The Blue Room
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Sandra and I got ourselves a scanner as a present for our first anniversary, so both of us have naturally taken to putting photos on our websites, now . . . I've created the Photo Gallery as a catch-all, to display and talk about photos that don't really fit the themes of the rest of the site. Now and again, I'll add new photos to the gallery, and remove old ones. Feel free to email me with any comments - I always like to hear from folks who visit the Blue Room!

[Birch Tree Image]

This is a big ol' birch up near Chatham Manor in Fredericksburg, Virginia. Dan Jasman and I used to go up there every now and then to wander the old house and look out over the town.

[Sjohn in 2nd Grade, at Christmas]

A more representative reflection of my attitude. Photography by my Mom, most likely. I'm pretty sure I was in 2nd grade when this was taken. I'm not sure what that is that I'm opening right there, but it looks like I liked it! Note the Star Wars jammies.

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