Rapture In Blue: My Sandra Page

When the twilight is gone;

and no songbirds are singing

When the twilight is gone;

you come into my heart.

And here in my heart you will stay

While I pray

My prayer is to linger with you

at the end of the day

in a dream that's divine

My prayer

is a rapture in blue

with the world far away

and your lips close to mine.

- From "My Prayer"

For Sandra, With All My Love

Sandra is my wife, Sandra Ann Ross, and this page is dedicated to her. We've been close friends now, for a long time, and on November 22nd, 1997, we got married! She is everything good in the world; kind and intelligent and warm and caring and giving. She's funny, with a wicked sense of humor and a silly streak a mile wide. I admire her every bit as much as I love her. Just being her friend was an honor; being her husband is even moreso.

Sandra is Canadian, from St. John's, Newfoundland. We met here in the net, and Sandra came a long way so that we could begin our lives together . . . The process of immigration can be a scary one, and if you're going through it right now, feel free to email either of us with questions. We'll do our best to help.

I can't hope to sum up how much I love her in a few words (or even a few hundred thousand words) of text. Suffice it to say that living every day with your best friend is just about the nicest thing there is. I've never known a greater source of happiness, and that's from a fellow who's had a very interesting life. So, this page is for her, to let everybody know. And, years from now, when international couples who've met on the net have lost all their novelty and become commonplace, folks can remember us as one of the pioneers . . . And we'll still be here, together, answering our email. I love you, Sandra.

- S. John Ross

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