My Pyramid Run

I was the editor of Pyramid magazine for three months, in the summer and autumn of 1998 (which netted me a nomination, along with Scott Haring, for an Origins award). This page is provided for the reference of fans interested in seeing the "table of contents" for my tenure. This is a list of almost all the work I was editorially responsible for (a few articles I edited appeared after my run), and includes all material presented by Pyramid from August 13th to November 13th, 1998. I had a handful of nice achievements during my brief time aboard, including moving the excellent Suppressed Transmissions column to a weekly format, a complete re-write of the Writer's Guidelines, increased standards in the News features, and a number of swell articles by a pool of very talented writers.

My own "farewell" article, written under the psuedonym "Angela Deacon," remains one of the highest-rated articles in the magazine's history, with not only one of the highest votes, but nearly 4 times the average voter participation at the time the article first appeared. It was a nice way to say goodbye, and was (ironically) a "leftover" concept salvaged from a Pyramid GMing column that I had earlier proposed to editor Scott Haring, who rejected it. Most of these articles are available only to Pyramid subscribers. For information on Pyramid, click here.

Gary Gygax Offers Adventure Gaming "The Way It Used To Be", by S. John Ross - 08/16/98
Less Opinion, More Gaming from the Dragon, by S. John Ross - 08/17/98
For the Record, by Steve Fritz - 08/21/98
Chess, by Kenneth Hite - 08/21/98
Discworld: Unseen University, by Terry Pratchett and Phil Masters - 08/21/98
More material too secret, too terrifying to be included in GURPS Discworld. We know you can handle having a little more light (Octarine!) shed on this venerable place of occult study.
The Seattle/Tacoma Metroplex, by Bill Reed - 08/21/98
Welcome back to the One-and-Twenty, for a trip to the Pacific Northwest of GURPS Cyberworld.
Pyramid Pick: Star Trek, The Next Generation RPG, by Steve Kenson - 08/21/98
Pyramid Pick: The Red Stag Inn, by Ken Walton - 08/21/98
Behind Death's Veil, by Chris Clements - 08/28/98
Not every priest of Morr, Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay's God of Death, is a simple somber cleric. Morr has some fascinating sects with unique roles of their own, that might inspire GMs of any fantasy RPG.
Cat's Toys, by Matthew D. Grau - 08/28/98
Matthew D. Grau shares some new programs for a Cyberpunk 2020 campaign.
The Thing In The Well, by Unknown! - 08/28/98
Le Comte de Saint-Germain, by Kenneth Hite - 08/28/98
Pyramid Pick: Cults Across America, by Steve Fritz - 08/28/98
Pyramid Pick: Hell on Earth, by Steve Kenson - 08/28/98
Third Eye: Slush, by S. John Ross - 08/31/98
Atlas In San Diego, by Steve Fritz - 09/04/98
Pyramid Pick: Carnage, by Paul Lidberg - 09/04/98
Five More Magical Revolutions, by Kenneth Hite - 09/04/98
Pyramid Pick: Run Out The Guns!, by Nicholas HM Caldwell - 09/04/98
INWO World Tour Solitaire, by Robin Parmar - 09/04/98
Any rube with a big enough army can take over the world, but only the Secret Masters can take over the world without anybody knowing about it. This solitaire variant for Illuminati: New World Order can get you one step closer to that perfect goal.
Discworld: Miscellany, by Terry Pratchett and Phil Masters - 09/04/98
From Leonard of Quirm to the obscure language of Oggham, from memorized spells to The Rights of Man, this collection of tasty scraps from GURPS Discworld is the final installment of our series of outtakes. Enjoy!
Murphy's Rules, by John Kovalic - 09/04/98
In Seattle, Things Are Cooler, by S. John Ross - 09/04/98
Pyramid Pick: Lord of the Fries, by Scott Haring - 09/11/98
Up Up And Away, by Kenneth Hite - 09/11/98
Greek Fire: A Time Travel Adventure, by Andrea Sfiligoi - 09/11/98
In the streets of Constantinople, assassins are stalking Kallinikos, the inventor of Greek Fire. Can the heroic agents save him and keep the timestream on course? What will they do when they find out he's already dead?
Pyramid Pick: The Bermuda Triangle, by Scott Haring - 09/11/98
Malaens, by Alexander Shearer - 09/11/98
The Way of the Warrior, by Sean Dugan - 09/11/98
Miniatures made of cardboard are keen (we like them!) but characters should be made of more. Sean Dugan takes us to the movies to examine three quintessential fighters that every player should know about.
Bruno!, by Dan Smith - 09/11/98
White Wolf Cuts Continue, by Gene Seabolt - 09/16/98
R'lyeh On The Net, by Steve Dickie - 09/18/98
Feudal Economies Revisited, by Matt Riggsby - 09/18/98
Back in Pyramid #26, author Matt Riggsby showed us how tricky it was to be a merchant in a low-tech society. Now, he takes us back for a primer on those who could make a buck - those who owned the land.
The Last AH Employee, by Bill Levay - 09/18/98
Written just after Hasbro bought out the Avalon Hill Game Company, this is Bill Levay's personal eulogy for the game company that he loves.
Headlines From A Dark Future, by John W. Baichtal - 09/18/98
GMs in the mood for a random attack on their creative pattern (or anyone looking for a fun read) will enjoy this random-events list designed to keep the streets hot in your dystopian-future RPGS.
The Sky Is Falling, by Kenneth Hite - 09/18/98
Pyramid Pick: Terrain Creations, by Steve Jackson - 09/18/98
Changing Seasons, by Steve Fritz - 09/18/98
Pyramid Interview: James Ernest, by S. John Ross - 09/25/98
The designer of XXXenophile, Kill Dr. Lucky, Give Me The Brain and other great games sat down with us for a dialogue about game design, the dangers of being too original, and his company, Cheapass Games.
Uncle Albert's Auto Stop and Gunnery Shop Online: Sonic Cannon!, by S. John Ross and David Pulver - 09/25/98
The year is 2048, and North America is on the road to recovery. The stink of death still haunts the highways, though, and you need Uncle Al's Ironclad Guarantee (and 15-day limited warranty) if you want to trust your hardware. Just one click and the Online Catalog is ready!
Secrets Of The Elvis Invisibility Diet And Miracle Scenario Generator, by Kenneth Hite - 09/25/98
Mind Craft, by The Unknown Freelancer - 09/25/98
The Power Within: Chi Magic, by Chad Underkoffler - 09/25/98
Magic and cinematic action combine explosively in this GURPS variant. Find magic within yourself . . .
Pyramid Pick: The Way of the Scorpion, by Joe G. Kushner - 09/25/98
FASA Corporation Buys Ral Partha, by S. John Ross - 09/29/98
Make Your Game A Disaster Area, by Kenneth Hite - 10/02/98
Pyramid Pick: The Adventures of Baron Munchausen, by Kenneth Hite - 10/02/98
A Friend In Need, by Phil Masters - 10/02/98
Like cats? Got telepathy? Be careful when you mix the two, as this adventure teaches us. Written for any superhero or horror RPG.
Scraps From the Grave: GURPS Undead Outtakes, by Sean Punch - 10/02/98
Sean "Dr. Kromm" Punch gives us a peek into his rotted, reeking (but probably tasty) brain, to see some bits of GURPS Undead that didn't quite fit.
Secrets of the Ine Givar, by Andrew Moffatt-Vallance - 10/02/98
When one of their bombs takes innocent life, the Ine Givar are portrayed as a ruthless terrorist organization, dedicated to the destruction of the Imperium of the Traveller universe. But what do they really want? Here's one possible answer.
Strat-O-Matic, by Steve Fritz - 10/02/98
The Night Shadow, by Alexander Shearer - 10/02/98
Ultima Online Lawsuit Stumbles, by Gene Seabolt - 10/02/98
Chessex and The Armory Form Alliance, by S. John Ross - 10/02/98
Mirror, rorriM, by Kenneth Hite - 10/09/98
The Missing Window, by Phil Masters - 10/09/98
On the north coast of Cornwall, there is a castle. Old Mrs. Dangerton just died there, of a heart attack. The PCs must track down a ghost story to find out why, in a gothic mystery "of potential interest to mutant superheroes."
I Drank What!? - Pre-Industrial Poisons, by Lisa Steele - 10/09/98
From deadly fish and insects to taste treats like water hemlock and nightshade, Lisa Steele lets us in on the poisons that were killing people long before gunpowder.
Murphy's Rules 10/09/98, by John Kovalic - 10/09/98
Hollow History, by Kenneth Hite - 10/16/98
Good News From Zocchi, by Steve Fritz - 10/16/98
Pyramid Pick: ST:TNG Narrator's Toolkit, by Shawn Lockard - 10/16/98
Parallel Progressions, by Phil Masters - 10/16/98
What happens if you're advancing along the normal Tech Level track, and take a sharp turn? Phil Masters explores some possible alternate technologies.
Nautilus, but Nice, by John Nowak - 10/16/98
In 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea, Jules Verne introduced two things that belong in any Victorian-era adventure: Captain Nemo, and his submarine. Also includes a printable 3-page map of the Nautilus!
Murphy's Rules - 10/16/98, by John Kovalic - 10/16/98
Shadis Magazine Takes a Three-Month Break, by S. John Ross - 10/22/98
On the Whole, I'd Rather Be Invisible: The Philadelphia Experiment, by Kenneth Hite - 10/23/98
The Wizard's Tower, by David Moore - 10/23/98
The Ebon Sorcerer had been a busy man - he'd summoned up imps from hell, made golems of clay, and generally kept very interesting company. Now the old boy's died of heart failure. What will his servants do with the tower? A complete mini-campaign setting for GURPS
Murphy's Rules, by John Kovalic - 10/23/98
The Ugly Hagling, by Timothy J. Turnipseed - 10/23/98
Plots and lies abound in this adventure, rich with opportunities for roleplaying. An angry witch, an indecisive queen, a murderous king, an ugly little girl, and a tarnished hero . . . An innocent village is caught in the middle. Can the PCs save it?
The Brass Pyramid, by Chad Underkoffler - 10/23/98
Pyramid Pick: Hercules & Xena, by Alain Dawson - 10/23/98
Avalanche Press Signs Knizia, by Steve Jackson - 10/27/98
Clio's Nightmares, by Kenneth Hite - 10/30/98
Hero Games, by Steve Fritz - 10/30/98
Firenze!, by Matt Riggsby - 10/30/98
Matt Riggsby is back in the Pyramid with another look at history - but it's not the Middle Ages this time. Firenze! is a complete micro-worldbook for Renaissance Florence! Care to match wits with the Medicis? Now's your chance.
The Name of the Law, by Phil Masters - 10/30/98
From the Bronze Age to the outposts of a dying Galactic Empire, adventurers can run afoul of - or enforce - the law. Phil Masters gives us a look at some of the ways the concept of law can help you make a great game.
Murphy's Rules, by John Kovalic - 10/30/98
Pyramid Pick: Renegades, by Sandy Antunes - 10/30/98
Murphy's Rules, by John Kovalic - 11/06/98
Antarctic Space Nazis, by Kenneth Hite - 11/06/98
Ritual Magic for Mind and Metal, by Jonathan Dale - 11/06/98
This article re-visits the popular magic rules from GURPS Voodoo, with three new paths to explore . . .
Pyramid Pick: The Everlasting, Book of the Light, by Sandy Antunes - 11/06/98
The Githiaskio: An Alien Race for the Traveller Universe, by Phil Masters - 11/06/98
It's probably been months since you last had the pleasure of roleplaying six-foot-long long sapient squid. With stats for GURPS Traveller, Phil Masters does his best to let you live that thrill once more.
Barnes & Noble Buys Ingram, by Steve Jackson - 11/08/98
Magic: The Gathering Gains Official Status In China, by Steve Jackson - 11/10/98
Andon Unlimited Hires New Director, by S. John Ross - 11/12/98
A Conspiratorial Alphabet, by Kenneth Hite - 11/13/98
Opening Moves, by Angela Deacon - 11/13/98
The first session of a roleplaying campaign sets the tone, builds the foundation and plants the seeds that the rest of the game will rely on. Some straightforward, no-holds-barred advice from GM to GM.
The Great Swamp Beast, by Peter Schweighofer - 11/13/98
A modern mystery, a supernatural terror . . . The quiet swamps of Richdale, Connecticut have seen a lot of death over the years, and it's time somebody waded into the dark to stop it. Suitable for Cthulhu Now, GURPS Horror, Conspiracy X, or any other game where modern horror (or weirdness) plays a part.
Five Rings, by Steve Fritz - 11/13/98
Pyramid Pick: Tribe 8, by Edwyn Kumar - 11/13/98
Murphy's Rules, by John Kovalic - 11/13/98
Game Giant Eyes Hobby Market, by Gene Seabolt - 11/16/98

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