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New Material by Uresia Gamers Around the World

Here's my page for presenting my favorite characters, adventures, stories and other Uresian creations by the fans. Join the Google+ Community to see where much of the material destined for here may come from. If you have a Uresia-specific creation you'd like to show off here, your best bet is to post it to those places first! Uresia belongs to no one rules system, so these archives are open to submissions using whatever rules you like, or no rules at all.

  • The Uresia Character Archive is exactly what it sounds like, and it's probably the best way to participate in the Fan Archives if you've got a few minutes. Just hammer your favorite Uresia PC or NPC into a readable format and drop me a line! The archive already contains an amusing mix of dwarves and satyrs and pixies and slimes and imps that you can drop easily into your campaign. Good stuff!
  • Gnarl's Gnomes, by Jarrah James, is a cool little take on adding a familiar variety of Gnomes (suitable for use as PCs) to heaven's grave, alongside the more surreal elemental spirits.
  • Two Snowmen Adventure Seeds, by Kelly St. Clair, are short but solid. The Snowmen always seem to raise eyebrows and interest, and Kelly seems to have captured the idea of them very well.
  • Portals of Eternity is a full-length Uresia adventure module by Timothy Hixon, set in the sprawling-and-brawling metropolis of Shadow River and using BESM 2nd rules. Timothy, as you'll discover, takes his submissions very seriously, providing a detailed breakdown of each act and scene, plus a massive slew of ready-made characters you can swipe for other adventures. He also makes a point of weaving in his original additions to the setting while creatively exploiting the established ones.
  • Criminally Traditional is the second Timothy Hixon opus, and includes some recurring elements from Portals. This time, it's a tale of Orgaltish skullduggery and lost standing, and once again Timothy weaves between the elements of Shadow River you've already read about and new material, to good effect. Plus, yet more ready-made characters!

The Winter Anthology

The Uresia Winter Anthology was a creative jam devoted to new Uresia articles for your RPG amusement, with all-new material created by Uresia fans (and me, because I'm one, too):

  • On the Ruins of the Gods by Michael Newton
  • Uresian Deep Tunes by Trevor Romney
  • The Pool of Arnafoura by Paul Stefko
  • A Snowmen Underground Railroad by Javier Gaspoz
  • Unusual Schools of Transformed Magic by Liz Harris
  • Three Dead Gods to Swear At by Aaron Harris
  • Morel the Malignant by Greg Fetzer
  • A Pint-Sized Apothecary by Jon H.
  • The Heresy of the Fourth Daughter by Michael Brewer
  • Mummies by Dan Suptic
  • The Hviskra by Larry Bullock
  • Bohbárís Cold Light by S. John Ross.

If that sounds awesome to you (it should, because it is), download it for free (the Files pocket includes alternate versions for different styles of printing).

Fan-Fiction in Heaven's Grave

Every summer from 2013 to 2016 we organized a Summer Short-Fiction Contest with the Uresia fans on the Mailing List and G+ Community. The result: twenty-one original works of fiction by the fans, for the fans, made of the awesome. You can read them here on the website (below) or click here to download the entire collection in one Adobe Acrobat (PDF) format.

  • Imminent Destruction, by Dan Suptic, took 2nd in the 2016 contest. The King sent a wizard to respond to dire prophecy, and with a bit of math, true heroism ensues.
  • Soft-Boiled, by Jon H., won 1st place in the 2016 contest. Down these mean streets a Slime must go who is not himself a street, but he tastes like one.
  • Pebble in the Pond, by Larry Bullock, took 3rd in the 2016 contest. The Thuriad takes our Mourfa heroine to Naumgard, where magic doesn't flow, but other things might.
  • Ammunition, by Dan Suptic, took 3rd in the 2015 contest. Some soldiers take a moment to wonder: if a Slime volunteers, does that make it okay?
  • Field Trip, by Jon H., took 2nd in the 2015 contest. A group of students learn a little about the Sindran calendar.
  • Slugging Out at Sea, by Bryan Young. A satyr wields powerful magic, and faces powerful ships, but struggles with satisfaction.
  • The Tides in Temphis, by Aaron Harris. A tale of mastery (and Mastery) in a Temphis town called Shadowport.
  • Guarding the Garden, by Michael Brewer, won 1st place in the 2015 contest, with a tale of guardian plants, a guardian elf, and a heedless hero. But what quest would drive someone so?
  • Captivating Music and Quality Entertainment, by Dan Suptic, took 2nd in the 2014 contest, exploring both sides of of a powerful concert.
  • Mislaid Dreams, by Aaron Harris, took 3rd in the 2014 contest. As the title suggests, it provides its own perspective on the matter of dream (and words).
  • Excerpts from a Journal of a Study on the Biology of the Daughters of the Sea, by Jon H., won 1st Place in the 2014 contest. How do the Daughters increase their numbers?
  • Progress, by Larry Bullock, takes us to Temphis, where aggressive endeavor meets aggressive resistance.
  • Sir Henry and the Falling Vernia! by Michael Brewer takes place atop a flying island, with the fate of a city at stake.
  • Late Bloomers, by the estimable Curtis Lyon, took 1st Place in the 2013 contest, and it's not hard to see why: it's witty, irreverent, soaked in Shadow River lore, and about panties.
  • Nothing More Than Feelings (Effin' Dungeons), by Jonas Fredrickson, takes us along on a one-man dungeon crawl, and teaches a few valuable equipment-lessons along the way.
  • Trials, Lessons and Lessons, by Dan Suptic, won 2nd Place in the 2013 competition, by exploring the adventure (and subverted expectations) of a Ballicazar education.
  • Planting a (Dead) Seed, by Judd Goswick, takes us aboard a pirate caravel, where a mariner's fascination with the First Mate's peg-leg leads to necromantic revelation.
  • Keelin Windcrow, by Larry Bullock, is probably the warmest tale of the batch, which is a pleasant irony, seeing as it's a tale of vengeance (and friendship).
  • Working Together in Shadow River, by Peter L. Ward, won 3rd in the 2013 contest by cleverly weaving some major threads of lore into the lives of some able Magical Girls.
  • The Slug Hunt, by Joshua Wolfe, layers both engaging characters and a heavy dose of rapid-fire worldbuilding into a brief tale of alchemists being helped, and fed.
  • The Wizard and the Marvel, by Grandpa Chet Cox, is a salty vignette in which Uresia's greatest mystery is offered an answer, with bicarbonate of soda, and a bit of thunder.

We'll keep the contest going each year for as long as there's interest, and if you ever write some Uresia fanfic because you just feel in the mood, I'd be happy to host it here, too!

Uresia Elsewhere on the Web

Of course, if you have your own webspace, you might probably prefer to present your material yourself! If you know a Uresia-related page that isn't listed here, drop me a line and I'll be very proud to include it.

  • Pech Attar Harbor is a very evocative bit of work by Kenneth Coble, describing a port town well worth visiting. Includes a summary of the setting, BESM templates for character creation, sample characters, magic and more. The Driftwood is a must-use.
  • Three For Adventure is a campaign chronicle, complete with full character writeups and a running journal of events. Better still, it's the kind of Uresia gaming I hear about every now and then and smile BIG at: a whole family gaming together (two of the players are pre-teens)!

With a sad tip of the hat to Gunmetal Dragon, the first of the Uresia fan-sites, now long-gone, swallowed up by the demise of GeoCities.


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