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Criminally Traditional
A Uresia: Grave of Heaven Adventure
by Timothy Hixon


This adventure is set in the Uresian cosmopolitan city of Shadow River and will involve our intrepid heroes through the political muck of competing Dwarven clans of the Kingdom of Orgalt. Not that they will have any idea about what is going on, but that is the fate of heroes.

The apparent plot is that someone (or group of people) is pitting these two clans against each other by stirring up trouble between them. The truth is far more dangerous and far more tricky to solve.

This adventure was run as the second in a series of games for my group so some of the characters from “The Portals of Eternity” are present in this adventure as well. You will have to modify some elements if you wish to run this as a stand alone adventure.

How do I run this?

The adventure is carved up into a series of Acts, Scenes, Events and Encounters as you might see in any Anime show. These Acts and Scenes should be run in the order they appear to make sense and they make up the meat and bone of the plot. The Events should also be run in the Act they are placed to make any sense, but can actually occur at anytime within or after their respective Act as they are still part of the plot line, but their timing isn't critical enough to for them to be a required scene as sometimes players just don't get all the information available to them until a later time. Encounters can be run at any time and are just listed in the story sequence where I dropped them to add to the adventure, they aren't important to the story, but they do add some plot hooks for later and an interesting twist of events I (as the GM) hadn't planned on in the story's ending which I have since incorrporating in this version. You can add any additional (random) encounters as you see fit to keep your players entertained. I list the Encounters as separate from Events so you can edit them out of the adventure if you wish without affecting the story.

The interpretations of Orgalt clan sstructure and politics are my own, based upon my reading of S. John Ross' descriptions in his book Uresia: Grave of Heaven.

Conventions Adopted

Orgalt Titles: I have taken the liberty to give titles to the clan heads of the Orgalt families in this adventure. Thane is easily replaced with Earl, Clan Chief or whatever you choose to use in your campaign for the Orgalt Kingdom. As I chose to use the title: Thane, this is how the family heads will be referred to throughout this adventure.

Orgalt Names: Based upon my readings, important (well the noble born) dwarves have clan names and common dwarves have common names. So the noble members of a dwarf clan use the clan name as part of their name, whereas the “common” dwarves use lesser familial or descriptive names (Example: John the smith or Bruce of Kent). All clan nobility refer to themselves as either the son or daughter (spelled dottir here) so the head of clan Gurdin becomes Thane Brak Gurdinson and his sister becomes Lena Gurdinsdottir. Despite different names, any dwarf would know they're from the same family and clan. Especially since they all carry credentials that prove who they are.

Cast of Characters

Leiv Borisson

The protagonist and the villain of the story, he is dying of a wasting disease. His political manipulations and social tampering threatens to plunge two rival “royal” clans into a war.

Thane Dreg Borisson

This dwarf, with far too few years under his belt, is intelligent, brave, rash and in love with a forbidden maiden.

Angvald Stonehammer

Dreg Borisson's companion and friend, he is a typical Orgalt dwarf with all the strengths of character and weakness of prejudices one would expect of an Orgaltian dwarf. He hates the Gurdin clan for all the crimes their ancestors have heaped upon his own. He is a good friend, but can he overcome his prejudices in the name of that friendship?

Orim Redbeard

Another of Dreg's friends and companions. Orim is level headed and the best thing to ever happen to Dreg. Orim has been a calm and reasonable voice in the stormy politics of Orgalt for his young Thane. He has in many ways been the father figure to the young Thane that Leiv never was.

Thane Brak Gurdinson

This Orgalt Dwarf noble is a staunch traditionalist who is part villain and part victim in this story. He is an intelligent and capable leader, one of the best for generations within his clan. He is also staunchly behind King Thorvald IV and his policies, his traditionalist views are at the root of this adventure's dilemma.

Oeric Gurdinson

The younger brother to Brak and a hot headed, brash and opinionated dwarf. He is fiercely loyal to his brother and clan in all things. Oeric is as much a traditionalist as his brother, but lacks the skill, temperament and savvy to be a good leader. He prefers to bash heads rather than think through a better solution. If he succeeds his brother as Thane of the clan, there will be bloody clan wars within his reign of power.

Lena Gurdinsdottir

The younger sister to Brak Gurdinson and Oeric.

Vorin Ironblade

A loyal personal bodyguard to Thane Brak Gurdinson.

Baldrik Axehandle

Captain of the bodyguard of the Gurdinson clan Thane. He would die for his Thane and clan before he sees either dishonoured. He takes his responsibilities as the Thane's Captain of the guard very seriously.

Gorik Ironskin - Hunter of the Nameless

A business man in an unpleasant line of work, he is a minor villain who has been tasked with capturing a nameless renegade dwarf and returning him to Thane Brak Gurdinson.

Gram Obel, Bladesmith

See the Uresia source book page 95 for more details.

Ironbrow Vurnsson

See the Uresia source book page 101 for more details.

Falcon Silvermoon - Prince Kalund's Varlett (Bodyguard/Champion)

Part musician and follower of the cult of Lyrica and part sorcerer Falcon cuts a dashing figure. He has become one of the Prince's “Varlets” after encountering the Prince and showing himself to be a competent warrior and spell caster. His musical talents are also useful as the Prince enjoys good music as well.

Prince Kalund Agamo Tonindar (The Demon) - Defender of the Iron Kingdom and the Grand Duke of Harm.

(The catalyst for introducing the players to the adventure)

He is a hulking (7' tall), muscle bound cross between a vampire and a gargoyle in appearance. His mannerisms are that of a sophisticated, hedonistic nobleman with an alcoholism problem. Though he is built like a wrestling superstar, he doesn't behave like one. “Gentlemen do not brawl. They hire others to do their brawling for them.”

The Cat-girl twins (Delia and Delilah).

If you've ever seen Tank Police then you know the Puma sister. That is excellent imagery to start with. These two are constantly bickering and sniping at each other's flaws. But deep down they love each other and will not allow the other to come to harm. They are a terror when they fight as a team.

Delia - Helt Cat-girl Warrior - Prince Kalund's Varlett (Bodyguard/Champion)

“Come here little mouse, I'm hungry” sums up her personality when she's mad. She is an attractive, muscular combat machine with an attitude. She is constantly getting into fights because of her twin sister, whom she is constantly bailing out of jams she gets into.

Delilah - Helt Cat-girl Rogue

Party girl in a feline body is the best description for Delilah. Delilah loves a good time, is constantly poking her nose into places it shouldn't be and then running back to her sister with trouble hot on her heels. She is always chiding her twin sister Delia about her temper. “If it weren't for your temper we wouldn't be wanted for murder, mayhem, piracy, public indecency and kidnapping”. Delilah is a perfect candidate for a player with the girl magnet defect. Her ability to get others in trouble will not extend just to her sister as she will have her “man” to act as her defender as well.

Lieutenant Vernon Tode - Town Guard Lieutenant

A short, frumpy looking man, he is the typical absent minded professor type of character. He is a genius and one of the most competent guard lieutenants in Shadow River. He is actually the personal secretary to the Town Watch Captain and really more of a glorified clerk than a guardsman. He takes his duties seriously and is always trying to root out the agents of evil within the Citadel and the city. He is definitely not a ladies man, but is a perfect guy magnet foil for any female players with that defect.


Common gargoyles trying to make ends meet they are being organized into a union (or gang if you ask some peoples) to try and improve their lot in life. Most of the gargoyles just follow the crowd.

Generic Town Guardsmen & Shadow River Gang Thugs

Red shirts, grunts and cannon fodder. They throw themselves into harms way by the dozens. Usually they come out on the worse end of any fight despite their numbers.

Generic Hunters of the Nameless

Basically an elite form of common Shadow River thug they don't come by the dozen like thugs do, but they still take a beating when outclassed. See the Uresia source book page 105 for more details.

The Storyline

Act One - Labor Negotiations


The players start this adventure in the employ of a foreign prince that has been given asylum in the city of Shadow River. This prince (his name is Kalund) has taken the gargoyles under his wing (figuratively speaking) and is working to improve their lot in life. Currently they are treated as second class citizens and generally thought of as dim witted and lazy. The prince is now heading to the Port Hill docks with the intent of making sure his “people” are given a fair shake in the employment opportunities on the docks. He is aware that the docks are controlled by an underworld boss and has a plan on how to meet with this “gentleman or lady”. He will take in tow his “varlets” to talk with the dockyard bosses and settle this issue “man to man or beast to beast as the case may come”.

Scene One (Pork Hill Docks)


It is a sunny day in the city of Shadow River, the markets are bustling and the streets are filled with the thongs of tourists, merchants and citizens just trying to live their daily lives. This doesn't change much until you hit the Pork Hill District, especially as you near the docks. People watch as the “gargoyle gang” leader walks proudly down the avenues towards the docks. A few shady individuals run off ahead of the procession When the party arrives at the docks there is a throng of thugs blocking their path. The largest of them is a hulking Minotaur who seems to be the leader of this group.


Prince Kalund will address the Minotaur as any gentleman would to another. The Minotaur mostly grunts and snorts his guttural responses. Prince Kalund will introduce himself and state his desire to have the gargoyles allowed to work along the docks as laborers; the Minotaur will grunt a “no”. Kalund will expound on the virtues of the gargoyles as strong, dependable and loyal workers. The Minotaur will chuckle and grunt some insult. At this point Kalund will state that he sees no recourse but to issue a challenge of single combat to settle this point and pointing at one of his varlets (pick a player at random who can actually fight) stating that if the Minotaur can thrash his champion then the matter is settled. If he cannot then the gargoyles are to be allowed to work along the docks.

The gang of thugs will cajole their leader, Herk, to pound the “champion” into the dirt and show these snobs how things work on the docks. Herk will charge the “champion” whether they are ready or not.

GM Notes

Herk will do his best to trash the “champion”. Should Herk win, then Kalund will be somewhat disappointed, but as long as it was a fair fight he will not contest the outcome. If it looks like Herk will lose the fight then have one (or more) of the gang try to interfere (attempting to throw a bottle or other dirty tricks) into the fight to help out Herk.

In addition to anything your players do to counter this bad behavior, Falcon Silvermoon (Convenient NPC if required) will use his Mystic Dart(s) to blast bottles out of the air or club wielding thugs out of the fight. The interfering thugs will quickly back down when they realize they are outgunned (for the moment anyway). If your players don't need his help, then don't have Falcon interfere.

Regardless of the outcome of the fight, Kalund and party will be met by a dwarf who will be introduced to them as Ironbrow Vurnsson. He will invite them to the Vorach Meadhall to talk this evening.

Ironbrow will say “The Minotaurs have been pushing their weight around a bit more than is healthy and need a good lesson anyway”. Kalund will agree to the meeting and then express a desire to have lunch as such contest of arms make him ravenous. This of course takes you to the next scene.

Scene Two (The Tiger Lily Restaraunt)


The Tiger's Lilly is a popular and crowded restaurant. It has a reputation for one of the finest Dreed cooks in the district and for very attractive waitresses; this combination of course makes it Kalund's favorite spot to eat. The restaurant is busy and noisy making conversation difficult.


Kalund will discuss his upcoming meeting in the evening with the Ironbrow Vurnsson and tell his varlets that he will need their escort services again this evening. He does not expect violence but it is always better to be safe than sorry and he would prefer that any such incidents be handled quickly and quietly.

The conversation be interrupted by an argument by two dwarfs sitting at a nearby table and it looks for a moment like they will be coming to blows as each stands and gestures aggressively with hands resting on sheathed weapons. Both dwarfs leave the restaurant (via separate doors) visibly angry with each other.

Kalund will continue his conversation and suggest that they retire to his home to prepare for the evening festivities and that he needs to talk to his tailor about a new set of clothes.

GM Notes

This is an introduction to two characters in the story, but for now brush over the incident as one of many in the restaurant. Kalund is more interested in tonight's meeting, the pretty waitresses and the player's impression of Ironbrow Vurnsson. He's sure there will be trouble and wants to be prepared.

Feel free add any random encounter you wish at this time to spice up the scene. A cute but clumsy waitress turns after taking their order and collides with a flaming pork roast carrying waiter or some shifty eyed fellows looking at the players and whispering to each other over bowls of stew. Red herrings are always excellent GM plot devices.

Scene Three (Kalund's Manor)


The manor still resembles an old haunted house but now it has furnishings befitting its real owner. A pair of gargoyles sit perched on the rooftop acting as guards. The garden is still over grown and badly in need of attention. The house feels creepier than usual for those that have been here before. Those that are new to the manor, it just gives them the willies.


Describe Kalund as he dresses for a formal affair in his finest jewels and clothing. He will nonchalantly discuss tonight's meeting as if it were an affair of state and it will not even occur to him that the Pork Hill district is an inappropriate place for his dress. An astute player should point this out to him, but if you shouldn't have any astute players on hand, have Falcon Silvermoon (The convenient NPC) mention it.

Kalund with send the players on ahead of him as he takes the time to change, he will tell the players that he will take two of the gargoyles with him as escorts, so they need not worry about his safety. He will tell them to act on his behalf until he arrives, but to remember that he is chiefly interested in procuring employment for the gargoyles as dockworkers and not in getting involved in some dock war.

GM Notes

This scene is a miscellaneous role playing opportunity for the players to get to know the NPCs. Remember that Falcon Slvermoon is a follower of the cult of Lyrica and as such will make a quiet prayer to her as the players leave.

Act Two - A Dwarf With No Name

Scene One (Streets on the way to the Vorach Mead Hall)


The journey from the Beacon District through the West Gate district and ultimately to the Pork Hill district should be described in detail as the neighborhoods go from average to bad to worse. The players should be made to feel as if they're going to be jumped by a vampire gang or encounter some other unpleasant situation as they make their way to the mead hall (and it's not even dark yet).


Sprinkle the scene with minor encounters with beggars, prostitutes and other colorful street denizens. Obviously in the more well-to-do neighborhoods it never hurts to have more respectable street encounters.

GM Notes


Scene Two (The Vorach Mead Hall)


The Vorach Mead Hall is covered in the Uresia Sourcebook on page 101.


As the players will arrive ahead of Kalund they will have ample opportunity to get to know Ironbrow Vurnsson and his fellow dwarves. Vurnsson will treat the players as Kalund's envoys and find out what it is that Kalund wants out of the action at the docks. The players will be presented with rather some strong drinks that are popular amongst the dwarves at the hall. They will cajole the players into a friendly drinking contest, which Vurnsson will not discourage, while Vurnsson continues to discuss business with the players.

Kalund will arrive sometime later, more appropriately dressed, and flanked by two of his gargoyle bodyguards. Kalund will take over the negotiations when he arrives; he will happily engage in the drinking contest with the dwarves and will actually drink most of them under the table by evening's end. Vurnsson will be impressed with the prince and will accept his proposal, as he would like to see the Minotaur gangs put in their place.

“They have been pushing their weight around of late and need a reminder of who is in charge”. Kalund however will be totally wasted by the drinking and the gargoyles will have to carry him home leaving the players to make their way back home to Beacon District from Pork Hill. Only now it's dark and there are far too few working street lamps around here.

GM Notes

Another role playing opportunity for your players to feel as if they have a part in the story, so allow them to negotiate anything that's reasonable for your campaign. Remember however that Ironbrow Vurnsson is not interested in having another gang taking over the docks. He is merely interested in having another gang to help offset the power of the Minotaurs who have been causing trouble lately.

The Orgalt drinks are mighty strong by most race's standards so anyone who decides to take on the dwarfs needs to make a body check occasionally. If they fail more than one (they should take at least three) then they will need to find some place to purge and/or pass out. The hang over will be murder in the morning.

Scene Three (In the Alley)


Pork Hill after dark is a very intimidating place as few of the street lights are in working order. As the players are making their way through the dark alleys, feeling as if many eyes are watching them from the shadows, they will come upon on the scene of a battle in a nearby alley. In the darkness three figures are savagely beating a third. The outnumbered figure still manages to send two of them sprawling into the debris of the alley before succumbing to the beating and dropping unconscious.


If your players decide to ignore this encounter they deserve to be bored. The three figures still standing are a dwarf and two humans, though both humans appear to be worse for wear as they staggered back to their feet. A second dwarf lies unconscious upon the ground.

Gorik Ironskin will address the players and carefully asked them “What do you want? “

If challenged Ironskin will produce documents that identify him as a “hunter of the nameless“ and that he is merely taking an undocumented dwarf into custody as is his right.

At least one player should recognize the unconscious dwarf as one of the two who were arguing in the restaurant earlier that day. He looks as if he has been robbed, stripped of his belongings and clothing. Should the players decide to initiate violence the two humans will quickly depart and disappear into the darkness. Ironskin will back down and state that he can always pick the slave up later before he too disappears into the dark alleys that make up this part of Pork Hill.

GM Notes

The players do not know yet but they have just rescued a member of a prestigious dwarf clan. No matter what the players try at this point the battered dwarf will not regain consciousness. They should be encouraged to bring him back to the manor house to recuperate.

Scene Four (The Manor the next morning)


The morning will start with Delia and Delilah engaging in early morning catfight over a dress. They will both go down to breakfast in a huff, each carrying half of what used to be a rather nice dress. They will be uncharacteristically quiet this morning as they glare at each other from across the table. Just picture two hungry cats with a very small can of tuna between them. Best not to disturb them at the moment. The dwarf rescued the night before will stagger in from his room to the sound of the commotion.


The dwarf will introduce himself as Thane Brak Gurdinson and thank them for their intervention on his behalf, since he's pretty sure this is not the Hunter's Hall and he is not being held prisoner. He will briefly ask who his new benefactors are before taking a seat at the table. Brak will be quiet and somber, but he will answer any questions the players have for him and they should have a few by now. Despite his present predicament Brak seems calm and level-headed though his voice does betray some irritation about his current state of affairs.

GM Notes

Gurdinson can give the following information:

He is from Orgalt, he is the leader of a strong and influential clan and is an adviser to King Thorvald IV (mostly true, Brak's on the Council of Thanes anyway). He has come to the city of Shadow River to negotiate in a lucrative trade agreement with a merchant cartel. Only to find out that a rival clan, the Borrissons, had stolen the contract before his arrival. Dreg Borrisson tried to trade the contract in return for some concessions from his family. However Brak refused and they argued (The scene from the restaurant). The last thing he remembers before waking up in the alley is having dinner with his sister in the Orgalt embassy. He woke up in the alley without his credentials or any of his belongings and then was set upon by the hunters of the nameless, almost as soon as he had recovered his senses. They beat him into unconsciousness and then he woke up here.

Brak is aware that without his credentials he is now one of the nameless and therefore considered a slave to his own countrymen. He is not happy with the situation but he accepts it and is now interested in working toward reversing this unfortunate state of affairs. He will offer to reward the players handsomely if they will assist him in returning him to his proper position. He will also inform them that this is not as easy as it sounds. He will recommend they deliver a letter to his sister that he will write for them as she should be able to assist in returning him to his proper place. This will of course require the players to go to the Citadel and lead us into act three.

Act Three - More Questions than Answers

Scene one (At the Citadel Gates)

The Citadel is well described in the Uresia book (Page 90). Add in the ornate gates where the guardsmen standing at attention and you have the scene.


This is another role-playing opportunity with some possibility of conflict if your players are rash. The guards are very uncooperative about letting anyone into the Citadel. They are very suspicious and much more dangerous than the rabble that patrols the city. If the players were involved in the “Portals of Eternity” adventure the players will learn how quickly heroes are forgotten, as the guards will not provide them with access to the citadel. However if the players ask to speak to Lieutenant Tode, then they will be told to wait in a room in the nearby gatehouse. Lieutenant Tode will meet them there and then take them to his office.

If the players have not played in the “Portals of Eternity” adventure and the guards are provoked they will threaten to throw the players in jail for disturbing the peace, this will get the attention of Lieutenant Tode who will ask the players what their problem is. If the players are forthright and tell of the incident of the night before, Tode will take them to his office.

GM Notes

Basically opportunities for the players to role- play out their characters and interact with the environment of Shadow River. It is important that the Tode make an appearance before the players get frustrated and give up.

Scene two (Tode's Office)


Tode's office is a disorganized mass of paper piles and books. You cannot see his desk which holds the majority of the piles. The walls are lined with book cases all filled to overflowing. It looks like a good sneeze would bring the whole thing crashing to the ground.


Another Role-playing opportunity. Lt. Tode will take a seat and have the players take seats as well (his office has some stools in one corner). If the players and Tode have met before he will be friendly and cordial and asks how they have been. If they have not met previously he will be aloof and and again inquire as to what their problem is.

Initially he will find their story to hard to believe as he just saw Gurdinson this morning at a state breakfast in the company of his sister. He will question if they really do have Gurdinson at their residence and ask for a detailed description of “their” dwarf. Once given the description Tode will shake his head slowly and say that matches the description of the dwarf he saw early this morning.

GM Notes

Tode cannot let the players into the citadel as they do not have a legitimate reason to be within the grounds. He will investigate further and see what he can find out about the Gurdinsons within the embassy and pass that information along to the players. In the meantime they should probably do a little bit more investigation of the dwarf who professes to be Gurdinson.

Should the players require it, Tode will inform them that engaging in the trade of slavery in Temphis is exclusive to the church of Galon and therefore a crime. The dwarves of Orgalt are not engaging in the trade of slavery. The hunters have been merely recovering a runaway slave, which by law is not illegal. There is a dwarf in Logantown, who goes by the name of Gram Obel the Bladesmith; who might be able to assist in getting information and perhaps with helping your nameless dwarf. He has a reputation of helping unfortunate dwarfs in need.

Scene three (Blade smith's Studio)


Gram's studio is described on page 95 in the Uresia Sourcebook.


If the players approach Obel during the day while he's busy in his studio, about anything other than buying a blade he will have them return in the evening when he has more time.

Obel will be friendly and listen to the players' story with interest; he will find it humorously ironic that the staunch traditionalist Brak Gurdinson is the victim of his own “criminal traditions” and that “the experience will do him good.“

Obel is concerned that perhaps this is a trap set by the embassy and is reluctant to help. If pressed he will say he will do what he can, but he makes no promises. He does know a fellow who knows some less public methods of entering the citadel if necessary. If there is an impostor within the Orgalt embassy then the front door is not such a good idea.

GM Notes

Use Obel as a means of explaining Orgalt tradition and society to the players if you feel it is necessary. He will try to help, but he is suspicious and does not trust Thane Gurdinson or his family.

Scene Four (Death of Vorin in the streets)


As the players walk through the darkened streets and alleys of Shadow River in the evening they will see a shadow of a stocky man walking quickly in their direction (from a cross street) on a well lit wall. A second shadow will appear quickly from behind and appear to strike the first. The first shadow will turn then collapsed to the ground as the second shadow disappears from the lit wall and be gone before the players can see who it was.


When the players arrive on scene they will find the body of a dwarf who's been stabbed from behind, none of his belongings or his credentials been removed. This appears to have been an intentional murder rather than a robbery attempt.

GM Notes

The dwarf is already dead (by a well placed poisoned blade) so no information can be got from him. A city watch patrol will come by soon after the players reach the body so you should discourage them from rifling through it. Should any of the players know how to read Orgalt credentials they'll discover the identity of the dead dwarf. His name is Vorin Ironblade and he is the personal bodyguard to Thane Gurdinson.

If the players cannot read the credentials this information will be provided to them later. Just treat this as a random act of violence on the dangerous streets of Shadow River for now.

Scene Five (Kalund's Manor)


Lieutenant Tode will arrive around breakfast with some of his findings from his short investigation into the Gurdinson family and the Orgalt embassy.


Lieutenant Tode will arrive in the morning and request to speak to the players, he will of course accept any offers to breakfast as the prince's kitchen provides a much better meal than the barracks does. Lieutenant Tode will be quite surprised at the remarkable similarities between the dwarf who claims to be Gurdinson (the one in the players' care) and the dwarf he's seen at the embassy. They could well be twins he will say.

Tode will also tell the players that Thane Gurdinson had announced a proposed marriage between Thane Dreg Borrisson and his sister Lena Gurdinsdottir at dinner the previous night. This announcement apparently caused quite a commotion within the embassy, but not as much as his collapse during dinner did. Thane Gurdinson is apparently very ill and poison is suspected.

GM Notes

This is informational only, so let the players make of it as they wish. The plot continues whether they intervene or not. Of course the “real” Brak Gurdinson will be alarmed at the news and wish to take some sort of action.

Scene Six (The Hunter's Attack on the Mansion)


Ideally this scene should take place at the mansion the evening after Tode's visit. This is where the players will have resources at their disposal should things go wrong for them during the combat.


As the players prepare for whatever action they're going to take to attempt to remedy the situation within the embassy, the mansion will be assaulted by a group of Orgalt Hunters of the Nameless intent on capturing the renegade slave claiming to be Gurdinson. The assault will be led by Ironskin who will have several of his fellow hunters along to help bring the dwarf down

GM Notes

This scene is primarily a combat situation though the opportunity for role-play still exists especially with Gorik Ironskin as he will happily trade insults and repartee with any players he faces. His primary goal is to apprehend the dwarf who claims to be Gurdinson and take him into custody to be returned to Orgalt as a slave. Ironskin has paperwork issued by the Orgalt embassy signed by Thane Gurdinson himself. Gorik and will surrender before he is in danger of death and if possible he will attempt to flee as will his compatriots if the fight is going badly for them.

Gorik Ironskin will lose a letter (it falls from his pocket) as he retreats from the manor with any his surviving compatriots.. If Gorik Ironskin's killed or knocked unconscious then any larcenous players that rummages through his clothing will find the letter tucked in a pocket. The letter is from an Oeric Gurdinson and commissions him as a mercenary to hunt down all the members of the Borisson clan within the city of Shadow River and return them to Orgalt without their credentials in retribution for his brothers poisoning.

Brak will curse his brother for an arrogant fool and voice the concern of why he came to Shadow River in the first place.

Act Four - The Plans of Mice and Men

Scene one (Fire in the Kitchen)


The kitchen of the Manor.


This scene starts out in the morning with Kalund puttering in the kitchen. He is demonstrating how to cook a gourmet, fish omelet for the attentive Delilah. He will happily chat with whoever is in the kitchen and frequently lose track of what he is doing. He will keep adding in a “dash” of brandy for flavour and then putter off for another ingredient or two from the pantry, all the while keeping up a friendly banter on the state of the weather and other dribble. The end result of his cooking will be a Phoomp sound and a fireball over the stovetop as the copious amounts of brandy he's been absent-mindedly adding to the pan ignites. While any of the players are dealing with the fire, someone will start knocking on the front door. Lieutenant Tode is at the door looking somewhat anxious and says he has some troublesome news to tell.

This morning Lt. Tode heard that the marriage arrangements between the two rival dwarf families, that was all the buzz before Thane Gurdinson's collapse, has been cancelled and he's heard some seriously troubling reports of violence between the dwarf clans already. He has reason to believe that Dreg Borisson's life is in danger.

GM Notes


Scene two (The Bladesmith backs out)


When it rains it pours. A few minutes after Lt. Tode leaves the manor another visitor will arrive at the door. Gram Obel is standing at the door holding an axe.


Gram is here to tell the party that he cannot help them any more. His sources have lead him to believe that the Gurdinson's are weaving some elaborate trap and he has no interest in getting involved with their machinations. He will hand over the axe to Brak as an offering of friendship and because no dwarf should be stripped of his dignity or his ability to defend himself. He will wish Brak well in his quest in regaining his name.

GM Notes

Gram has recently seen Dreg. The two talked for a bit this morning and Gram believes that Dreg is planning on confronting the Gurdinson clan sometime this today. Gram expects that Dreg will head to the Chainmail Bikini first to pick up some of his retainers before going after the Gurdinsons.

Scene three (Dreg's fight with Brak's guards)


An alley way somewhere in the city, basically where ever you decide that the players need to find him.


The player(s) will come upon a deadly serious scene. Dreg is cornered by a superior number of dwarfs (at least one more than the players and Dreg) and is preparing to sell his life dearly. At the moment the players arrive there is a brief accusation session going on. Dreg is being accused of being an assassin and a cowardly poisoner by a dwarf named Baldrik. Dreg will claim that the he is being falsely accused and tell Baldrik to back off or pay the price of crossing his clan.

This is where things start to get messy. Depending on the players interactions several things will happen. The dwarfs will attempt to take Dreg, who though relatively young (for a dwarf) is very good at defending himself. If he is left to his own devices by the (cowardly) party then he will be wounded, but manage to make his escape by killing one dwarf and severely wounding another before making a break for an alley exit.

Luckily if the players get involved and try to talk this conflict out, Baldrik will be willing to listen. Dreg however will take the opportunity to make a break for it; knocking one of his would be attackers to the ground as he does so. Baldrick will order his men to “let Dreg go for now. He'll be easy to find later.”

Baldrik doesn't trust anyone right now and he is determined to find out who is behind his lord's sudden illness. Thane Brak Gurdinson was fine before dinner and then was mysteriously struck down by a wasting malady. Baldrik will not buy any story about the players having the real Brak Gurdinson in their possession.

GM Notes

Baldrik is paranoid and suspicious. He sees plots everywhere and is working to bring his Lord's assassin into custody, so he can determine what is poisoning his Lord and cure him. He is sure that Dreg is behind this whole affair. He's also suspects that Lena or her brother might be the actual perpetrators of the crime, but his loyalty to the clan will not allow him to voice this suspicion yet.

If the players act in a respectful and honorable fashion towards the dwarfs, this will make a good impression on Baldrik. Who will remember them when the he meets them later on during the adventure. If they are rude or dishonorable in their dealings with him (such as violating a non-aggression agreement) this too will be remembered.

Event (Lena goes missing)


In the late afternoon the players will hear the news that Lena Gurdinson has gone missing from her family's compound.


How they hear this information is up to you, Tode is the best vehicles of this information. He doesn't have any information on what happened only that Oeric Gurdinson is in an uproar over her unexplained disappearance and his brother's mysterious illness.

GM Notes

This is an informational and role-playing opportunity. It is perfectly fine if your players are confused as to what is going on.

Event (Dreg goes missing)


It has been a busy day and the evening doesn't look any better. A messenger will come to the door of the manor as the players are relaxing and trying to make sense of the days events. It will turn out to be an associate of Gram Obel's.


The messenger will let the players know that he has heard from friends that Dreg Borisson has gone missing. They suspect foul play since he was supposed to meet friends this evening and he never made it. Rumour has it that he has been taken by renegade Hunters of the Nameless engaged in illegal kidnappings or that Brak has him in a cell somewhere in the Orgalt Embassy. A war is brewing and Gram is hoping the players can work quickly to sort things out, before it gets really ugly. The messenger knows that Dreg's closest friends and clansmen are known to frequent the Chainmail Bikini.

GM Notes

In case your players are lost or foundering, this encounter helps get them back on track.

Encounter (Thief in the market)


The market is full of stalls and merchants hawking their wares. While passing an exotic merchandise shop the players will hear a loud, overweight man with a bulging belt purse berating what appears to be an employee of his. He will exclaim that he is a poor excuse for a salesman. He will finally exclaim “Now watch how I do it.”


Aburgo is an exotic merchandise seller and importer. He is best described as a snake oil salesman. He is very friendly to prospective customers to the point of being obnoxious in his attentions. He will offer to show them the finest aphrodisiac wines from Boru, “guaranteed to get you and your partner in the mood”. If challenged to its authenticity he will offer to demonstrate. A female elf comes into the shop and he immediately goes over to her to discuss how can he help her. She will claim to be looking for a birthday present and Aburgo will offer to have her try some of his best wine, claiming it would make a fine gift. She will agree and take the drink. Aburgo will look knowingly at the players and smile. The elf will lean over to Aburgo and appears to whisper in his ear. Abergo will blush and promises he will meet her there. After she leaves, Abergo will hurry to try and close the sale with the players.

GM Notes

Have the players make mind stat checks after the elf leaves. If they fail don't worry about it. If they pass they will notice that Aburgo's purse is now missing. The elf overheard the earlier conversation as she entered the shop (elves have good hearing after all) and took advantage of the situation to get close to Aburgo and remove his purse from him.

If informed of the theft Aburgo will run out into the market street, followed by his assistant, yelling “thief” and calling for guardsman.

In my adventure the larcenous player character took the opportunity to nick the jar of Boru wine on his way out, since no one was watching the store.

Act Five - Time for Action

Scene One (Dreg's henchmen & the chainmail bikini)


Eventually the players will decide to go to the Chainmail Bikini. This location is described in Uresia: Grave of Heaven on page: 92.


Angvald Stonehammer and Orim Redbeard are in the club enjoying the shows and discussing something they wish to keep to themselves. Even a keen eared critter will not be able to make out their conversation over the din of the raucous crowd of dwarfs.

GM Notes

Events are pretty much up to the players this point. If they sit back and watch the dwarfs, then they will be rewarded with them getting up and leaving after a few minutes.

If they try to engage them in conversation they will be gruff to the point of rude. They don't trust outsiders much.

If they try to get information on Dreg the two will tell the players to mind their own business.

If they tell them about Brak Gurdinson, then they will offer to take him off the player's hands.

Both of them expect everything to be a trap at the moment. In any event they will take their leave as they “have more important business to take care of this evening.”

Encounter (A Rain of Thieves)


A random encounter in the alley way outside the Chainmail Bikini. As the players leave the club (probably on the heels of the two dwarfs) they will hear the sounds of wood splintering and a surprised shriek.


A female elf will come plummeting towards the most convenient male (girl magnet preferred of course). A quick player will catch her as she falls (have them make a body check to do this), a slow player or one that fails the body check will end up in a heap under the the attractive thief from the market encounter in scene four. She will thank the player for breaking her fall and apologizes for the incident. She will get the player's name and give her own as Lorellia and tell him that she can be looked up in the Four Goblets tavern on most afternoons.

If pressed for what she was doing “up there” she will claim to be inspecting the window sills of the buildings and she will also claim to be a building inspector for the city. She will leave as quickly as possible and disappear down an alley.

GM Notes

This is just a nice random encounter and plot hook for the next adventure. This also generated an interesting plot twist later on in the adventure I hadn't anticipated.

Scene Two (Conflict in the alley)


Assuming the players were delayed by the sudden appearance of Lorellia from above, the two dwarfs should have a bit of a head start. This has given them time to run into a few of Baldrik's Dwarfs and a deadly melee has ensued.


This is a street fight with no holds barred. The players can either choose sides or get caught in the crossfire. If the players intervene and manage to do any appreciable damage, Baldrik's dwarfs will beat a hasty retreat. Angvald Stonehammer and Orim Redbeard will be more appreciative and trusting of the party at this point. Angvald will be openly scornful of anything to do with the Gurdinsons and blames them for all the problems in the city. Orim is more rational and willing to offer his assistance and information.

GM Notes

Orim knows that Dreg came here to negotiate a trade agreement with a merchant cartel. When he arrived the deal had already been done and he seemed both surprised and pleased for a time. Then the Gurdinsons arrived and Dreg would take off on his own every couple of nights. Orim doesn't know where Dreg went, but he suspects he was out “carousing.”

He marriage announcement did not appear to be a surprise to Dreg, but after Brak Gurdinson became ill, Dreg became much more sullen. He has no idea where Dreg is nor does he know anything about Lena Gurdinsdottir's disappearance.

Scene Three (The Letter for Baldrik)


Back in Kalund's manor, or whereever and whenever the players do their downtime and debriefs.


Brak will offer to pen a letter for them to take to Baldrik, claiming them as agents of his. He won't be able to press it with his official seal, but that may not be a problem as Baldrik will understand that sometimes you don't want some documents to be “official”. If they can convince Baldrik to come see Brak, then they should be able to sort out this mess and deal with the perpetrators.

GM Notes

It's time to set up the adventure's end sequences. The players need to be given access to the Citadel and the Embassy to meet the villain and try to resolve this situation.

Scene Four (Tode's Escort to Embassy)


The easiest way into the Citadel is to have Tode provide them with an escort.


Lt. Tode is more than willing to help out the players. He is interested in ending this dwarf clan war before it becomes a real problem. So far no one has been killed (as far as he knows anyway) and he would prefer it stayed that way. He will make sure that the players will have an armed escort and that the Orgalt Embassy understands that he expects them to be returned “whole and healthy” from their visit. The dwarf guards on the embassy will be polite, but officious. After they get the players' names they will send for Baldrik who will see the players in a parlor near the entrance. If they give him the letter from Brak then Baldrik will read it and look at the player(s) for a bit. Then say, “very well let's go talk with Thane Gurdinson shall we?”

GM Notes

It was at this moment that my players suddenly saw the flaw in their plan. They hadn't thought about the possibility that Baldrik would think that the Brak they needed to see wasn't the one in the Embassy. They have two options - Run (effectively failing to end the adventure in a positive way) or follow him and meet this person claiming to be “Thane Brak Gurdinson” themselves.

Scene Five (The Confessions of a Dying Dwarf)


Baldrik will lead them into a large antechamber where two other dwarfs are talking to each other. They give suspicious looks at the party and one of them asks “Who are they?”

Baldrik will say that the players are agents for his brother and here to talk with the Thane. The two dwarfs will follow the party to the next room. Here there is a much older looking Brak Gurdinson lying in an ornate bed.


When he sees the players he will say “Good. I've been waiting for you to arrive. Baldrik, wait outside and prevent any unwanted ears from listening in.”

After the door is closed Brak Gurdinson will talk to the players. First he will find out what their motivations are (Why are they helping Brak?) and once he has ascertained that they want to help him regain his name and titles he will continue.

“I am Leiv Borisson, father to Dreg Borison. I haven't much time left so listen carefully. I have made a terrible mistake while trying to help my son. You see I haven't done for him as I should have and in my attempt to do right for him I've made things worse. The fool has fallen in love with Lena Gurdinson and she with him. I fear that the fools have run off to be together, if they get married without their clan's permission then there will be a bloody war.”

“Thane Brak Gurdinson is one of the best leaders his clan has seen for many generations and it would be a catastrophe for his brother to take the mantle of Thane in his place. But that is what will happen when I die, for you see I am Thane Brak Gurdinson to all but you and you cannot prove otherwise.”

“I need you to help prevent this catastrophe from occurring. First you must get Brak to agree to allow the marriage between my son and his sister. This will strengthen the ties between our clans and stop the war that is to come. If he refuses, then remind him that his name dies with me and I am not long in this world. Then you wi;; need to find my son and Brak's sister, Lena, before they ruin both of our clans with their foolish antics.”

“You best hurry and get him to agree to this condition, there is not much time.”

GM Notes

Leiv is being honest. He is dying and he knows that when he dies so does Brak Gurdinson's name. This will effectively seal the fate of both their clans as Leiv knows that Oeric is a hot-headed and self centered individual with ambitions of taking his brother's position of Thane after his death. He would prefer to place Brak back into his position as Thane, but not before he gets a few concessions from him. There is still the problem of how to change positions, but Leiv knows to tackle one obstacle at a time.

Scene Six (Brak Takes the Deal)


Back at the manor.


Brak will listen to what the players have to say. Initially he will be irate at the notion that he has to agree to anything for what is rightfully his. After a few minutes of quietly contemplating the situation he will say that he “has no choice. Leiv is correct in that my name will die with Leiv's passing and then I am truly nameless. I have decided to agree with his condition, but I have one of my own to add. Leiv must die nameless as a wergild for dishonoring me and my clan.”

GM Notes

Leiv will agree to these terms and tell the players to find his son and Lena. He will also hand them a small pendant with a small gem in it.

“This device will show you where my son is. Turn it until the gem glows, and that is the direction you must go. Give him this letter when you find him.” Where upon he provides a signet sealed envelope.

“Second you must provide a miracle. In order for Brak to regain his name and title, I must appear to be healed. Find some place where we can stage a ceremony and arrange to switch places. When he takes my place it will appear as if he was healed and then no one will question his return. I will be waiting.”

Final Act - Conclusion

Scene One (“Rescuing” Dreg and Lena)


The Pork Hill docks where this adventure started. Dreg will be easily tracked down with the pendant. He and a lady dwarf are preparing to take a ship.


The delivery of the letter will be a little stickier than it should be. There are a few disgruntled dock workers who will remember the players from the first encounter. They will stage an attempt to beat the party to a pulp. Use the stats for a generic guardsman. A two to one advantage is about right. If the players are taking the worse of the conflict (which can happen if they roll like I do when I play), then have Dreg step in to help them out. He will also recognize the players from his previous encounter(s) with them.

GM Notes

Dreg will be shaken by the letter, but nod in agreement at it contents. He will inform Lena that they must go back and behave honorably. Dreg will ask the party to excuse them for a minute while he and Lena talk quietly for a bit, before accompanying the party back.

Scene Two (The Miracle of Lyrica)


Any suitable location your players could dredge up. Kalund's manor is easily procured especially if he's been kept appraised of the situation and progress.


A room has been set up to resemble an altar and the dying Thane is placed upon it. A curtain is raised and the “priestess” chants a prayer to (Name of god or goddess here). The clansmen look nervously at each other. Oeric will interrupt telling the priestess to stop the charade he's had enough of it. He will move forward and rip away the curtain to reveal a “healed” Brak. The shock and surprise on Oeric's face is plain to see.

The crowd will murmur in amazement.

GM Notes

The trick here is to get the players to come up with a suitable idea of how to stage this miracle. If your players aren't able to come up with an idea then use Falcon to suggest that have a “priestess of Lyrica” heal him. Then all the party has to do is come up with a suitable priestess. If you party doesn't contain a female player, then any suitable replacement will do. Delia and Delilah are not willing to pretend to be a priestess. “It's bad luck.”

Lorellia (the thief in the market and the alley way encounters) can be used if your players have maintained any kind of contact with her.

Final Scene (The Death of Leiv)


Leiv will die quietly in the next room. He has forestalled this moment with the last of his remaining strength.


GM Notes

The conditions of the agreement require Leiv to be buried without this name. Unless your players wish to violate this agreement, that is what will happen.

Brak will abide by his word and give his permission for his sister to marry Dreg. It will be as grand a ceremony as they can manage here in the Shadow City. The two families will then journey back to their homeland (via separate ships of course) a few days later.

Rogues Gallery

Herk - Minotaur dock worker gang leader

Herk is hulking, dumb and brutish.

Body 7 Mind 7 Soul 7

Health Points 70, Energy Points 70, Shock Value 14, Attack Combat Value 7, Defense Combat Value 5




Features (Fur and Night Vision) -2, Heightened Senses (Smell and Taste) - 2, Jumping - 1, Natural Weapons (Horns and Fangs) - 2, Sixth Sense (Magic and Spirits), Speed - 1, Super Strength (Entire Body) - 1


Awkward - 1, Not so Fast - 1, Unskilled - 1



Game Notes:


Combat Notes

Horns - ACV = 7, Damage = 27 (Charging)/ 19 (Otherwise)

Fangs - ACV = 7, Camage = 19

Fists - ACV = 7, Damage = 17

Thane Brak Gurdinson - Head of the Gurdin Clan (40 points)

Brak is intelligent, resourceful and prone to thinking through even the most stressful of decisions thoroughly. He is dedicated to his clan and his King. He is an impressive looking Dwarf even inhis beaten down state. He is the best leader his clan has had for many generations and is their best chance to reverse the clan's fortunes. Brak is a diplomat and statesman at all times when dealing with the players.

Body 5 Mind 6 Soul 6

Health Points 75, Energy Points 60, Shock Value 15, Attack Combat Value 5, Defense Combat Value 3


Business Management (Clan Finances) - 2, Architecture (Underground Stone Structures) - 1, Law (Orgalt) - 1, Social Sciences (Diplomacy) -1, Writing (Legal Dcouments) - 1, Melee Attack (Axe) - 1, Melee Defence (Axe) - 1


Damn Healthy! - 2, Features (Night Vision, Excellent sense of direction underground) - 2, Aura of Command - 3, Focused Damage (Axe) - 1, Organizational Ties (Kingdom of Orgalt, Clan Leader) - 5





Game Notes:


Combat Notes

Unarmed Combat - ACV = 5, DCV = 3, Damage = 5

Falcon Silvermoon - Prince Kalund's Varlet (Bodyguard/Champion)

Part musician and follower of the cult of Lyrica and part sorcerer, Falcon cuts a dashing figure. He has become one of the Prince's “Varlets” after encountering the Prince and showing himself to be a competent warrior and spell caster. His musical talents are also useful as the Prince enjoys good music as well.

Body 6 Mind 6 Soul 6

Health Points 60, Energy Points 60, Shock Value 12, Attack Combat Value 8, Defense Combat Value 6

Skills: Melee Attack 1 (Sword, 5 points), Melee Defense 1 (Sword, 5 points), Performing Arts 1 (Singing, 2 points), Sleight of Hand 1 (Pickpocketing, 4 points), Stealth 1 (Concealment, 4 points)

Attributes: Appearance Level 3 (3 points), Combat Mastery Level 2 (4 points), Extra Attacks Level 1 (4 points), Focused Damage Level 1 (Melee Attack (sword), 1 point), Heightened Awareness Level 1 (1 point), Kensei Level 2 (Lightning Draw, Precise Strike, 2 points), Magic Level 1 (Fewer Points, 3 points), Personal Gear Level 1 (1 point)

Magic: Environmental Control Level 1 (Light, 1 point), Precognition Level 1 (Cannot Control, 1 point), Sixth Sense level 1 (Detect Magic, 1 point), Special Attack Level 1 (Mystic Dart, 15 damage, 4 points)

Defects: Girl Magnet (1 BP), Easily Distracted (Pretty women, 1 BP)

Equipment: 2 Dozen Gold Coins (Major), Broadsword (Minor), Lockpickets (Minor), Light Armour (Minor), Lute (Minor), Knife (Mundane), Clothes (Mundane).

Game Notes:

Falcon is a convenient NPC for those times when one is called for.

Combat Notes

Broadsword ACV - 10, DCV - 8, Damage - 25

Gorik Ironskin - Hunter of the Nameless (40 points)

Gorik is a solidly built Dwarf of some reputation in the Hunter circle3s. He is a skilled and experienced combattant, though he is starting to slow in his old age. He is a businessman in an unpleasant line of work. He is looking to retire before he gets killed and this has opened the possibility of him accepting bribes and well paying, but shady contracts.

Body 10 Mind 7 Soul 7

Health Points 105, Energy Points 70, Shock Value 21, Attack Combat Value 10, Defense Combat Value 8


Business Management (Bounty Hunter) -1, Urban Tracking (Dwarfs) -1, Writing (Contracts) -1, Melee Attack (Axe) -1, Melee Defense (Shield) - 1, Ranged Defense (Dodge) - 1


Damn Healthy! -2, Features (Night Vision, Excellent sense of direction underground) -2, Focused Damage (Axe) - 2, Combat Mastery -2, Extra Attacks -1, Kensei (Judge Opponent, Blind Fighting) - 2, Organizational Ties (Hunter's Guild)-1, Personal Gear -1


Attack Restriction (Will not kill a slave) - 1, Easily Distracted (Gold) - 1, Not So Fast -1


Suit of Chainmail (Light Armour - 6, Partial, 15 points of damage stopped)

Battle Axe


Reinforced Shield (additional 30 points of damage stopped on some failed defense rolls)

A Touchstone

Game Notes:

Combat Notes

Battle Axe - ACV = 12, Damage = 30

Shield - DCV = 10 (stops additional damage on an 11)

Leiv Borisson (Former head of the Bori clan and former Loreseeker)

Leiv was Thane of his clan until he handed the title to his eldest son and became a member of the Orgalt Loreseekers to better serve his king. He served King Thorvald IV tirelessly in that role until the King ordered the executions of Runi and Vangwalden. Leiv retired as a Loreseeker and returned to his clan to find his only remaining son (now the Thane of the clan) in love with a rival clan chief's sister and preparing to steal away with her in the night. Leiv knew that this course of action that could cause a disastrous war between the two clans. Leiv never the father he should have been to Dreg, decided that his last days would be to try and serve both his remaining son and his clan as best he could. So he hatched a plan ---

Thane Dreg Borisson (Head of the Bori Clan)

This dwarf with far too few years under his belt is intelligent, brave, rash and in love with a forbidden maiden. He has agreed to abide by his fathers plan despite his misgivings, but if given no other hope he will steal his love away in the night and just deal with the consequences.

Gargoyle (35 Points)

A typical gargoyle.

Body 4 Mind 2 Soul 3

Health Points 75, Energy Points 25, Shock Value 15, Attack Combat Value 4, Defense Combat Value 2

Skills: Stealth (Shadows) 1 (4 points), Unarmed Attack (Claws) 2 (8 points), Unarmed Defense (Claws) 2 (8 points)


Combat Mastery 1 (2 points), Damn Healthy! 4 (4points), Heavy Armor 1 (Obvious, 10 damage stopped, 4 points), Natural Weapons 3 (Claws, Fangs, Horn, 3 points), Flight 1 (Glider, 3 points), Stealth 5 (Vision, 5 points), Super-Strength 2 (Entire Body, +20 points close combat damage, 6 points )

Defects: Awkward Size (1BP) Not So Fast (1BP, Marked (2BP), Physically Unappealing (1BP)

Equipment: None

Game Notes:

Combat Notes

Claws ACV = 6, DCV = 4, Damage = 25

Fangs ACV = 6, DCV = 6, Damage = 22

Generic Town Guardsman (15 Points)

Your various thuggish employees of the town's guard force.

Body 4 Mind 4 Soul 4

Health Points 40, Energy Points 40, Shock Value 8, Attack Combat Value 4, Defense Combat Value 2

Skills: Melee Attack (Sword) 1 (5 points), Melee Defense (Sword) 1 (5 points), Military Sciences (Urban) 1 (3 points), Intimidation (Criminals) 1 (4 points), Law (Shadow River) 1 (2 points), Swimming (Shallows) 1 (1 point)


Shield 1 (Stops 15 points if fail DCV by 1, 1 point), Focused Damage 1 (Broadsword, 1 point), Light Armor 3 (Obvious, 7 damage stopped, 3 points)

Defects: Owned by a Duke (1BP), Easily Distracted (Commotion, 1BP)

Equipment: Broadsword

Game Notes: None

Combat Notes

Broadsword ACV = 5, DVC = 3 (4 with shield)

Generic Dwarfs (20 points)

Run of the mill, generic dwarf thugs in the employ of Gorik Ironskin. These also act as generic dwarfs in the employ either of the Thanes.

Body 5 Mind 5 Soul 5

Health Points 70, Energy Points 50, Shock Value 14, Attack Combat Value 5, Defense Combat Value 3


Urban Tracking (Dwarfs) -2, Melee Attack (Axe) -1, Melee Defense (Shield) - 1, Ranged Defense (Dodge) - 1


Damn Healthy! -2, Features (Night Vision, Excellent sense of direction underground) -2, Organizational Ties (Hunter's Guild)-1


Attack Restriction (Will not kill a slave) - 1


Battle Axe

Game Notes:


Combat Notes

Battle Axe - ACV = 7, DCV = 5, Damage = 15

GM's Secrets

Leiv Borison is an accomplished alchemist and has learned to brew a potion that allows him to take the (permanent) form of another. The problem is that Leiv is already dying and the potion only makes his illness more acute (an unforeseen side effect) which is why he collapsed after prolonged use. He has withheld his alchemical knowledge from King Thorvald's Loreseekers believing that this knowledge would be abused by the despotic ruler. It will die with him.

Dreg will give the trade agreement to the Gurdinson clan as the bride price for Lena's hand in marriage.

Plot Hooks

Both clans have reason to remember the players favorably. Maybe there will be other opportunities to get into trouble on their behalf if they ever travel to the Kingdom of Orgalt.


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