Into the Black, Again

6/20/06: Yesterday morning, as promised, the Free Font of the Month page became the Free Stuff of the Moment page. Over the next few days, I'll be repairing, renaming and jostling all the related links across the Blue Room and Cumberland sites, but in the meantime, have a map! And speaking of little spaceships, Sandra and I are really looking forward to Thursday night: we'll be among the Austin browncoats catching Serenity on the big screen again, as part of the Can't Stop the Serenity screenings going on around the world. We're excited, to say the least; tonight we watched Jaynestown again and we'll probably be popping more episodes in as the countdown becomes hours instead of days. If you're in Austin, hope to see you there!

Random Acts of Gratis

6/15/06: So I'm sitting here at the hour of so-late-it's early, which means one of my longest stretches of being a regular daytime person has ended. But maybe not for long; I'm all over the place lately, due to work ... and we've got a trip to Newfoundland coming up soon which should inspire me to shoe-horn myself back into regular hours.

I've decided to replace the Free Font of the Month over at Cumberland, with a different sort of thing that will include fonts but also include other kinds of freebies ... with a more definite focus on gaming stuff. There will still be fonts, but there will also be maps and floorplans and articles and the occasional paper toy, and anything else that strikes my fancy. Writing as well as graphics, diversions as well as games. And rather than being "of the Month," it will be "of the Moment," with the planned frequency being more often than monthly, but without any promises, to let me relax it when other work is demanding too much of my time.

I've already got something in the works for it and ... it's a font. But old habits die hard.

My hope is also to generate a fresh amount of feedback and crossover interest between the various corners of Cumberland. Fonts - people like fonts, but they don't inspire much conversation, really. I get lots of nice emails about Risus and Uresia and things, and I love that, but I think it might be fun to stir things up with oddball little items now and then. Plus, I've been posting a lot of freebies on the different mailing lists, and this will give all of those efforts a focus. Things will appear as a Free ... thingy? ... of the Moment, and then rest in the appropriate Mailing List archive (some, of course, will simply vanish into the ether forever, as whimsy dictates).

For today, the Free Font of the Month page is still there, a bit out of date. That'll change in the next few days, so drop on over and give it a little wave goodbye. I would enjoy promising that it will soon be replaced by Big Exciting Things - but, even more, I enjoy the truth of it: it will soon be replaced by Odd Little Things.


5/19/06: No, I'm not cashing in on the Da Vinci Code fad. If I were going to do that, i'd pile it on and really get the supermarket check-out crowd with Da Vinci's Secret Nostradamus Prophecies (in Sudoku Form). Rather, I mean HASTUR and I mean turning keys, courtesy of the new Car Wars Emergency Kit I've posted on my old CW4th page (which was, as a point of trivia, one of the half-dozen or so pages that comprised the original Blue Room, nine years ago). The file itself isn't much to get excited over (unless, like me, you've worn your old turning keys to soft-cornered tatters), but it's fun to be updating the old page ... Alongside my weekly Uresia campaign, I've also been doing a little Car Wars lately.

I'm Bad You're Good

5/15/06: Because you're still visiting and I'm not being nearly talkative enough! Been keeping up that war against my nagging body-clock, and man it doesn't let up ... This is the longest we've kept me on a normal-people schedule in a very long time, and I keep hoping that if I push harder in a continuous stretch I'll eventually hear some kind of snapping noise and then, bam, I'm a regular daylight person.

Had a very fun night last night, though. Sandra and I were guests of the Lonestar Rollergirls (you'll spot a couple of Cumberland Fontworks designs in their advertising, including one of my favorites from last fall, Ten Ton Ballyhoo). I'd been out to some local roller derby once before (the entirely groovy Texas Rollergirls) but Sandra didn't get to tag along that time, so it was especially fun mixing sweetie-snuggling in with the shouting and ogling and all that. It was a particular pleasure meeting the skater who brought us out there - "Betty Taroll" of the Rhinestone Cowgirls - and we look forward to next week's event, in particular, since we'll get to see her out on the track.

I have no entertaining segue to the Blue Room FAQ, but I've done some new updates to it recently, so there. :)

Sunshine and Snow

4/4/06: There's a new free font to snag from the Fontworks, a fun one but admittedly displaced in time (and space, since the only snow we get in Austin is alphabetical). Snow-topped fonts are usually based on blocky sans-serif poster type, so it was fun crusting a little winter onto Hultog (for the first time since Ring of Thieves)!

Sandra and I have been hammering me back into a daylight schedule and it's refreshing (I'm a bit sleepy, but in a bright-eyed way)! I'm not at all a morning person, but I enjoy trying; it's cool being out the door and pondering the day's projects when so much of the city is still squinting at the alarm clock, hoping it goes away. Maybe there's something to this whole early-to-bed cliché after all. Not sure how long it'll last ... My body-clock and work habits are both stubbornly nocturnal, but I really hope I can keep this stretch going for a good long time; I get a lot more quality-time with Sandra this way, and I feel healthier and more energetic to boot. There's no bad side to it, no tradeoff ... just the vague nagging of my ignorant body-clock, which really should learn to shush.

Uresia Art

3/17/06: In order to expand the art budget on Uresia 2nd Edition without increasing the price of Uresia 2nd Edition, I'm holding a special art budget auction. Wander on in; it's worth a browse, I daresay, even if you're just a casual Uresia fan (or thinking of becoming one).

The Siege of Coatestown

2/20/06: If you're a Uresia fan who grooves on Caravel, I have a new file for you! It's called Coatestown: The Reports of Emissary Orin, and like the previous Caravel premium (the "Tactical Pepper" PDF) you unlock it using your copy of Caravel as a secret decoder ring (Be sure to drink your Ovaltine)! It'll have a permanent home in the files section at the Uresia Mailing List eventually, but for now it's tucked away into this unglamorous little directory, where it sits all cold and shivering waiting for a gamer to take it home. Snag it, and I hope you enjoy it (let me know)! It's about the death of evil ... but not in the way evil usually dies in a fantasy game. You can peek at the map, too, in wallpaper form.

Encounter Critical

2/7/06: For the last couple of weeks I've been super-busy preparing for the public release of a game I published two years ago. Nonsensical? Yeah, it really is. But it's also a bit of fun if you're in the mood for something strange. It's called Encounter Critical and - like Pokéthulhu and Risus - it's part of my stable of free RPG stuff over at Cumberland, now. I wrote it in character as a mythical gamer (and friends) from the late 1970s, and spent as much time dreaming up them and their club as I did the game ... It's hard to sum up. Click, and hope for the best!

In other Cumberland news, I've got Lisa Steele's excellent Fief now available among the Cumberland offerings over at Lulu. Lulu's sucked me in; I've been having a bit of fun with it. I also got the February free font up on time, though I'm only now mentioning it. I'm a naughty Blue Room webmaster! Sigh. Apart from all that, Sandra and I are as cheery as ever ... Austin weather's been chaotic lately (from hot to cold to hot to cold with a lot of wind thrown in) but ... life is good. Hope this finds everyone well!

Ringing it In!

1/1/06: I've been so snowed under with work and holiday stuff lately that I haven't had much to report ... Or rather, I've had extraordinary things to report but haven't actually bothered to report them. This hasn't yet changed, but I figured I should at least pop in and wish everyone a Happy New Year! Sandra and I spent much of it snuggling and chilling and a few brief moments of it hoping that the neighbors' fireworks hadn't set fire to anything important, this proving conclusively that we're officially fogeys (but oh-so-cheerful ones)!

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