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Uresia Articles & Extras by S. John Ross

I enjoy writing about Uresia more than I should ever admit (it's not just a world I publish and support, it's a world I've been campaigning in for years, now) so this list just keeps on growing. Hope you find something you enjoy; there's a bunch!

  • Cartography: A step-by-step "how-to" article demonstrating the most important digital technique used to make the Uresia maps into maps I could be happy with. If you're happy with them, too, and you like fiddling in Photoshop, this little trick will serve you well.
  • Spider Meat (PDF): Giant spiders, mercantile espionage, celebrity chefs and courtly romance collide in this glance at the Boru blacklands and some strange characters you might meet there.
  • Cast From Paradise (PDF): a brief glimpse at the history of Shadow River, from an unusual perspective: patrons who've been banned from Nectar's Garden, the city's beloved Elvish brothel.
  • Scott's Landing (PDF): it's kind of an article about the titular town (down the river from Rogan's Heath), kind of an article about kick-butt magical chimney sweeps, kind of an article about Prince Yoma, kind of an article about Rinden nobility and the stains of the Koval War, and kind of an article about a disease that drives Slimes insane.
  • Toast of the Town: The Saint August series of fantasy adventures are for Risus, specifically, but they're set in heaen's grave, in Rinden. The first of these is currently available, with more on the way.
  • Navigation Map (PDF): A simple graphic tool: a map "gridded" to typical day-travel on land and sea (provided travel is going smoothly which, in fairness, it seldom does).
  • The Uresia Master Index: One index to rule them all, one index to find them. This expanded version of the book's regular index includes all the supplementary material (including the articles on this page, when applicable).
  • My DeviantArt Gallery: If you enjoy Uresia's maps, you can find them in web-friendly and wallpaper form (along with other Uresia images) on DeviantArt, where I'm known (appropriately enough) as "Temphis."
  • Blind Geoffrey's Barberie & Cauterie: This isn't a Uresia article at all, really. It is, however, part of Uresia's origins in some ways; it's one of three such pieces I wrote for CityBook 7: King's River Bridge from Flying Buffalo, and some of the earliest examples of the writing approach I'd later use for Uresia. As far as I'm concerned, Geoff lives somewhere in the Rindenland; if you visit, tell him I said hi!
  • Make Your Own Temphis Runes: This article, over on the Cumberland Games website, is a hidden bonus piece attached to the Temphis Runes font set (the offical rune fonts of Uresia). You don't need the font set to enjoy Make Your Own Temphis Runes, though - it's a crafty technique for making a cool set of physical "runestones" to use as game props, for about the price of a cheap combo meal at Taco Bell.
  • Uresia: Lore & Curiosities: A collection of Uresia freebies (including several of the items above) collected into a single catalogue-item at DriveThruRPG, also available at RPGNow.
  • Uresia: Icarnations: An explanation of the three "flavors" Uresia comes in. Combine all three for a delicious, Neapolitan version!

Game-System Adaptation Notes

Uresia doesn't have just one game system; it has all of them. If you've got notes you'd like to share for your Uresia system of choice, send 'em in!

  • Uresius: Grave of Anything: This adaptation of Uresia to my freebie RPG, Risus, even includes a few sly setting references to add to the stew in the book. Plus, stick-figures!
  • Uresia: OVA: Notes for using Uresia as a ready-to-play gameworld for OVA the Open Versatile Anime Role-Playing Game from Wise Turtle.

Right now, I have just these two adaptations here (and a stray language chart for Hero System) but I hope to have more, someday.

The Elder Archives

The following articles date from the setting's 1st Edition (the BESM2 and BESM d20 versions), and many of them have been absorbed in some form into the current, All-Systems Edition ... but I couldn't bear to just delete them to oblivion (and if you're still using the earlier books, these articles still hold their own)!

  • BESM-Edition Designer's Notes: This is where I drone on and on about the general philosophy, background, and design approach to Grave of Heaven, from the early days when it was a "warm-up project" between David Pulver and I through to the final stages as a finished Guardians of Order title.
  • Troll Hands and Slime Buckets: How many paces to the long stride? How many heads in a bellweight, how many bells in a ton, and does Uresia take this sort of thing seriously, anyway? I'm pretty sure the answer to the last question is a resounding "no," but for a telling look at the rest, proceed at your own risk to this article. A version of this article was included in 2nd Edition.
  • Reeling in the Years: This article begins innocently enough, as a brief look at the Uresian calendar. Want to know what they call the days of the week in Sindra? When Orgalt rings in the New Year? Gotcha covered. But while it's easy to let the time slip by, examining it too closely may open doors best left shut . . . A version of this article was included in 2nd Edition.
  • Mastery: A strategy game played across heaven's grave. Koval and the Dwarves both claim it as their native invention. Orgalt considers it the "puzzle of the ancestors," a game Dwarf kings played before the sky fell. Laöchrians attribute it to a legendary rogue of Laöch, Vulsdon Rhune. Most west-islands Uresians think of it as Kovali, and even in Koval they can't miss the irony that, in Mastery, the darkest forces make the first move. A version of this article was included in 2nd Edition.
  • The Ecology of a Crossover: Uresia's original BESM incarnation was (perhaps appropriately) something of an island in a tiny sea of BESM2 fantasy material. While BESM Dungeon and BESM Fantasy Bestiary were designed to be cross-compatible for classic-dee-and-dee style gaming, Uresia is an anime-style funhouse twist on those classics, so this article will help you get the most out of the Fantasy Bestiary as a BESM Uresia resource (and provide new insights into the world as a bonus)! BESM specific, but groovy.
  • The Geography of a Crossover: What's good for the beast is good for the beast motel! This article is a companion to the one above, providing notes and thoughts on seamlessly integrating BESM Dungeon into BESM campaigns in Heaven's Grave. As before, it was also a handy excuse to slip in some Uresian lore. Groovy, and BESM specific.


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