Treks Untaken: The Unpublished LUGtrek Work of S. John Ross

I was a member of the Last Unicorn Games "writing pool" during the last year of the company's existence, when their finances faltered entirely. They were eventually purchased by Wizards of the Coast, then later dissolved.

One of the unfortunate consequences is that the work of many writers and developers - myself included - fell through the cracks left by LUG's demise. I've created this corner of my website to present the original drafts - in varying degrees of completion - of all my unpublished LUGtrek work available in electronic form.

  • The Deltans - The rough draft of the Deltan writeup from Final Frontiers, the film-era sourcebook. I was the book's developer. This draft is whimsical in spots, and some of the double-entendres might not have made it past Paramount.
  • The Regulans - The rough draft of the Regulans (read: Caitians, but we weren't allowed to say that) from the same book.
  • Rigel III - Expanded material on Rigel III written for Sky Princes of Orion, the Rigel System sourcebook.
  • Narrating in Klingon - The GMing advice chapter from the much-anticipated Klingon sourcebook.
  • To Serve and Protect: The Security Campaign - The GMing advice chapter from the "redshirt book," Starfleet Security (actually the "yellowjacket" book, since it was for the TNG era, but Security will always be redshirts to me).
  • Mirror Andoria - A brief snippet from Through A Glass Darkly, the Mirror Universe sourcebook (my only contribution to a supplement that would have been thoroughly excellent).
  • Distant Ports Call - The GMing advice chapter from the Merchants & Traders sourcebook for the Deep Space Nine RPG.
  • Exploration for the Narrator - The GMing advice chapter for To Boldly Go, the TNG sourcebook on the exploration theme.

These articles are unfinished and "drafty," but the potential is there, I think. To my knowledge, none of these items were approved by Paramount; these projects were all frozen before the approvals stage. Edited versions of the exploration and Klingon material may have been approved, but the unedited versions are presented here. Some articles have missing sections, missing stats, and missing diagrams due to the incomplete nature of the drafts. If you find these articles interesting, please visit my online venture, Cumberland Games, and see if you find anything you like! Bookmark my main LUGtrek page, too!

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