to have her as mine, and to be hers forever. I've added a page, Rapture In Blue, that gives the short version of the story for those who are curious! And Sandra . . . I love you.

7/31/97: Something kind of nice happened this evening: The Blue Room got to reunite some old buddies. A friend of mine, Clint Gaige, had a friend he used to game with in school, years ago, and they lost touch. This friend, as it turns out, has been trying to contact Clint for years, with no luck (Clint doesn't have a listed number, and sometimes even I have trouble finding him, so I can understand). He finally got around to giving the World Wide Web a try, throwing Clint's name into a search engine . . . and found Gunmetal Blue, where Clint is mentioned and thanked. He then emailed me, and I passed his number on to Clint. They are even now lining the pockets of Ma Bell. This is a happy thing, and made me feel all Warm and Fuzzy.

You can also find me on gamestore shelves again this week. Night Music, the first full-length supplement for In Nomine, hit the shelves, and it's Darn Cool. The In Nomine design team has been working hard on this and other books for months, and it's great to finally see them on shelves where they belong. Give it a look; your local retailer probably misses you, anyway! Hug a retailer today!

7/18/97: Busy busy S. John . . . GURPS Low-Tech has seen more delays, the result of emergency work on Heaven & Hell, a nifty (if time-consuming) In Nomine project that I'm a part of, and by some quick foot-shuffling on behalf of Pyramid magazine. Those of you who have been writing with words of encouragement on Low-Tech should be aware of how much I appreciate it, even if I haven't had a chance to respond personally to all of your letters. You guys are GREAT. On the other hand, those of you who have been writing me saying "spit the book out now, Ross; we want it" will no doubt be repaid karmically somehow.

Someday, I'll even have the time to add more to my food pages . . . Someday!

7/7/97: Back home from DexCon 6, and rested. As ever, Vinny put on a great show, and Bob & Peggy Schroeck were gracious hosts to yours truly. The GURPS World Championships were both a hoot AND a holler, with Becca Bross taking the title in the final round by playing an amorous, bloodthirsty rat named "Zoe." Saying that the "competition" was intense would be accurate, but it would give the wrong idea about this event . . . the finalists were simply all great roleplayers, working together as a party, entertaining me, each other, an onlooking Steve Jackson and others amazingly well. 75% of the finalists were women, which can only be a good sign for the hobby in general! Big thanks are due to Bob Schroeck (for organizing it all and writing huge chunks of it), Steve (for sanctioning it and providing graft for the winners) and the stable of writers and GMs that made it all happen.

I was also present (officiating) when Chris Reid became the INWO Sealed-Deck World Champion, pulling a victory out of a gruelling endurance match with the help of his "totem card spirit," Ross Perot. Shangri-La rules the Sealed-Deck INWOverse this year . . . We'll see what happens next time!

More importantly, we got to get lost in Hoboken. And I got my Blag Sketch! But it's good to be home, folks . . .

6/22/97: It's a quiet Sunday morning as I write this . . . I've been up all night working, and reflecting. Mostly, I miss my Newfie-Pal, Sandra, and hope she's having a nice day. Thoughts of her have inspired me to get a lot of good work done on GURPS Low-Tech and other projects of importance, so be sure and drop by her page and say hello!

6/21/97: Another good friend has a new website! Amy "Rogue" Miles is a long-time and close friend, kind of the Sister That Never Got To Traumatize Me As A Kid And Is Making Up For It Now . . . She used to be on the Web, then she was gone, and now she is back. Go visit her Den of Iniquity, and she'll Traumatize YOU. Half of the nifty friends she links to are pals of mine, too - so give them a look as well!

6/18/97: Greg Henle, one of the local crop of gamers and a Pal O Mine, has a new GURPS-related website up: The Shipyard - home of his version of the Traveller universe GURPS conversions, and to some nifty starships, complete with GURPS Vehicles 2nd Edition stats and really detailed CAD images!

6/14/97: GURPS Low-Tech is going to be a little late for playtest; Dr. Kromm (the book's editor) and I discussed it, and we agreed that rushing the book to playtest just to get it out on the expected date was (A) possible and (B) a bad idea, compared to working hard to get a good playtest draft done. Watch this space for developments.

6/7/97: I've added some more links to the text on the homepage, here (click on "Obscure Game Designer" for something really odd), and my General Tso's Chicken page. Little time for anything else right now . . . GURPS Low-Tech gets all my time for the next week or so!

6/5/97: If you're a convention-goer on the East Coast, be sure and take a look at DexCon! There, Bob Schroeck's infamous multigenre tournament will take place yet again . . . but this time as the World GURPS Championship! Bob and I are writing it, and GMing a healthy chunk of it. It promises to be utterly wierd.

Check out the GURPS page; I added another issue of The Mighty Frood'Zine for your Blue Room reading pleasure.

6/3/97: Here at the Blue Room, things are a little bit Bluer. My dear friend Sandra is on an airplaine bound for Canada as I write this, having completed her two-week visit here to the states and Yours Truly. We had a wonderful time, and I miss her a lot already. To learn more about her, and her home province of Newfoundland, check out her home page, and be sure to click that vote link!

Older Stuff Still . . .

That's as far back as the archive goes, although the Blue Desk was around for nearly two months before that point. If anybody happens to have archived copies of the earlier Blue Desks, I'd love to have them here. Please email me at [click here for email]!

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