Looking Forward

12/31/02: Sandra and I had a really fun Christmas, snuggling up at home then wandering out into the city as we often do. The lights up on 37th Street are getting weirder, now, which as it should be here in Austin. We got stuck looking for an open restaurant late in the evening, though - and that search took us back to our own neighborhood, for some top-notch Mexican. Maybe not a New England Style white Christmas, to be sure, but a really good one anyway.

The season hasn't been all cheery, though. Both my parents have been doing hospital time for different reasons over the past few days - my Mom dealing with diagnoses of new ailments to join her old ones, and my Pop for what seemed like a pneumonia attack and related complications. Both folks have serious trouble with their legs and feet, so I guess I'd better enjoy all the walking I can while I'm still young. I hope they're taking good care of themselves; I wish I could do more from down here in Texas.

One of my favorite books from childhood - Catch Me if You Can - is apparently a movie, now, so I'll have to go check that one out. Looks good from what snippets I've seen on television. That book, along with The Stainless Steel Rat series, taught me a lot of my values. This probably explains a lot. Hrm. Now I'm in a mood to read all the books I loved in high school again . . . Where's my copy of Blue Highways?

Hrm. I feel like I should spend some time looking back over 2002, but 2003 seems a lot more interesting to me. 2002 has been nice in a busy, quiet way, but I prefer busy and noisy to busy and quiet. 2003 looks like it'll be noisy in many ways, for better and worse.

Of course, one of the things that must seem pretty quiet about 2002 is Cumberland Games - just a handful of releases this year, since most of my work has been immersion in large-scale projects instead of smaller, quicker ones. I've never enjoyed my work so much, and the coming months should be even more interesting. 2003 will also be the year of Risus in many ways, since it's the game's 10th anniversary as a free RPG on the Internet, and I've got a few notions for how to celebrate that.

Anyway, I've got so much I could ramble on about that if I even get started, rambling is exactly what I'll do. So I'll just wish you a Happy New Year for now, and save the noise for the year that seems built for it. See you in 2003.

Never Winter? Texas!

12/21/02: Most Blue Room visitors already know about my Big List of RPG Plots, and I daresay a few know about Neverwinter Nights, too. The folks at nwnbuilders.com decided that the two were a useful match, and the result is here. I haven't played NWN yet myself (Sandra's still way ahead of me in Torment, as far as the Black Isle games go), but its encouraging to me that Lord Niah, at least, seems to think most of the Big List can be implemented as an NWN "module." Just maybe, given 10 more years and sufficient encouragement, somebody really will bring something approximating a roleplaying game to the computer, after all. I think I'm happy about that. Maybe. Ask me again in 10 years.

Season's Greets

12/17/02: The holidays have been keeping us happily occupied, so it's been another long stretch since I've posted here. But it's been good times! The tree is colorful, the popcorn strings are being strung, and most of our shopping and card sending is done. Sandra and I have both been a little under the weather lately, but it hasn't kept us from enjoying the season (or from looking forward to The Two Towers)!

Gaming has been great, too. The weekly Fly From Evil campaigns have gone from darned-good to extra-darned-good, and I've been playing in a weekly Champions game and a weekly BESM game (the latter based on Cowboy Bebop). Three games a week amounts to a minor Golden Age, and it gives me a much clearer focus when I'm working. We'll see how well it survives the holiday break (always the toughest test, I find) but either way it's been a lot of fun.

With only a minor kazoo rendition of Taps to mark the occasion, I've taken down the dusty “current projects” page, since it had grown into an unnecessary relic of my days toiling in the freelance mines. It's a good feeling watching it go, like seeing the last lights of port fade to darkness as I sail on to more exciting territory. As the last few scraps of my paper-industry work appear on shelves (or when I do an article or something on a lark), I'll keep announcing them here, of course - but all the good stuff is coming from home at Cumberland, these days.

The only sad note this time around is the cancellation of Firefly, a show Sandra and I had grown immediately and deeply fond of. There are still episodes waiting to be aired, of course (including, ironically, the pilot ep), but it seems that Serenity's fate is going to march into the long, dark valley of fan speculation, along with Farscape and other genre fatalities.

Fried Twinkie

12/4/02: Sorry it's been a few days longer than usual. The holiday week kept us happily busy enjoying the gateway from ordinary autumn to the Christmas Season. Thanksgiving found us tucking away the usual feast (slimmed-down and diabetic-friendly, but still as tasty as any we've ever had) and the surrounding days were even cooler, since we had some out-of-town visitors we could show off Austin to. We wandered a street festival downtown (robots! talking armadillo puppets! deep-fried battered Twinkies on a stick!), caught a gospel brunch up at Stubb's, rummaged for dusty paper collectibles at a garage sale, hit Central Market, watched the tree-lighting ceremony in the park, and other Austin things worth doing (and no, I didn't partake of the fried Twinkies ... or the fried Snickers bars or fried Cheesecake).

Over at the Fontworks, there's a new Free Font of the Month up, but that's about it for web updates right now, barring the usual nips and tucks. Plenty more coming soon, though, including this year's version of the Sparks Scrapbook and other items of interest.

The best news right now is the weather. It's snowing up in the panhandle and it smells like snow here in Austin. That's a smell I miss; that particular bite of winter in the air. It's great to have it around. The snow seldom dips down this far (it's been about a decade, I think) but I live in hopes. Of course, Austin drivers have trouble managing control on dry asphalt, so maybe I should be careful what I wish for!

Anyway, time to put the lights and the tree up, and enjoy the weather a little more (and prep for tomorrow night's game). Sandra and I spent the night indoors, snuggling and watching a Lord of the Rings teaser special. Good times.

Five and a Day

11/23/02: Due to some FTP snags at io.com, Sandra and I weren't able to update sappy anniversary messages yesterday, so I'll post this one as my "five years and a day" update instead. Time and memory are funny things. Thinking back over the last five years, I get that strange blend of "it feels like I've known Sandra forever" and "our wedding seems just like yesterday."

For those who don't know ... We were married in blue jeans and flannel at the private home of an old Justice of the Peace (we were nearly late because we spent most of the morning browsing at a used book store). As it turned out, the old guy who hitched us was there with his wife, and it was their anniversary. They'd been at it for decades.

Sandra and I are still crazy in love with each other (crazier than ever, in fact, in every sense). We still get public comment, car-horns, and occasional applause for our constant smooches (if Texas has strict PDA laws, we're bound to get a kissing ticket someday).

And she's still the best person I've ever met. Sandra, here's to the next five and the next five hundred. I love you, sweetie.

And here's a big smooch for the rest of you folks, too {smooch}. That's just how happy I am. Hey, who's been eatin' onions?

For boring web-site stuff, there's been some minor upgrades to the Blue Room FAQ, a new article in the Grave of Heaven section, and here's Big Thanks to the many folks who've volunteered mirror space on the expanded freebie download page over at Cumberland Games. More soon!

Again With the Links

11/16/02: As promised a little while ago, I've taken another stab at giving the Links page more focus. I've adopted a sort of "top underdog" approach, listing only truly kickass sites that are relatively underexposed. For those that enjoy my big rambling list of bookmarks, I've left them intact, on a new, separate page.

It's been a busy bunch of days since I've updated last, including several very good roleplaying sessions (a session of Dust Devils that was fun despite the game, two games of BESM that were fun in every way, and a cool session of Fly From Evil with a new player in the group) and, of course, movie-watching, what with the new Lord of the Rings DVD and the new Harry Potter movie (both good fun). And today, we've got a book festival to attend, so I'll bid you farewell 'til next time!

End of an Era?

11/9/02: Those of you who've followed this site from the beginning certainly know about Craig Roth. Before I ever had my own website, Craig put up a kind of S. John Fan Page featuring a big pile of my GURPS articles. The most significant of these, Unlimited Mana, is probably one of the most actually-used-at-gaming-tables GURPS variants out there, and a lot of that has to do with Craig getting permission to get it online where folks could find it easily and where I could keep it updated as the years smoothed out the edges. It's the version from Craig's site, not the original Pyramid #9 version, that SJ Games asked to use for the second volume of Best of Pyramid - one of the cooler examples I know of the kind of synergy possible between electronic-stuff and print-stuff.

Well, the good news is that Craig is doing fine and getting married and is going to be a dad soon. The less good news is that Craig's site is soon going to vanish into the ether, a victim of some job-situation stuff. I can bring the files here to the Blue Room, of course (all of them marked appropriately, like this article here which I never actually got around to linking to before), but it's a shame to see the pages go down. It'll be a little harder for folks to find Umana for a few months until the search engines catch up (that I'm the GURPS Open Directory Project editor will help!), and I'll just miss it. I've always been real comfy about it being there, a kind of sister site.

So anyway, hats off to you, Craig, and good luck with the new family. Sandra and I are about to pounce on our fifth anniversary this month, so I speak from experience when I say marriage is the best stuff there is!

Heaven's Grave

11/1/02: While progress is now constant on the production end of Uresia: Grave of Heaven, there are still printer matters to be dealt with, so GOO announced that the re-re-re-revised release date has been slightly revised. There is some faint hope that the book will appear in December, but the formal prediction now seems to be January. It's kind of a bummer, but at this stage I know they're doing all they can. In particular, Jeff Mackintosh has been very enthusiastic about making the book look nice, and generous with letting me have a hand in that (GOO liked my work on the cartography so much they invited me to design matching page-borders, and to provide illustration suggestions from the author's side - something many companies normally do, but GOO normally doesn't). So, it's at least getting some good attention in production, and, most important, it's definitely on the home stretch at last.

To celebrate that, I'm unveiling my new Uresia section of the Blue Room: Blue Lamp Road. Right now, there's not much to it except a couple of brief articles, but I'm hoping it will grow into a lot more with time, especially as far as fan-submitted material goes. Since I've already been getting lots of questions about my cartography for the book based on the wallpaper I've been showing people, I tossed a mini tutorial into the mix for those who enjoy Photoshop! If Uresia interests you at all, please join the mailing list and we'll see where it all goes. I like the little world a lot; it's kind of a "distilled essence of what I enjoy about fantasy gaming," and a few other things besides, by way of my usual bent for satire . . .

Happy Halloween!

10/30/02: Ah, Halloween, when costumed web surfers make the rounds of the global neighborhood, wearing itchy masks and holding their sacks out for goodies! Welcome, kids; don't trip over the stuffed corpse-dummy and don't drink that stuff in the smoke machine; it doesn't taste good. And since I'm more fond of giving treats than getting my windows soaped, I've got a goodly dose of fun for you: The Pokethulhu Adventure Game is, as a Halloween gift to all of you, now and forever more a free RPG, joining the ranks of Risus in the Cumberland Games freebie line. Click and grab, and while you're unwrapping that (have your folks check it for foreign objects before you consume), have another dose of Randy, Pikathulhu and friends in the November Free Font of the Month (up a little early for the holiday). Enjoy!

Comforts of Home

10/16/02: The changing of the seasons always energizes me, but my favorite is this one - the transition into cool weather. After one last burp of Indian Summer a week ago, Austin seems finally have relented to the first fresh breezes of autumn, and I've got that spring in my step I get every year around this time. On a late-night run to the supermarket tonight, I found that the wait was over there too - fresh cranberries are available again (and loose hazelnuts)! I understand seasonal groceries, but the months that pass without fresh cranberry sauce are just mean (I use Splenda, of course, in mine).

I'm camping out at home this week, trading in my usual about-town gallivanting for more time in the kitchen (which smells good right now!) and laundry nook (which also smells kinda good if you like soap) . . . Sandra hurt her back a couple of days ago and she's coping with a lot of discomfort right now, so we're making the best of it with lots of time at home, and I'm doing what I can to make her comfy. These pro-comfy efforts now include fresh cranberries!

The rest of my time goes (of course) to work - including a cool freebie I've got planned for Halloween or thereabouts. I won't jinx it by saying what just yet, but if you're one of those who only visits the Blue Room every couple of months, be sure and make an exception by dropping in around the end of the month!

Oh, and before I forget: a big thanks to the folks at Anomaly TrekMUX for inviting me over to give a kind of "Andorian Seminar" at their open house the other day. If you enjoy MU* type games, Anomaly looks to be a game of special quality and character. If you've never tried one before, starting on Anomaly might just spoil you for the others. Give them a look!

Early/Late Ramble

10/8/02: It's nearly 5 AM and I've had one of those “Yikes; I haven't updated the Blue Room in half of forever” moments. It doesn't help that I've got very little of interest to report; life for the past couple of days has been dominated by some last-minute work on Uresia: Grave of Heaven for Guardians of Order (I finished writing the book a geologic age ago; this particular work is on the maps, which GOO were gracious enough, and swamped enough, to let me talk them into letting me do).

I have no idea where the grammar has gone. But it is nearly 5 AM. Eep.

So, maps. On the general topic of graphics, I've uploaded a new Free Font since the last update I posted here, and life chugs along merrily otherwise, with all of my projects proceeding at a good clip, life with Sandra as incredibly sweet as ever, and a glow of general satisfaction (on both our parts) with Firefly, the new Joss Wheedon show.

Here on the site, the only new thing is an old thing. I finally accepted that there are just a million cooler things to do for the Blue Room than fuss over my Links page, so I've returned it to the original format of just a big splat of my bookmarks, freshly exported from my browser. I still plan to replace this with an annotated list (something short, my “20 Favorite Sites That Deserve More Exposure” or somesuch), but this will do for now. As a bonus, this fresh update of the page means that links are now updated that haven't been updated for a year or so. Eep again!

A point of trivia: I pasted the current epigraph from an ancient archive of the Blue Room (from the autumn of 1998, when the site was less than two years old). I was wandering through the old archives feeling all misty and nice. But then, I always get more sentimental when it's (looks at the clock) just past 5 AM. Eep.

Odds and Ends

9/22/02: Life has been good, lately, and the Fly From Evil campaigns just keep getting better (this last Thursday it was the gangster campaign, a meaty little semi-mystery culminating in a tense nighttime gunfight in snowy woods). I've also got a few tidbits to report.

The first item is good news for Mac users. Macintosh OS X apparently has support for Windows TrueType fonts, as reported by a visitor to the Fontworks. If you're running X, odds are you don't need to use conversion software anymore to use the Free Font of the Month and other fonts from Cumberland - just install and go! So far, Sparks seem too funky to make the jump that clean, but the ordinary letterfonts work fine.

The second item is good news for those of you who read in Danish (or just like to try now and then, hoping you'll get it right). Risus is now in yet another language (guess which one?) thanks to Risus fan Lars Erik Larsen.

The final item is even more unusual, and it's good news for those of you who game paycheck to paycheck, as it were (as I do): the Gamers in Need project is a new and unique gaming page. It won't stay new; maybe it won't stay unique, either!

So, if you're a Danish Mac-using gamer/font enthusiast a little down on his luck, this is your day at the Blue Room. Cheers!

On A Friendly Note

9/11/02: I wanted to able to share something fun today, and I thought, "free stuff is fun." So when I got home from last night's game, I dove into the Fontworks and tore a bit of this there, spackled a dab of that here, and turned the two-page collection of my fonts into a three-page collection, instead. That left the new third page looking a little short, of course, but that was to make room for four new friends: Apple Butter, Nicotine Stains, Arvigo and Mexlar are long-gone monthlies no longer long-gone. Now they're home where they belong.

Last night's game, speaking of that, was also fun. Very! We wrapped up a convoluted private-eye adventure involving Chinese herbalists, shady auto mechanics, estranged half-brothers, libidinous daughters, wandering wives, disinterested husbands, train tickets to Reno, and a few million dollars in coffee (with some jazz clubs, a worried Irish cop, and in-jokes about duck thieves thrown in). The players managed to untangle it and wrap up just about every loose end, preventing murder, derailing sabotage, and undoing threats and blackmail. Here's a frothy pint to you, gang, from the boys down Danny's pub. Bravo.

And here's another, dear visitors, for you. However you choose to spend the day, I hope it finds you healthy and in the company of those you love. Peace.

Month of Ghouls

9/1/02: They're already airing ghoulish TV specials cashing in on lingering pain by inviting us to remember last year's tragedy (as if we've forgotten), celebrating hateful jingoism, humorless resolve, fantatical faith, and a host of other things that, if we embrace them, would make us exactly like those who attacked us. There are more tasteful memorials taking place, too, but the curse of being tasteful is that they're quiet and all but invisible amid the cloud of cash-register jingling and bumper-sticker selling. I hereby flip the official blue room bird to all such ghouls. Recognize them as the sick joke that they are, and they lose all power. Hope springs eternal.

On the lighter side, the new Free Font of the Month is pretty cool. On the even ligher side, Crossword Godling Josh Talley has a new website, which means his four years of status as "the godling with no link attached" has resolved in a coronation of swellitude and fanfare (he's had it for a little while, apparently, but I just found out about it when it moved to a new URL). Visit unto the now-ancient Godling and feel the warmth of his goofy grin (I've gamed with Josh; I'm not guessing about how goofy the man's grin can be). Be excellent to each other.

Sizzles & Suds

8/27/02: If you're ever in Tulsa, look up the Side Line sports bar on South Lewis. Sandra and I ducked in there on Saturday looking for a cool, dark place to get out of the heat, and had no idea we'd found the secret hiding place of the world's kung-fu master of the bar grill. When I expressed my appreciation for the quality of the food, the waitress explained that their grill man had been cooking for 30 years. "Tell him he can finally take a few minutes' break," I said. "He's got the hang of it." On top of that, it's a nice little local pub with all the comforts you'd expect. If I lived in Tulsa, I'd live there. Top notch.

Speaking of which, we just got back from Tulsa! And now, rest. Zzzzzz.


8/18/02: I've been chewing over what to do about the Bigass Links section. On the one hand, I like the revealing nature of a big pile of bookmarks. On the other hand, they're of questionable utility. One the other other hand, they're an excuse to use the word "ass." On the yet-another hand, some of the links are about three years out of date, and any method of improving them (automated or personal) is daunting. I recently decided I'd either begin improving the links, or just replace them with a shorter "absolute favorites" article of sorts.

I got as far as writing the gaming section of said article and decided to do a hybrid, instead. See the Gaming Links for what I mean: a paragraph or three of specifics, followed by the unedited, raw bookmarks (much slimmer raw bookmarks than before, I should add). I will, at least theoretically, give the same treatment to the other sections as well. I'm trying hard to make myself do this over the next couple of weeks, tops, so feel free to nudge me if too many days pass without any related entries on the update log page.

Ears A Thing To See

8/12/02: Inkeeping with the grand old gaming-industry tradition of "never tell the writer anything," Guardians of Order let the cover for my fantasy worldbook, Uresia: The Grave of Heaven, slip onto a website a couple of weeks back without so much as a whisper. I just found out about it tonight, and it looks pretty cool! I'm not sure if she's a Volenwood Elf or a Birah Elf, but I reckon she's an elf, allright. I like the logo, too!

For the record, though, I had nothing to do with that adcopy. Mortals roamed the land? How unusual . . !

Mostly Good News!

8/2/02: This was meant to be a 100% cheery update, since the week, while busy and draining, was a pretty good one! Until this afternoon, anyway, when fiddling with a demo of some software I was interested in completely zorched my laptop, throwing my already-hurried schedule into a distressing tailspin. Gah! I spent much of the afternoon reformatting the hard drive and getting the OS up and running; it'll take most of the weekend to get it ship-shape and ready for work again.

But that, as they say, is the bad news. The good news is that the Free Font of the Month is up (a day late but no less spiffy for it), and that I had fun gathering a group of gamers on Wednesday night for the first of the new-draft playtests of Fly From Evil (a private-agency campaign set in the working-class neighborhoods south of Market in 1935). Even with the laptop accident, there's a happy side: not a single byte of work was lost.

Sandra is tired from all the chaos that helping move an office across town inevitably brings, so she's looking forward to the weekend (as I write this, she's already sound asnooze and looking very adorable curled up in the blankets). So this weekend, we're taking it nice and mellow. 'Til next time!

Ramblings From Outside

7/26/02: Not much news this time around. It's been a longish week for both of us . . . Sandra's office is moving to another building, so she's been kept in for odd hours alternating between her normal duties, boxing up her stuff, and sitting around waiting to see what happens next. I've been writing late at night again, drifting along the clock as I do when I'm on a good stretch, but it's messed up my synch with Sandra's schedule. So, we've both been working longer, feeling less rested, and missing seeing one another as often as we like (we're spoiled)! So, I'm hoping they let her out a little early today.

Everything should be back to normal in a few days, and it's been a nice week, anyway. The heat's been relentless, but we've managed to get a few walks in here and there, and to hit our usual haunts. Right now, I'm sitting near a cascading fountain in downtown Austin, in the shelter of a friendly tree, accompanied by a curious squirrel and a fly that seems to have a crush on my eyelids. I've been map-drawing all day (when my sleep is messed up, I focus on my graphic workload), building the "master" production map of San Francisco for Fly From Evil, and taking occasional breaks to fiddle with some articles I'm working on ... and ramble a bit for you guys!

[Cell phone rings, time passes]

Well, the good news is Sandra just phoned and we got to be mushy for a minute - but it doesn't look like she's getting out early (and may have to stay late, even though the office is basically just sitting around waiting for the movers to finish the last pass). So, on that note, I should get back to my mapping and make the time go quickly while I wait to see my sweetie! I feel the siren song of a nearby air-conditioned coffee joint on the breeze. Hope this finds you happy, shaded, and near the one you smooch!

[And it turns out she got out five minutes early, after all! Every minute counts!]

Checkin' It Twice

7/21/02: That new version of the Big List of RPG Plots that I promised is now available, both in its HTML form and as a freebie PDF document. I re-crafted each from top to bottom, and while it's the same document as before in many ways (if it ain't broke, as they say...) there are some noticeable improvements, expansions, and streamlining all around, plus a whole new section of tips for getting the most from it. Big thanks, again, to everyone who's written to let me know how much they use the list, and for all the suggestions that helped make it even better.

Farewell, Cart Lady

7/19/02: I've said for a long time that if Sandra and I ever leave Austin, one of the things I'll really wax nostalgic about is the little junk-food stand on the drag. A little cart selling calzone, eggrolls, fajita tacos, things like that. Most of it is food I shouldn't touch, so I rarely indulge, but on those rare days it's a favorite. Everything's dirt-cheap and tastes it, but in a very good way. I just find the place a comfort. The little Chinese lady running the place became as much a fixture as UT's tower.

So anyway, a few weeks ago, it just vanished, and it began to look like it would stay gone. I worried that the little Chinese lady had fallen very ill, or had to move to take care of a relative, or just wasn't earning enough money there.

Today, the cart is back. Same bill of fare, but no little Chinese lady. I fear the worst, but I ask. "Hey! The cart's back!"

"Different business," the new girl explains. She speaks in flawless Austinite English. She says the cops shut the old cart down for good.

The cops! I mean, crime on the drag, sure. It's not hard to spot the occasional drug-deal there, just ho-hum student-scale stuff. But what kind of crime would the little Chinese lady commit? I get images in my head of kangaroo fajita tacos and blue-point, Siamese eggrolls.

No, fortunately. Turns out the little Chinese lady was a small-time fence. Some of the local kids and vagrants got into the habit of trading stolen bric-a-brac to her for free food and small amounts of cash. Then, she'd cart it off to a flea market and sell it. A little sideline venture.

And, as sure as I'm a gamer, my first thought then was "Hey, neat little adventure seed."

If there's a moral there, don't tell me. I already miss her! And now she's even retroactively cooler, in a petty-larceny sort of way. Ah, Austin.

Hail the New Godling!

7/10/02: Journalist Joel Davis conquered the new Crossword Puzzle with style and speed, adding a new member to the pantheon of Crossword Puzzle Godlings. Now that the solution is in, it's also out, posted on the puzzle's page, and included in the nifty Java Version you can play right from your browser. Before you do that, though, visit Joel's homepage and learn what it takes to be a Godling!

If you're not feeling quite up to Godlinghood, yourself, but you've got a lot of spare time and a mountain of boredom to whittle down, I've put up a new word-fill puzzle, a really ridiculously huge one containing only words derived from the letters in "Roleplaying Game." I have to make 'em this big or Sandra just whips through 'em in ten seconds. She's demon-quick with a wordfill (all that and cute, too)!

A Puzzlement

7/07/02: It's a banner year for the Crossword Puzzles page. Nothing new at all for three years, and then BAM - two whole puzzles already for 2002! Yeah, I know; I'm lame. But it's amazing how this stuff begins to add up over the years.

The new puzzle is called "Easy Does It" and it should be pretty simple compared to some of the older, more ruthless puzzles. If you like games, odd films, and other Blue-Roomy things, grab a pencil and give it a try! In a day or so (once the puzzle has a godling), I'll add a link to the solution, and a Java play-in-the-browser version.

I also have some news about an upcoming Blue Room update. This week, I'm finally getting around to assembling a brand-new version of the Big List of RPG Plots. The Big List has been one of my most popular pages for years, now, netting the site tons of links, visits, and emails - and many of those emails have been suggestions for expansions and improvements to this useful little piece of fluff. Since I wrote it ages ago, I've also had several fresh insights of my own, including other game-plotting material I've written for pieces like To Serve and Protect and my Star Trek GMing guide. That'll be up within a week or so; keep your printer warm!

Peaceful Rain

7/1/02: If I thought about it, I'd probably have a lot to ramble on about, but I did the rambling-on thing last week, and I'll be merciful this time! Sandra and I have had a mellow, rained-in weekend, with lots of snuggling, hot coffee and tea, chili dogs, and rented movies (we're watching the Kevin Smith movies in order, which is fun, and rented Men In Black to prepare for this week's release of the sequel).

In the greedy-file-grabbing news, it's a new month, and that means a new Free Font called "Down Town Auto," inspired by some of South Austin's independent garages combined with my need to learn a new "split-level" fontmaking technique. Benefit from the fruits of my idle fiddling.

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