"I Squash the Nasty Thing With My Mace!"
A Tiny Terror
by S. John Ross, Copyright © 1999


4. How Ryan O'Bryan's managed to live on in electronic form.
5. The DM can't fool Other Character! Knowing "the Shakespearean bit" about this kind of change, he prods the mineral formation . . .
7. She is one with the streams and the birches.
8. Wrath and fury, and possibly a tendency to wear green.
9. The Aspirants, Ovates and Initiates were, truly.


1. He was famous for western roles (and horror!) long before he played Doc McCoy.
2. Bring up, like arcana.
3. He'd never worked in the private sector.
5. If Other Character was actually Auric Goldfinger, he probably loved their computer games.
6. What Other Character and his friends could afford lots of at the tavern when they got home.

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