Blue Room . . .

This cartoon (Copyright ©1991, 1999 by S. John Ross) originally appeared in #176 of Dragon magazine. It was one of four I submitted, and the only one accepted. "Rutherford" is a reference to Rutherford Stonethrow, an AD&D Halfling played by Dan Jasman (I tried to give the cartoon Rutherford Dan's frustrating grin). The wizard I like to think of as "Tim, the Enchanter," since he has my friend Tim Driscoll's knees. The dwarf is just some dwarf. Rutherford was part of the campaign where I made the crossover from AD&D to GURPS, and was one of the first characters I ever helped cross-translate into the new game.

The Passing Notes Cartoon from Dragon #176

More cartoons (specifically, the Little Cartoon Bastards) to come!

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