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Reviews I've Written

For a time, I wrote reviews for a living in the computer-game industry. To read those; you'll need to scrounge up old issues of Interactive Entertainment and Strategy Plus. I wrote as a staff editor, so I don't have any republishing rights (or any that I'm 100% certain of), and, sadly, they aren't archived anywhere online that I'm aware of. The few reviews included here relate to pen-and-paper gaming (the kind I love the most):

Reviews of My RPG Work

I've included just about any reviews I know of - positive or negative. I exclude reviews only on the following grounds: (A) My portion of the book is too trivial to consider myself a real contributor (Hero Games' Predators, for example, where I only contributed an "in-character" recipe for cannibal chili) and (B) Reviews of multi-author books (like the Revelations Cycle titles or Digital Web 2.0) where the specific review doesn't touch on my contributions. I include reviews where my contributions are noted (even praised and cited) but mistakenly attributed to another (d'oh - two of the Pulp Hero reviews do this).


Finding and choosing the reviews can be tricky because RPG reviews can only cite the credits the reviewer knows of, and RPG credits tend to be a little dodgy. So, please email me if you know of a review I've overlooked! Like most game writers, I have a long history of being both under- and over-credited in both a large handful of books, plus a couple of years worth of White Wolf and Inphobia magazines (where I was frequently credited as a cut-and-pasted holdover from years past). There's even a module out there (published in the 90s by Atlas Games) where I'm credited as a playtester, and I never even knew the module existed until I browsed through it at a used bookstore. Eek.


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