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All characters on this page are Copyright © their original authors, who've granted me permission to share them with the Uresia fan community. I've included some of my own, as well. Enjoy, and if you have a character you'd like to share, post it to the Uresia Mailing List!

Marcus the Archmage (Risus/Uresius, 10 Dice)

Description: Marcus is a young apprentice to a local wizard, just shy of 17 years old. He's a bit tall for his age, and tries his best to look and act 'wizardly'. He dresses in a simple robe adorned with hand-stitched runes, and carries a handwritten book of spells, along with a hunter's bow for emergencies. He tends to be a bit cautious and even a bit introspective, but will happily jump into any conversation about magic.

Clichés: Amazing naturally-talented archer (4) Reasonably decent cook (2) Surprisingly adequate accountant (2) Surprisingly terrible master of the arcane arts (1)

Lucky Shots: [ ] [ ] [ ] [ ] [ ] [ ]

Tale: Ever since he was a young lad growing up in Shadow River, Marcus KNEW he was one day destined for greatness. Magic of all sorts fascinated him, and he vowed early on to become a great archmage, master of arcane arts, and wielder of powers incomprehensible! All the right elements were in place after all - he was born under potent signs and portents (never mind that signs and portents are everywhere in Temphis), he was raised in an orphanage and no one know anything about his parents (a common story to all orphanage-raised children), and he has nightly dreams of casting powerful magic and harnessing occult energies (which just might possibly be caused by his daily daydreams of casting powerful magic and harnessing occult energies).

As soon as he reached working age, he set out immediately to become an apprentice of a local wizard of reasonably high renown. Unfortunately for Marcus, it seemed that a mage's apprenticeship has less to do with 'Learning Magical Secrets' and more to do with 'Cooking the Wizard's Lunch' and 'Balancing the Wizard's Finances'. Marcus did a good enough job at both food preparation and number crunching to keep his job with the wizard, and for him, one of the greatest job benefits is access to the wizard's library of magical tomes.

The library has tomes and books of many different forms of magic across heaven's grave. This would be useful to one already talented in the art of magic, but to Marcus, this mish-mash of arcane knowledge has been a poor resource for teaching oneself. He has a very base knowledge of all forms of magic, but is simply terrible at casting magic himself. Despite this, he still insists on trying, and the few times he's managed to accidentally cast a minor spell has led him to believe he's on the right track. Marcus always addresses himself as an Archmage, and constantly tries to do things by magic, even when completely mundane means would suffice.

Marcus may very well be destined for greatness, but not with magic. Marcus is an excellent archer, combining an almost absurd natural talent with a large store of strong, pure luck. Marcus picked up archery during a camping trip when his master insisted on having a stew requiring meats not currently held in the larder. Even though he had to use an old, half-rotted bow the wizard had on hand, Marcus brought in quite a haul that day. To his constant annoyance, Marcus' close friends insist he give more effort into his archery career instead of his fruitless pursuit of magic. He has been persuaded to enter a few archery tournaments now and then, but he doesn't have any medals or trophies from them (he melts them down for gold to use in alchemical experiments).

by Dan Suptic

Muula (Systemless)

Muula is a Winnowan demon girl, about seventeen years old, of noble upbringing. With her bright green hair, tiny horns, and impressive figure she makes an impression wherever she goes. One of those Winnowan part-demons with very little evil in their attitude, Muula would like nothing more than to find a boy with an enormous libido and tame him to her will -- so they could see the world together, among other things. An adventurer would be just the sort of catch she would crave, especially if he was young, handsome and strong.

She does have one problem in that regard, though -- Muula is a living electric generator. For some unknown reason her body creates a charge of static electricity that is strong enough to get the undivided attention of anyone she touches. If she wants to touch someone without shocking them, she must ground herself first. Evne that isn’t always enough -- Muula’s body creates a charge when she is angry, excited, depressed, or in any other extreme emotional state. The strongest charge of all is when she’s really, really happy. She’s trying to learn other magical and fighting skills to be useful in an adventure, but when she really wants to and can concentrate she can sling a mean lightning bolt.

Although she’s left Winnow behind, her past haunts her on occasion. She did have one boyfriend, briefly, in Winnow -- an alarmingly attractive and even more alarmingly stupid demon boy. His selfishness and mental inadequacies doomed their relationship, but he hasn’t quite gotten the message and still thinks he can win her over.

by Michael Hopcroft

Sir Bractacus Byght, The Mysterious Knight (Risus/Uresius, 10 Dice)

Description: Mysterious Emerald Knight with a booming bass voice. No one has ever seen his face, concealed behind a helmet sculpted to resemble a stately mastiff. Known for his skill at arms, his chivalry, his skill at arms, and his generosity. Sometimes accompanied by a small chihuahua Adlet who acts as his dogsbody.

Clichés: Mysterious Emerald Knight of Renown (5) Armor-Plated Object of Numerous Maidens’ Desires (4) Occasionally Irritating Chihuahua-Adlet In Disguise (2)

Questing Dice: Protecting His Secret Identity [ ][ ][ ][ ][ ]

Hook: Has sworn incompatible Oaths upon his honor

Tale: Sir Bractacus Byght is a well-known Emerald Knight famed for deeds of derring-do, and worshipped by many a bashful maid (and almost as many bashful matrons). No one has ever seen his face, whisper his followers. Rumors abound that he has sworn only to reveal his face to someone who defeats him in honorable combat, or to his true love; others say that his otherwise-handsome features were disfigured by a wizard’s curse, or a wound received from a dishonorable foe, or that to reveal them would result in his death or damnation. Wistful sighs usually accompany these rumors.

In reality, Sir Bractacus is a diminutive Adlet named Yippers, who found and restored an ancient suit of Emerald Armor. Yippers yearned to be an Emerald Knight for many years, and endured mockery and betrayal on the way to his dream. He swore an oath to hunt down and repay his tormentors once he achieved his goal, but when his reward was within his grasp, he realized that to gain his sworn vengeance would be to betray his vows to the Emerald Order. This dilemma drives him to obsession with knightly pursuits, such as slaying monsters, tilting at the lists, and “rescuing” fair damsels (who, more often than not, are in peril by their own doing). He dreads the day that he encounters one of his erstwhile nemeses, whom he forgave long ago, fearing that he will be driven to break one pledge to fulfill another, thus losing all that he holds dear.

Yippers often slips out of the burden of the armor in the guise of “Squire Yippers”, servant to Sir Bractacus. In his true form, he is free to run errands, gather news from taverns and shopkeepers and tradesmen, and do things that “Sir Bractacus” would not otherwise be able to do. Squire Yippers also perpetuates the mystery of Sir Bractacus, deflecting eager maidens and disgruntled rivals that are getting too close to the truth. He is also on guard for any hint that his oath of vengeance is in danger of imminent fulfillment, and thus has time to achieve a strategic exit from the situation before ruin comes to pass.

by Guy Hoyle

Clyde the Holy Slime (BESM 2nd Edition, 40 Points)

Clyde is a giant Holy Slime (Silver Metal Slime) - an enormous, dense mass of silvery goo about the size of pair of mating grizzlies, with large, friendly eyes and no mouth at all. He is a young, awkward slime who spent his entire childhood in his home village in the Celari mountains, being groomed for his position as a village priest. The elders decided, though, that he'd be a better Holy Slime if he saw a little of the world (actually, they were tired of him breaking things), so now he explores Uresia with his friends (who named him "Clyde" because they don't know how to spell his squeaky slime-name).

Body 5 Mind 5 Soul 8

Health Points 65, Energy Points 65, Attack Combat Value 6, Defense Combat Value 4

Attributes: Appearance Level 1 (1 Point, "Cute"), Elasticity Level 2 (2 Points), Focused Damage Level 2 (+10 damage with fangs, 2 Points), Healing ("Love Magic Hug") Level 1 (4 Points), Light Armour Level 3 (7 points of armor; some blows just bounce off or slosh through harmlessly, 3 Points), Natural Weapons (fangs) Level 1 (1 Point), Precognition ("White Slime Trance") Level 2 (4 Points), Regeneration Level 1 (4 Points), Special Movement Level 3 (Balance, Cat-Like, Light-Footed, 3 Points), Telepathy Level 2 (Other telepaths only, 4 Points)

Defects: Awkward (1 BP), Awkward Size (1 BP), Cannot Talk (Can squeak meaningfully, 1 BP), Not So Fast (+2 penalty when quickness matters, 1 BP), No Arms (2 BP)

Equipment: None

Game Notes: Clyde has the powers of both Blue and White Slimes (he can heal up to 20 points of damage per patient per day, and enter a trance to gain glimpses of the future up to twice per game session), as well as the extraordinary resilience and flexibility common to all Slimes.

Combat Notes: Clyde's holy order includes some basic martial training, and his bite is incredibly powerful, delivering 16 damage. Clyde has natural "armour" from being a slime (7 points of damage reduction).

by S. John Ross

Eager Pierre, a Swashbuckling Satyr (BESM 2nd Edition, 40 Points)

Pierre is the son of Elu pirates, but he ran off to land on Sindra a few years ago, eager to explore on his own. He loves drinking, fencing, magic, and trying to have sex with every living thing he encounters. He speaks with an outrageous accent and is fiercely loyal to his companions.

Body 9 Mind 6 Soul 9

Health Points 90, Energy Points 75, Attack Combat Value 9, Defense Combat Value 7

Attributes: Animal Friendship Level 2 (2 Points), Combat Mastery Level 1 (2 Points), Dynamic Sorcery Level 1 (4 Points), Features (fur, night vision) Level 2 (2 Points), Heightened Senses (hearing, smell) Level 2 (2 Points), Item of Power Level 1 (a magic rapier that gets an extra attack each turn, 2 Points), Jumping Level 1 (1 Point), Kensei (Lightning Draw, Chanbara Master, 2 Points), Personal Gear Level 1 (1 Point), Sixth Sense (magic, spirits) Level 2 (2 Points)

Defects: Speciesism (Satyrs must either work to overcome their strong racial reputation, or embrace it: 1 BP), Easily Distracted (wine, women, song, and nearly any other opportunities for hedonism, 2 BP), Physically Unappealing (1 BP).

Equipment: Potion of Invisibility (Major), Potion of Might (Minor, grants a single level of whole-body Super Strength for a minute), Potion of Ghosts (Minor, allows Astral Projection Level 1 for a minute), a painted deck of cards (Minor), a magic rapier (Minor, plus Item of Power enchantment), pan-pipes (Mundane)

Game Notes: Pierre is a well-rounded "jack of all trades" adventurer, handy with a sword and capable of petty magic spells. He uses his magic mostly to impress potential mates (everyone), but also has a small stash of magic potions for emergencies.

Combat Notes: Pierre's magic rapier does 19 damage with a hit, and can attack his foe twice per turn. He uses his Leaping Attack (from Kensei) whenever he has Initiative over his foe, increasing damage by 5 if he hits, or messing up his defenses by 2 if he misses). Pierre has no armour.

by S. John Ross

Peeko, Pixie Mischief Maker (BESM 2nd Edition, 40 Points)

Coming from the forests of eastern Anandriel, Peeko stowed away aboard a Temphisian horse merchant's ship. Naturally the ship was headed for Shadow River. Peeko found herself confronted by a large flea-infested cat. She befuddled the cat and won friendship with a group of scared rats looking to return to Doru Road.

Body 5 Mind 6 Soul 7

Health Points 20, Energy Points 65, Attack Combat Value 6, Defense Combat Value 4

Attributes: Animal Friendship 3 (6 Points), Damn Healthy! 4 (4 Points) Flight, can Hover 1 (4 Points), Gun (Bow) Bunny 2 (Dead Eye, Steady Hand, 2 Points), Highly Skilled 3 (3 Points), Item of Power 1 (Pixie Bow, Drain Energy, Drain Soul, No Damage, Short Range 15 Damage, 2 Points), Personal Gear 1 (1 Point), Shape Change 1 (Can change only self, 2 Points), Stealth 1 (1 Point), Special Attack 1 (Befuddle, Drain Mind, No Damage, Short Range, 30 Damage, 4 Points), Unique Character Attribute 3 (Create Pixie Circle, Any mortal entering makes a Soul Stat check at a +2 penalty, 3 Points)

Skills: Acrobatics 2 (6 Points), Animal Training 3+1 levels from Animal Friendship (6 Points), Archery 1 (5 Points), Cooking 2 (2 points), Navigation 1 (2 Points), Ranged Defense 1 (4 Points), Riding 3 (9 Points), Sleight of Hand 2 (8 Points), Stealth 2 (8 Points)

Defects: Diminutive (3 BP), Phobia: Agoraphobia (1 BP), Vulnerability: Iron (2 BP)

Equipment: Various Shinys as she calls them (trinkets) and a nice set dress.

Game Notes: Creating a Pixie Circle requires that Peeko “borrows” a horse, takes it to a forest clearing and rides it at a gallop 13 times counter-clockwise. This will cause a ring of mushrooms to spring up. The Soul Stat check mentioned is to govern if the mortal will be forced to do what she says- (Which is usually something playful like: “Tell me a story.” or similar). Due to her small size Peeko suffers a +6 penalty on all Body Stat rolls that require lifting, wrestling or lifting objects bigger than rodent size.

Combat Notes: As she is Diminutive divide all physical damage Peeko does by 5. Being small has does some advantages, Peeko is harder to hit with ranged attacks (unless they use Area Effect or Spreading): a +2 penalty

(Character partially inspired by Urd's adventure from “Adventures of the Mini-Goddesses”)

By KiKi

Spaz the Red Slime (BESM 2nd Edition, 40 Points)

Spaz is a small Red Slime who loves food, especially sweets. Humans unfamiliar with Red Slimes named him "Spaz" assuming his speed is the result his fondness for sugar. His childhood home is a village in the Dreed highlands. The village is near a human settlement and young Spaz enjoyed wandering there to 'converse' with the locals and enjoy their food. His love for food caught the attention of the village chef who, seeing a chance to make history, took the young slime as an apprentice. The chef was good to Spaz, who caught on to the art of cooking as well as the art of Food Self Defense. The chef, a warrior earlier in life, had given up his sword for a kitchen.

After his training, Spaz set out into the world. He wants to learn more about cooking and has gone to explore the world for the ultimate recipie. Eventually, he'd like to return to Dreed and be proclaimed one of the great Food Gods.

Body 5 Mind 6 Soul 6

Health Points 55, Energy Points 60, Attack Combat Value 5, Defense Combat Value 3

Attributes: Appearance Level 1 (1 point 'Cute'), Elasticity Level 2 (2 Points), Light Armor Level 3 (3 Points), Natural Weapons Level 1 (1 Point, Fangs), Regeneration Level 1 (4 Points), Special Movement Level 3 (3 Points, Balance, Cat-like, Light Footed), Telepathy Level 2 (4 Points, Other Telepaths only), Speed Level 4 (4 Points), God of Cookery Level 3 (3 Points, Buffet Demon, Portable Kitchen, Food Fighter), Personal Gear Level 2 (2 Point), Highly Skilled Level 1 (1 Point)

Skills: Cooking Level 2 (2 Points, Pastry), Stealth Level 1 (4 Points, Concealment), Ranged Defense Level 2 (8 Points, Personal), Melee Defense Level 1 (5 Points, Kitchen Utensils), Artisan Level 1 (4 Points, Woodworking), Cultural Arts Level 2 (Dreed History)

Defects: Can't Talk (1 BP), No Arms (2 BP), Easily Distracted (2 BP, Sweets), Not So Strong (1 BP)

Equipment: Various cooking utensils, small portable stove, cookbook, assorted ingredients and spices

Game Notes: Spaz has the powers of Red Slimes (Run at speeds up to 100kph), as well as the extraordinary resilience and flexibility common to all Slimes. Spaz - picked on during his youth because of his love for cooking - has learned to avoid combat as much as possible.

Combat Notes: When he must fight, his Speed attribute grants him +2 Initiative. He attacks either his natural bite for 7 damage, or (more often) a handy rolling pin for 10! Spaz has natural "armour" from being a slime (7 points of damage reduction).

by Robert Laib

Osk Thrymgald, Scholar & Runewielder (BESM 2nd Edition, 30 Points)

Osk is a Dwarvish scholar and traveler, and a one-time apprentice of the Runewielders of Hornglass, a sorcerous order of a dozen or so aging Dwarves practicing their arts in the moors west of Manner Rook. Osk was a servant in the Hornglass Tower as a young dwarf, where his ill health and poor constitution didn't prevent him from earning the respect of his elders. These Dwarves didn't care that Osk couldn't swing an axe or tunnel through bare rock; they welcomed his love of scrolls, runes and lore. He lived in the small village surrounding the tower - a mixed community of Dwarves loyal to the wizards, and of several families of Purple Slimes. Many of his friends couldn't talk at all, and that suited Osk fine. He had a lot of time to read.

The chill air of his homeland, though, kept Osk in misery, and he chose not to stay among the Runewielders. Instead, he wanders the world, working to expand his knowledge of it firsthand, and develop his meager mastery of the ancient runes. He came to Shadow River with his last few coins, and has taken lodging in a rat-infested inn in East Corner. He's begun to suspect that the rats are more than they seem, but most important, he's befriended a Slime not unlike - and yet certainly unlike - the Friendly Thunder Slimes he grew up among. He's not sure what he wants from his future, but for now he's content to make the city his home and learn what he can from all the different souls - living and otherwise - he can meet there.

Body 5 Mind 6 Soul 9

Health Points 60, Energy Points 75, Attack Combat Value 6, Defense Combat Value 4

Attributes: Magic Level 3 (12 Points), Features Level 2 (night vision, excellent sense of direction underground), Personal Gear Level 1 (1 Point)

Spells: Flight Level 1 ("Runes of Ascendance," 4 Power Points, Energy and Maintenance), Flunkies Level 1 ("Summon Earthsblood Imp," 1 Power Point, Energy and Maintenance), Forcefield Level 1 ("Runes of Shielding Wind," Static, 4 Power Points, Energy and Maintenance), Healing Level 1 ("Runes of Calm Life," 1 Power Point, Energy and Maintenance), Illusion Level 1 ("Deceptive Rune Finger-Dance," Silent, 6 Power Points, 12 Energy, 6 Maintenance), Insubstantial Level 1 ("The Elder Mist of the Moors," 4 Power Points, Energy and Maintenance), Sixth Sense Level 1 ("Stillness in Life Reveals Lingering Death," detects spiritual presences, 1 Power Point, Energy and Maintenance), Telekinesis Level 1 ("Runes of Kinetic Motivation," 2 Power Points, Energy and Maintenance), Weapon/Special Attack Level 1 ("Mighty Glowing Soul Scream," Accurate Level 2, Extra Energy Level 2, 4 Power Points, 16 Energy Points).

Defects: Easily Distracted (1 BP, old books and arcane scrolls and similar stuff), Inept Combat (2 BP), Not So Strong (1 BP), Not So Tough (1 BP)

Equipment: Tonne Vial (Major), Potion of the Spider (Minor), a good map of Shadow River (Minor), a rune-carved ashen staff (Minor; it isn't noticeably magical), a pack full of mundane camping gear for when he's on the road (Minor), assorted scholarly and esoteric bric-a-brac like writing paper, chalk, incense and scrollcases (Mundane). See page 65 of Grave of Heaven for the potions.

Game Notes: Osk is a very gentle, and not especially healthy, Dwarf. He likes reading, making friends, and discovering things. He's a reasonably powerful sorcerer for a failed apprentice, but he compares his abilities to those of his teachers at Hornglass and considers himself very inept.

Combat Notes: Osk's only useful combat ability is his soul-scream spell, a glowing torrent of spectral runes torn directly from his heart, swirled at an opponent for 15 points of damage. It costs a lot of energy, but it's very reliable (-4 bonus to his Attack Combat Value). Osk wears no armor and doesn't know any armor magic yet, but he can summon protective winds around himself and those allies near him (a Static forcefield stopping 30 damage points). If Osk runs out of energy he'll fight with bare hands if he's cornered, jog away wheezing otherwise. He relies on his friends for physical protection, providing his knowledge and magic in return.

by Daniel Rutherford

Creve, an Earthsblood Imp Flunky (10 Points)

Creve is an "Earthsblood Imp;" a squat demon about half the height of a man, with small stubby wings and deep red, rough skin carved and burned with hundreds of runes. Osk summons him to look into dangerous things, perform menial labor, and so on. Creve has been killed on several occasions. Even Osk isn't sure if he's summoning the same Creve, or one exactly like the old one.

Body 4 Mind 3 Soul 4

Health Points 20, Energy Points 35, Attack Combat Value 3, Defense Combat Value 1

Attributes: Flight Level 1 (Skimmer, 3 Points)

Defects: Inept Combat (1 BP), Not So Strong (1 BP), Not So Tough (2 BP), Phobia (Thunderstorms, 1 BP)

Equipment: None.

Game Notes: Creve can fly, but can't manage much altitude - just a few meters if he works really hard at it. The magic that powers his tiny wings is bound to the blood of the earth, and fades quickly as he heads skyward.

Combat Notes: Creve is a faithful servant, but he'd flap screaming from an offer to thumb-wrestle, let alone fight.

by Daniel Rutherford

Kaze the Air Spirit (BESM 2nd Edition, 30 Points)

Kaze was originally summoned some twelve years ago as a servant for a young lady name Miki who was attending Madame Ona's School for Girls. There he learned to harness powers of the wind and lived happily. But that was not to last. Shortly after Graduation, Miki was killed when an out of control carriage crashed into her while crossing the Street. Kaze-being an Air Elemental-was completely unharmed by the event being. But he was left traumatized by seeing whom he viewed as "Mother" die right in front of him. For about the next ten years he stayed at the school hanging around with the ladies. As he matured he became aware of the fairer sex and grew bolder. Until one day Madame Ona kicked him out for impersonating "Steam" in the girls' bath. She sucked him up in the Fireplace's Bellows and but him in a bottle and left it on the street.

Body 3 Mind 4 Soul 5

Health Points 40, Energy Points 45, Attack Combat Value 4,

Defense Combat Value 2

Attributes: Flight 2 (4pt cost), Incorporeal 1 (gaseous), Invisibility 2 (5pt cost, vision only), Life Support 2 (made of air, doesn't need to breath), Shape Change 2 (Has Unique defect as he cannot change colour or texture/he always looks cloudlike), Sixth Sense 1 (can detect living beings within 5 metres by sensing their breath), Special Defense 2 (aging/magical beings don't age).

Defects: Ageism 1 (he is only 13 years old), Diminished Sense 1 (has no taste since he has no tongue), Easily Distracted 1 (Cute Girls), Marked 2 (Kaze is made of clouds, is kinda hard to miss), Not-So-Strong 1 (being made of clouds doesn't offer much muscle mass), Phobia 1 (Bellows), Reoccurring Nightmares (death of Mother), Unique Defect: Vacuum Imprisonment 2.

Equipment: None

Game Notes: Kaze is a showboater, a free spirit (no pun intended) who just wants two things in life: to have fun and to have fun with the ladies. Unfortunately he's yet to learn how to impress someone without being, well, dumb. He isn't rude but he lacks tack. Kaze's only real long term goal is to someday journey to Yem and see if he cannot make a snowman of his mother and talk to her one last time.

Combat Notes: Kaze has little to offer in the way of combat. He wasn't meant to fight when Miki originally summoned him. This doesn't mean he is useless. Kaze will often dissipate himself (turn invisible) then form a cloud over an enemy's head to blind them.

by Benjamin M. Sharef

Ferocious Squeet the Iron Terror Slime (BESM 2nd Edition, 30 Points)

Squeet is an Iron Slime, a kindly, bubbly slime who just wants to be a ferocious, world-renowned, Hero-monster; unfortunately he's had a run of bad luck in his travels and ended up in the streets of Shadow River. He sees himself as a dashing slime gleaming mightily from which evil trembles. He is however; a slime and his attempts to be fearsome come off as cute, almost cuddly.

Body 5 Mind 3 Soul 4

Health Points 45, Energy Points 35, Attack Combat Value 4, Defense Combat Value 2

Attributes: Appearance Level 1 (1 Point, "Cute"), Elasticity Level 2 (2 Points), Light Armour Level 3 (7 points of armor; some blows just bounce off or slosh through harmlessly, 3 Points), Natural Weapons (fangs) Level 1 (1 Point), Regeneration Level 1 (4 Points), Special Movement Level 3 (Balance, Cat-Like, Light-Footed, 3 Points), Telepathy Level 2 (Other telepaths only, 4 Points), Size Change: Growth (Level 4), Speed Level 4.

Defects: Cannot Talk (Can squeak meaningfully, 1 BP),1 BP), No Arms (2 BP), Attack Restriction (Women, Children) -2, Unique Defect (Wrong Place Wrong Time - Ferocious Squeet is nearly always wondering into trouble of the wrong time, he cannot seem to avoid landing himself in thing or being in the wrong place at the Wrong Time--he is the one to be seen leaving the seen of a crime, even if he arrived after the hubbub is over), Nemesis (Watch Captain 2 ), having been seen leaving the scene of aforementioned crimes not once but on several occasions Squeet is being actively hunted as a "bad slime" never mind his innocence and desire to be a hero, his luck just dictates "he appear guilty" and Jacobius Went, Captain of the Watch, is hunting him down to see him pay for his crimes! (Went is notorious for his Speciesism towards slimes...as well. Note: Other watch captains have no evidence and don't actively hunt him)

Equipment: Ferocious Squeet currently has no notable possessions other than a small carving of a vicious beast he cuddles with at night when no one is looking.

Game Notes: Squeet has the powers of Red and Purple slimes, in edition to being heroically self-sacrificing and fearsome in a way only a fast, slime who can grow to inordinate size can be.

Combat Notes: Squeet relies on his mass and speed to strike with a number of fearsome body blows and "head butts" although not the finest combatant he is learning .He relies on his squishiness to protect him-7 points of armor, and relies on his bite (+2 points damage)

by Sidhain

Silver (Frost Elf) (BESM 2nd Edition, 40 Points)

Silver is a little bit of an aberration (as seems to be a recurring theme in my game), she is an elf but she is trapped in a body of snow. She is currently looking for an answer to her dilemma in the southern parts of Yem. She is finding her new body a little hard to deal with, now that she cannot talk dealing with people is something she does not like doing.

Body 7 Mind 6 Soul 6

Health Points 75, Energy Points 60, Attack Combat Value 8, Defense Combat Value 6

Attributes: Animal Friendship Level 1 (1 Point), Appearance Level 3 (3 Points), Combat Mastery Level 2 (4 Points), Damn Healthy! Level 1 (1 Point, this effectively cancels Not So Tough defect), Features Level 3 (Longevity, Night vision, Can conceal stuff, 3 Points) Focused Damage Level 2 (+10 damage with Bladed Staff, 2 Points), Heightened Senses Level 1 (Hearing, 1 Point), Highly Skilled Level 2 (2 points), Item of Power Level 1 (Cooled Sleeping Bag, 2 Points), Jumping Level 1 (1 Point), Kensei Level 2 Precise Stroke, Two Weapons, 2 Points), Life Support Level 1 (1 point), Personal Gear Level 1 (1 Point), Sixth Sense Level 2 (Detect Magic, Sense Spirits, 2 Points), Special Attack Level 1 (4 Points) "Frostbite Grip" 15 damage, Burning, Drain Body, Penetrating (Armour), Melee, Uses Energy, Special Movement Level 1 (Light-footed , 1 Point).

Skills: Acrobatics 2 (6 Points), Animal Training 0 (+1 level from Animal Friendship), Intimidation 1 (4 Points), Melee Attack 2 (10 Points), Melee Defense 1 (5 points), Ranged Defense 1 (4 Points), Military Sciences 1 (3 Points), Stealth 2 (8 Points).

Defects: Bane (Temperatures above freezing, need not touch the character. Does 6 damage per round, 2 BP), Cannot Talk (2 BP), Marked (Frozen Elf, 2 BP), Vulnerability (Fire and Heat do double damage, 2 BP), Speciesism (Beautiful Ice Spectre, 1 BP), Skeleton in the Closet (Does not know who she was, 1 BP)

Equipment: Cooled Sleeping Bag (Environmental Control Level 1 (Temperature Decrease only), Healing Level 1). Sword Staff (Major Item), treat as a Bladed staff that can be split into two (long)swords.

Game Notes: Due to her predicament Silver wanders Yem trying to find out what happened to her. She communicates by scribing runes into the snow. She is generally caring and quite naïve.

Combat Notes: Silver fights in an unusual style; she first attacks with the bladed staff and when her opponents are close in she will split her weapon and attack with the two halves. She does a total of 27 Damage with the Bladed staff and 17 Damage with the Long swords.

Credit to the artist that inspired me to bring life into Silver in my game: Mikael Sundberg, you can find his work on Elfwood. Yeah, he named and gave the look to the character but I gave the Uresia spin to her. ^_^

by KiKi

Taenarel, Duandralin Warrior (BESM 2nd Edition, 40 Points)

Tae, is a gentle soul, chosen by a Guardian Demon of Birah for his contemplative ways, the Maned Lord sought a student of his wisdom, and his fearsome power--so he chose the least likely candidate among those the Elfin elders put forth. To the Maned Lord's pleasure he found his student by far one of the best at following his orders, fearlessly, quietly and often without question. The truth is Tae prefers to avoid blood letting, but knows he must defend his Lord's rules, and the Wild Pact or his home is in grave danger. He is pleased that the Maned Lord has asked what he sees so little a sacrifice. Sent on tasks across Uresia the Maned Lord seems to seek knowledge--perhaps of spreading his rule, or perhaps the fate of his many lost wives--only he knows the truth of the tasks he sets his servant to do.

Taenarel is a handsome elf with wild untamed hair that hangs very long down his back. He moves mostly around barefoot, donning footwear rarely. A strange birthmark in the form of a red band marks him across his eyes looking much like mask.

Body 5 Mind 6 Soul 6

Health Points 55, Energy Points 60, Attack Combat Value 7, Defense Combat Value 5

Attributes: Elf: Appearance Level 3 (3 points), Animal Friendship 1 (1 point), Features (Longevity, 1 point), Heightened Senses Level 1 (Hearing, 1 point), Jumping Level 1 (1 Point), Sixth Sense Level 1 (1 point "Magic"), Special Movement Level 1 (Light-Footed, 1 point), Combat Mastery Level 1 (2 points), Extra Attacks Level 2 (8 points), Focussed Damage Level 2 (Open Handed Claw Swipe, 2 points), Highly Skilled Level 2 (2 Points), Heightened Awareness Level 1 (2 Points), Magic Level 4 (16 points)

Skills: Unarmed Attack (Claw Strikes) Level 2 (8 points), Unarmed Defense Level 2 (8 points-Strikes), Ranged Defense (Dodge) Level 1 (4 points), Stealth Level 2 (8 points), Swimming Level 3 (3 points), Wilderness Survival (Forests) Level 1 (3 points), Wilderness Tracking (People) Level 2 (6 points)

Spells: Jumping (Pounce the Prey to be Devoured Kata) Level 2 (2 points), Invisibility (Stalking through the Long Grass Kata) Level 1 (5 points), Natural Weapons Claws (Gift of the Guardians) Level 1 (1 point), Regeneration Level 3 (Cannot Regenerate strikes by Demons or Beast) "Mindful of the Beast within Meditation Stance" Level 3 (9 points), Speed (Fleetness of Hoof, Paw, and Predator-75kph) Level 3 (3 Points), Roar ("Primal Scream of the Demon" ) Attack Level 4 (No Damage, Limited Shots 1,Soul Attack, Area Effect, Soul Drain,20 points)

Defects: Not So Tough (-1 point), Attack Restriction (Cannot Attack Animals or Beasts; -1 Point),Owned by Demon (-2 points), Magical Restriction (Must use powers to serve the Wild Pact, -1 Point), Marked (Birthmark around eyes-crimson "bandit mask",-2 points)

Equipment:None of note, he does carry a letter of mark from his lord.

Game Notes: Tae goes around un shod, and often will run on all fours instead of his hind legs (without hindering his speed), Tae is introspective and quite, but has a deep sense of subtle humor.

Combat Notes: Tae is a master of bestial hand to hand fighting, he lashes out with terrible speed, and ferocity. He does not wear armor and finds it uncomfortable. His favored strike is a leaping pounce using his claws (15 points of damage)

by Sidhain

Shinriji Akechi, Warrior-Exorcist (BESM 2nd Edition, 40 Points)

Even at his young age of 22, Shin is a famous warrior, master of many of the world's martial arts. Born into a band of demon-slayers, he was brought into a monkish sect of warrior-exorcists after his family was slain by the demon-dragon Kurotsuki no Oniryu. As it fell, the demon cursed him: Slowly he will transform into the demon's new host-body. Thus far, the curse has made him appear albino, and an ever-growing image of the coiled dragon grows on his back, a constant reminder of his fate.

Despite his curse, Shin has grown into a friendly and handsome young man under the tutelage of the monks (who were never able to get him to sit long enough to complete his exorcism training). His kind nature has won him the affections of his long-time friend, Rin; a girl whom he grew up with. Though their feelings are mutual, the pair has yet to admit their love for one another, espescially since Shin's best friend, the noble monk Ichiro Kusanagi, recently turned against the order, stealing an ancient staff from the monastary. Shin has vowed to return the staff to the monks; along with Ichiro, whom he believes to be influenced by Kurotsuki.

Shin has joined in an unsteady partnership with Taenarel the Duandralin Elf, each of them walking a similar path. But will Shin be able to exorcise the demon's soul in time to save himself from becoming it's puppet? Will his impulsive nature get Tae killed along with him? Will the women ever quit tempting him before he gets back to Rin?! Only time will tell.

Body 7 Mind 5 Soul 6

Health Points 75, Energy Points 55, Attack Combat Value 9, Defense Combat Value 7

Attributes: Personal Gear level 1 (1), Appearance level 4 (4), Combat Mastery level 3 (6), Damn Healthy! level 1 (1), Extra Attacks level 1 (4), Highly skilled level 2 (2), Jumping level 1 (1), Kensei level 7 (7), Massive Damage level 3 (6), Exorcism level 2 (2).

Defects: Attack restriction level 2 (children) Easily Distracted level 2 (direct challenges), Girl Magnet level 2, Nemesis level 1 (Kurotsuki and Ichiro), Cursed level 1, recurring nightmares level 1, S.O. (Rin) level 1, Skeleton in the closet (the true nature of his curse) level 2

Equipment: Dashing good looks, light gray kung fu outfit embroidered with the symbols of his school, various hidden weapons.

Game Notes: Shin never speaks of his curse to anyone but Rin and Ichiro (and neither of them know of it's extent). Instead, he tries to forget his fears with an outgoing personality. His success in his field has made him cocky, though he has always had Rin and Ichiro to guide him. Now without them by his side, He gets himself into even more trouble than before, and has a hard time turning down the ladies...

Combat Notes: Though he usually resists using his martial arts until challenged (see his easily distracted defect, above), Shin is deadly in combat. His mastery of every known weapon (including his bare hands) grants him a considerable 15 extra points of damage per hit, for a total of 24 unarmed and 34 when using his more powerful weapons. Shin never wears armor.

by Esteban Garcia

Barnacle Bob (Risus: The Anything RPG, 10 Dice)

Clichés: Singing Pirate (4); Wildly Improvisational Taven Brawler (3); Ex-Member of Thorny Cove Repertory Theatre (3); Impersonator of Long-Lost Royalty (2)

Hook: Occasionally recognized as fraud by family of long-lost aristocrats he impersonated; still has nightmares about his days as a cabin boy

Tale: Barnacle Bob's early childhood prepared him for two things he would excel in later on in life: pretending to be someone else, and fleeing for his life. He was often mistaken for someone else, particularly various missing members of various ruling families. He was very happy to encourage the mistake, which did not endear him to his newfound "family" when they inevitably realized the mistake. So Bob learned early on that making a hasty retreat was often the better part of valor.

Bob's misadventures soon led him to a life in the theater, where he began to broaden his performing skills. He particularly loved musical theater, and soon found himself a member of the Thorny Cove Repertory Theater, where almost all the plays were about pirates (Thorny Cove being a community founded and populated by ex-pirates). There were pirate musicals, pirate tragedies, pirate comedies, pirate operas, and pirate ballets (co-produced by the Thorny Cove Pegleg Ballet Company).

Bob's past caught up with him again when a patron of the arts recognized him as the pretender to the throne of a Kovali arch-dukedom, which caused Bob to flee for his life in the first available ship. Unfortunately, the ship was a pirate ship, and Bob had two choces: walk the plank, or serve as cabin boy. To this day, Bob has nightmares about his stint as the cabin boy of the "Scuttlefish". However, he soon won the crew over with his wide knowledge of pirate songs, and his one-man version of such Thorny Cove faves as "Seven Whores for Seven Pirates", "Kiss Me, Mate", and "Damn Pirates!". Within a year, Barnacle Bob (as he was christened after an unfortunate keelhauling incident) had won his place in the "Scuttlefish" crew and was accepted as a full-fledged pirate (and leader of their Saturday-night choral ensemble).

by Guy Hoyle

Shara (Malefa) Rosefield - Magical Princess Inferna (BESM 2nd Edition, 40 Points)

Shara is a fifteen-year-old Winnowite demonspawn that appears quite human with medium-length straight blue hair, yellow eyes, and tan skin. Originally from Locolona, Winnow, her parents sent her with her aunt and uncle, Clarisse and Thomas Rosefield, to Shadow River when she was six. This was to protect her from any coming conflicts involving the demon population of Winnow. Her parents, Taukel and Andrea Malefa, are still alive but elected to stay in Winnow to oppose King Slanc in whatever way they can. She has just graduated from Madame Ona's School for Girls and is starting her career as Magical Princess Inferna, though she does work as a kitchen assistant at Gottle House to help things out with her relatives financially.

As Magical Princess Inferna, she runs around the streets of Shadow River in a red dress with black trim, an obsidian brooch, and black stockings, a black costume mask, and a silver tiara. Her weapon of choice is a toy wand with an inverted star at the end, and she can summon a pet hellpup named Sooty. Her magical attacks include a smoke cloud to confuse the criminals she targets, and her Infernal Hot Seat will give those targets a taste of Hellfire in the hopes of setting them straight before they wind up in the real thing.

Outwardly, Shara is a bubbly teenager, eager to help others and more than a bit taken by whatever tales of The Owl she comes across. However, she tries to keep her demonspawn heritage, along with whatever else might be weighing on her heart at the time, a secret from most others. For the most part, she's successful, but anyone who's gone to school at Madame Ona's with her knows her secret (summoning hellpups instead of cute talking cats and rodents tends to be a dead giveaway).

That time proved to be quite discomforting, as there was another Winnowite in her class, a human noble girl named Elyssa Halda sent by King Slanc's court to train as a combination magical girl and demon hunter. She had been chosen through a highly publicized (in Winnow, anyway) campaign and was to be an unwitting part of the King's plot to turn the kingdom against itself. However, Elyssa slowly began to see the truth about demons and demonspawn, and the process has left her somewhat confused. For her part, Shara genuinely wants to like Elyssa, as she's one of the few Winnowites in her age group that she knows, and tries to extend her hand in friendship whenever possible. She's had some progress in that regard over the two years at Madame Ona's, but she can also sense the confusion and conflict within Elyssa.

Many of the regulars at Gottle House know Shara's secret as well, sharing the same secret themselves. They've been quite accepting of her working in the kitchen and often have encouraging words for the girl. However, they've expressed their dismay at Shara's attempts at friendship with Elyssa, having heard the stories from their homeland, and they have some genuine concern as to how well Elyssa keeps secrets when she returns to Winnow.

However, what weighs on Shara's heart more than her being a demonspawn is the increasingly unknowable status of her parents. Growing up, she and her relatives have received letters from them on a regular basis. Unfortunately, the frequency at which they've come has dropped off noticeably, and the letters have become increasingly vague. Despite the constant warnings of her aunt and uncle not to return to Winnow, Shara finds herself considering the journey more and more, despite the risks.

Body 8 Mind 7 Soul 9

Health Points 95, Energy Points 80, Attack Combat Value 9, Defense Combat Value 7

Attributes: Appearance Level 2 (2 Points), Art of Distraction Level 1 (1 Points), Combat Mastery Level 1 (2 Points), Damn Healthy! Level 1 (1 Point), Divine (Infernal) Relationship Level 1 (1 Points), God of Cookery Level 1 (Ability: Lightning Chef, 1 Point), Magic Level 2 (8 Points), Personal Gear Level 1 (1 Point)

Magic Attributes: Transmutation Level 1 (Normal Clothes to Battle Outfit, 1 Point), Battle Outfit (Light Armor) Level 1 (1 Point), Infernal Hot Seat (Weapon Attack) Level 2 (Burning, Short Range, 8 Points), Infernal Smoke Cloud (Weapon Attack) Level 1 (Irritant, Spreading, No Damage, Toxic, 4 Points), Personal Gear Level 1 (1 Point), Servant (A hellpup named "Sooty") Level 5 (Irreplaceable, 5 Points)

Defects: Skeleton in the Closet (Her demonspawn nature 1 BP)

Equipment: (Normal) Major: Kitchen; Minor: Cloth Armor (Travelling Clothes), Map of Winnow, Dagger, Utensils (Magical Girl) Major: Library of Common Demonology; Minor: Wand/Club, Costume Mask, Whip, Grappling Hook

Sooty (Shara's Hellpup)

A small black puppy that might appear to be a Doberman, but has yellow glowing eyes and puffs of smoke can be seen coming from his mouth. He's very eager and loyal to Shara and helps her out on her anti-crime sprees. However, it wouldn't be wise of her to keep him summoned for too long, for his "accidents" can be quite damaging to whatever property he lays them on.

Body 4 Mind 3 Soul 4

Health Points 40 Energy Points 35 Attack Combat Value 3 Defense Combat Value 1

Attributes: Heightened Senses Level 2 (Hearing, Smell, 2 Points), Natural Weapons Level 2 (Fangs, Claws, 2 Points), Insubstantial Level 4 (Can switch between solid and incorporeal form at will, 16 Points), Speed Level 1 (1 Point)

Defects: Bane Level 1 (Holy Objects, 1BP), Bane Level 2 (Sunlight, 2BP), Cannot Speak Level 1 (1BP), Marked Level 2 (Hellhound pup, 2 BP), Rudimentary Manipulation Level 1 (1BP)

Combat Notes: As a graduate of Madame Ona's, Shara's hand-to-hand fighting style is just plain dirty and she'll use whatever means she can to take down an opponent. When using her powers as a magical girl, she'll first obscure the area around her opponent(s) using the Infernal Smoke Cloud. Afterwards, she'll quite naturally aim one of her Infernal Hot Seats towards their hind quarters in an effort to give them enough of a taste of hellfire to turn them away from the real thing at the end of their life. If that isn't enough to knock them out of action, she'll follow up with either hand-to-hand or a good old wand to the head.

by Peter L. Ward

Und'lor the Lizardfolk Shaman (BESM 2nd Edition, 35 Points)

Und'lor is a massive Helitish lizardman with golden yellow eyes and absolutely no hair. He is a young man who is dedicated to learning as much of the natural world as he can. He felt that he could learn much about magic and nature if he traveled and now explores the world and adventures with a small group of companions.

Body 5 Mind 6 Soul 7

Health Points 60 Energy Points 65 Attack Combat Value 6 Defense Combat Value 4

Attributes: Features Level 1 (Night Vision, 1 Point), Heightened Senses Level 2 (Smell, Vision, 2 Points), Light Armour Level 2 (2 points), Jumping Level 1 (1 Point), Magic Level 2 (20 Magic Points, 8 Points) Natural Weapons Level 2 (Claws, Fangs, 2 Points), Personal Gear Level 1 (1 point), Sixth Sense Level 2 (2 Points), Speed Level 1 (1 Point), Water Speed Level 2 (needs air, 2 Points)

Spells: Animal Friendship Level 2 (2 Points) Environmental Control Level 2 (Weather, 4 Points), Healing Level 2 (8 Points), Special Attack Level 1 (Nature's Wrath)(15 damage, Tangle, No Damage, 4 Points), Stealth Level 2 (Silent Movement, 2 Points)

Defects: Attack Restriction (Can Only Attack in Self Defense, 1 BP) Awkward Size (1 BP), Marked (2 BP)

Equipment: Spear Staff, Bag of Magical Components, Dried Fish, Healing Herbs, Sun Stick (A Heltish plant that creates light without heat, used as a torch)

Game Notes: Und'lor is very dedicated to healing and preserving the natural world. Having heard of the atrocities committed against nature by the Koval Empire, he has little patience for people from that realm. On the other hand he finds great kinship with Anandriel elves. He senses that there is something wrong with Birah elves but cannot quite place it.

Combat Notes: Und'lor will never engage in direct combat unless he is attacked first. However he does not see the use of magic as combat because it does not do anyone actual harm, only inconvenience. His Nature's Wrath spell cause his opponent to become entangle by fast growing vines.

by David Fryer

Elyssa Halda - Angelic Warrior Astra (BESM 2nd Edition, 40 Points)

Elyssa is a fifteen-year-old human with wavy strawberry-blonde hair, grey eyes, and a rosy complexion. She is a member of a minor Winnow noble family, and was sent by King Slanc's court to Shadow River to attend Madame Ona's School for Girls. This was part of a highly publicized campaign by the Winnow government to choose a girl to train up as a magical demon huntress and be an inspiration to the people as part of Winnow's growing battle against demons infiltrating that land. Having lost her mother to a demon before her eyes at the age of seven, Elyssa was naturally attracted to such a competition. She proved to be popular with the crowds during the competition, and King Slanc himself chose her to be the perfect girl for his purposes.

Shortly after her victory, Elyssa journeyed to Shadow River and was enrolled at Madame Ona's. Being of nobility, she found it difficult to fit completely in with a group of people with widely varying backgrounds, particularly those from the lower classes. However, there was one girl in particular who rubbed her the wrong way. As much as Shara Rosefield, a fellow Winnowite, tried to be friends with her, Elyssa put up a wall between them using snide remarks and snobby behavior.

Elyssa didn't even suspect her of being demonspawn until later on, when Shara began to show a predilection towards flame and smoke spells, and eventually summoning a hellhound puppy as a mascot. The revelation gave Elyssa a solid reason for hating Shara outright. This hatred fueled an open, if one-sided, war between the two girls during their first year, until an exam mishap put Elyssa's life at risk. The fact that it was Shara who had saved her life left Elyssa in a state of confusion. Why would a demon, which had no business being a magical girl in the first place, save her life when it was her mission to hunt down and destroy them?

Slowly over their second year, Elyssa took it upon herself to get to know Shara and demons in general, and learned that a lot of what she had been told about demons was a lie. Sure, there were terrible ones like the one that had brutally killed her mother years before, but she found that most demons were much like ordinary people, just wanting to live decent lives in the world that they had been summoned into. By the time their schooling was over, Elyssa and Shara had become close friends, and that left Elyssa with a very sticky situation. She had been chosen to be a demon huntress, and now she found herself unable and unwilling to do so. Instead, she had questions that needed answers, and resolved to find those answers upon her return to Winnow.

Elyssa's magical girl identity is Angelic Warrior Astra. Her battle outfit consists of a pink pleated dress with white trim, white stockings and boots, and a golden costume mask. Like most other magical girls, she wields a wand, which resembles a scepter with a cross at the end, and is accompanied by a talking pet cat named Aria. Her magical attacks include a magical flare of sunlight, and a halo that can immobilize her opponents.

Unknown to Elyssa, or any living member of her family for that matter, is the fact that she herself has a small amount of demon blood in her veins. For all intents and purposes, she's human, but if one traced far enough back on her family tree will find a demon on her mother's side. While the demon blood is thin enough at this point to have no effect, it could prove to be a liability if the wrong people learned of this fact.

Body 6 Mind 9 Soul 9

Health Points 75, Energy Points 90, Attack Combat Value 9, Defense Combat Value 7

Attributes: Appearance Level 2 (2 Points), Art of Distraction Level 2 (2 Points), Combat Mastery Level 1 (2 Points), Magic Level 2 (8 Points), Organisational Ties Level 2 (Winnow Nobility, 2 Points), Personal Gear Level 1 (1 Point)

Magic Attributes: Transmutation Level 1 (Normal Clothes to Battle Outfit, 1 Point), Battle Outfit (Light Armor) Level 1 (1 Point), Personal Gear Level 1 (1 Point), Servant (A white cat named "Aria") Level 3 (Irreplaceable, 3 Points), Angelic Holy Light (Weapon Attack) Level 1 (Area Effect, Flare, No Damage, Short Range, 4 Points), Angelic Halo Capture (Weapon Attack) Level 2 (Tangle, Slow, 8 Points), Angelic Holy Shield Level 2 (2 Points)

Defects: Skeleton in the Closet (Unaware of demon blood in her family tree, 1 BP)

Equipment: (Normal) Major: Horse; Minor: Book on Demons, Deck of Cards,
Longbow, 24 Silver Chains
(Magical Girl) Major: Potion of the Warrior; Minor: Wand/Club, Costume Mask,
Short Sword, Holy Symbol

Aria: A white cat that, other than her coloration, resembles a Siamese in both appearance and temperament. She's quite snooty and opinionated, and does not hesitate to use her vocal abilities to express her sentiments. Aria fights by Elyssa's side, but occasionally questions the girl's loyalty to King Slanc and the anti-demon cause championed by Winnow's leader and his court. This becomes more and more the case as Elyssa becomes friends with Shara, causing a growing rift between magical girl and mascot.

Body 3 Mind 4 Soul 5
Health Points 40 Energy Points 45 Attack Combat Value 4 Defense Combat Value 2
Attributes: Heightened Senses Level 2 (Hearing, Smell, 2 Points), Natural Weapons Level 2 (Fangs, Claws, 2 Points) Defects: Rudimentary Manipulation Level 1 (1BP)

Combat Notes: Like any other graduate of Madame Ona's School for Girls, Elyssa can certainly fight dirty should the need arise. Early into a battle, she'll use her Angelic Holy Light to blind those around her, and it has the same effects as sunlight for those vulnerable to it. Her other attack, the Angelic Halo Capture, is better suited for immobilizing her opponents rather than for eliminating them outright. Since she has to throw it like a discus, it's a bit slow to use compared to other magical girl powers, but when prisoners are needed, it's the best tool for that purpose.

by Peter L. Ward

Mik Ronda (BESM 2nd Edition, 40 Points)

Mik Ronda is a 17-year-old satyr who's widely traveled, having wandered through several locations in Uresia since barely escaping the dragon siege of Coatestown by way of a sunken ship. His travels took him from Celar (where he had washed ashore), through the Rindenland, the Elu Islands, Sindra, Dreed, and eventually to Shadow River, where he's currently staying for the moment.

However, his stay at Shadow River may not be for much longer. As a wanderer, Mik has made his way through life as a thief, and necessity has honed his skills as well as given him incentive to improve his running abilities as well as his agility. Being a satyr, Mik combined his need to steal money and goods with his desire to steal panties from cute girls and lovely women, thus making matters worse for him when dealing with the local authorities. Pushing things even further, he's heard tales of The Owl soon after his arrival in Shadow River, and is now under the delusion that he can be just as dashing as the infamous thief. Unfortunately for him, he's earned a rather more repulsive reputation instead.

He's picked up several abilities as well as items of interest during his travels. He's learned to be sneakier as well as developing a gourmand's tongue. Not only is he a discerning eater, he's also a fast and voracious one as well, having learned early on to quite literally eat on the run as well as packing away as much as he can when given the chance. Also, he stumbled across an instant camera and a large supply of film that somehow managed to cross the dimensional barriers like a lot of other things in Uresia. While not realizing immediately the value of such an item, he has since found it useful for taking naughty pictures of his female victims while they're asleep. He certainly hit the jackpot during an all-too-brief visit to Madame Ona's School for Girls, though he paid for his photography and panty thieving in a painful manner (the photos are still quite safe, however). Heaven help him if any of his victims should stumble across his pictures of them one day-

Body 9 Mind 6 Soul 7

Health Points 80, Energy Points 65, Attack Combat Value 7, Defense Combat Value 5

Attributes: Animal Friendship Level 3 (3 Points), Features Level 2 (Fur, Night Vision, 2 Points), God of Cookery Level 4 (Buffet Demon, Connoiseur, Food Fighter, Gustatory Focus, 4 Points), Heightened Awareness Level 2 (2 Points), Heightened Senses Level 2 (Hearing, Smell, 2 Points), Jumping Level 2 (2 Points), Personal Gear Level 1 (1 Point), Sixth Sense Level 2 (Magic, Spirits), Special Movement Level 1 (Balance, 1 Point), Speed Level 1 (1 Point), Stealth Level 3 (Hearing, 3 Points)

Defects: Easily Distracted Level 2 (Wine, Women, & Song, 2BP), Physically Unappealing Level 1 (1BP), Speciesism Level 1 (Embraces Racial Reputation, 1BP), Wanted Level 1 (1BP)

Equipment: Major: Instant Camera with Film Packs; Minor: Grappling Hook, lockpicks, Painted Deck of Cards, Full Camping Gear

Combat Notes: Like any other self-preserving thief, Mik will run from the scene of any combat if he's able to. If trapped into one however, he's good at improvising weapons, including using food items.

by Peter L. Ward

Ginsu the Keen (Risus: The Anything RPG, 10 Dice)

Description: Ginsu the Keen, a Dreed gourmand who roams the world in search of the ultimate dining experience, defending himself with a bewildering variety of cutlery.

Clichés: Roving Buffet Demon (4), Avid but Haunted Connoisseur of the Culinary Arts (4), Well-Armed Cutlery-Wielding Blade-Flinging Martial Artist (4)

Hook: Once tasted the best food in the world in a dream, now tormented to roam the world in search of it.

Tale: Ginsu the Keen grew up in the fragrant bread-baking district in Jubilation, one of Dreed's city-states. He was an enthusiastic participant in many of the cooking contests of Dreed, a taste-tester in some of the finest kitchens in the land. Once, however, he succumbed to temptation, and accepted a bribe during a crucial bake-off, and his vote delivered the verdict into the hands of an unworthy chef. Guilt-ridden, the gourmand dreamed one night that he was visited by the Arbiters, who served him up a banquet fit for the gods. In the dream, he tasted the very best food in all of Uresia. He could not eat enough of it. Ginsu woke up with the memory of the food on his tatsebuds, and feathers from his half-devoured pillow in his mouth. Suddenly and permanently ravenous, he knew that he would never be sated by the taste of ordinary food. He must search all of Uresia if need be in search of the elusive dish that he tasted in dreams that night. Ginsu is always armed with cutlery which he pilfers, borrows, or buys from whatever land he is in, and he has learned to use it both defensively and offensively in the mean streets of whatever town he finds himself in.

by Guy Hoyle

Doctor Vanislas Reikan, Dwarven Mad Scientist (BESM 2nd Edition, 40 Points)

This stocky, older dwarf from Orgalt has always been somewhat eccentric. From a young age, he preferred taking apart and redesigning his tin toys rather than playing at mock battles with his friends. Determined to see the world, he applied to the Orgalt order of loreseekers with hopes of getting away from his isolated homeland and coming into his own. He did when he finally reached the land of Celar and studied under one mentor after another, soon surpassing them all. He was given an invitation to one of Celar's pre-eminant engineering institutes and graduated with honors, ready to tackle the biggest and noisiest projects placed before him.

For years, Vanislas worked building various fighting contraptions for the rowdy and insatiable Celar nobility. He found money and fame, but little satisfaction. His one dream was to create a caravel that could sail the skies and keep its passengers safe from flaming arrow attacks below. His dream was realized in the Vernia Raider, a skyship built from his loving blueprints and financed by Princess Vanya.

When the ship was completed, Vanya revealed her plan to use the skyship for her own purposes. When a call for lusty adventuring types was issued, Doctor Reikan volunteered his services, unwilling to let his precious Vernia Raider out of his sight.

Unfortunately his sight isn't what it once was and neither is his hearing. Years of peering at detailed blueprints and working in noisy forges has diminished his senses to the point where he only gets by with help from thick spectacles and a hearing cone. Even with these aids, he'll often respond with a mad-lib interpretation of what's been said in his presence or simply, "Eh? What was that sonny? Speak up, will ya!"

Body 3 Mind 6 Soul 4

Health Points 55, Energy Points 50, Attack Combat Value 4, Defense Combat Value 2, Shock Value 11

Attributes: Art of Distraction (befuddle with complex mechanics and technobabble, 1 Point), Divine Relationship (1 Point), Mechanical Genius (Level 6, 12 Points), Personal Gear (2 Points), Highly Skilled (3 Points), Damn Healthy! (2 Points), Features (night vision, excellent sense of direction underground, 2 Points), Organizational Ties (Orgaltish Order, 1 Point), Item of Power (Flame-Spout Nozzle connected to Backpack & Harness, Level 3, 6 Points), Own A Big Mecha (the Vernia Raider, Level 1, 4 Points)

Skills: Artisan (Metalworking, Level 2, 8 SP), Boating (Airship, Level 1, 3 SP), Demolitions (Artificial Structures, Level 3, 9 SP), Driving (Steamwagon, Mecha, Level 2, 5 SP), Mechanics (Steamworks, Clockworks, Level 6, 13 SP, +3 Levels from Mechanical Genius), Navigation (Sea, Air, Level 1, 3 SP), Physical Sciences (Astrology, Physics, Level 6, 7 SP), Writing (Technical, Level 2, 2 SP)

Defects: Awkward (1 BP), Easily Distracted (steamworks and clockwork technology, 1 BP), Physically Unappealing (old coot, 1 BP), Sensory Impairment (short-sighted, uses spectacles, 1 BP), Sensory Impairment (hard of hearing, 1 BP), Significant Other (the Vernia Raider, 2 BP)

Equipment: Workshop (Major), Library of books about engineering (Major), spectacles (Minor), hearing cone (Minor), gas mask (Minor), map of vernia "orbits" (Minor), map of northern Uresia (Minor), map of southern Uresia (Minor), map of eastern Uresia (Minor), map of western Uresia (Minor)

Game Notes: Reikan's Mechanical Genius Attribute allows him to redesign and re-assign Mecha Points and Item of Power points for mechanical devices freely, at the GM's discretion. This means that the Vernia Raider can be modified and upgraded throughout the course of the adventure and the flamethrower can be "put away" between sessions so that Reikan can showcase his latest gizmo next time!

Combat Notes: Reikan is more of a support character than one who participates in direct combat. If you find yourself playing a campaign where everyone is required to hold their own, think of replacing the Item of Power with a clockwork man "servant" or "henchman."

Reikan's Flame-Spewing Nozzle and Harness

Level 3 Item of Power

Doctor Reikan is still testing this contraption, which certain elements of the Koval military would love to use to burn through Birah foliage and elves alike.

The harness is insulated against fire using a cumbersome heat-distributing alchemical solution sloshing around in thin rubber tubes worn about the body (Light Armour, Optimized vs. Heat, Obvious, 4 damage stopped, Level 1). It comes equipped with a pair of smoked goggles (Special Defense vs. sudden light, Level 2) which help shield the operator's eyes from the bright flames that the nozzle's spout projects (Weapon Attack Level 3: 45 Damage, Inaccurate, Low Penetration, Short Range, Fast Burning, Spreading, Auto-Fire).

The Vernia Raider (15 Mecha Points)

The Vernia Raider is a true marvel of engineering genius, though Doctor Reikan loves his creation perhaps a bit too much.

The main carriage is made up of light-as-air feathersteel taken from the Ransaa ruins, and a magnificent steam engine powers huge brass gearwork turbines that turn four rearward-facing screws, or propellers. Excess steam from the coal-burning is pumped through shiny welded piping running through the length of the ship, providing comfortable heat even in the heart of winter or the most snow-shrouded mountain peaks at the turn of a few simple (as Reikan would explain it) valves.

The heat is also used to heat the elaborate compartmentalized air bag lashed to the carriage with a netting of elvin rope, providing lift to the vessel. Those bags are in-turn made of silken canvas made and enchanted by Boru craftsmen and enchanted with powerful wards against fire by a troll shaman who claimed (and was probably lying) to have stolen the technique from the Charcoal Kings.

Health Points 120

Mecha Attributes: Extra Capacity (4 MP), Extra Endurance (2 MP), Flight (can hover, 4 MP), Toughness (Level 4, 16 MP), Heavy Armour (20 damage stopped, obvious, partial armour: does not cover gas bag, 6 MP), Accessories (rope ladder, heated cabins, 2 MP), Light Armour (14 damage stopped, optimized: fire, partial no armour: only covers gas bag, 1 MP)

Mecha Defects: Crew Requirement (5 crew including pilot and coal-shoveller, 2 BP), Exposed Occupants (complete exposure on deck, but complete coverage below-decks, 1 BP), Noisy (louder near boilers and propellers, 1 BP), Poor Manoeuvrability (2 BP), Start-Up Time (1 BP), Wind Powered (1 BP), No Arms (2 BP), Awkward Size (3 BP), Restricted Ground Movement (no ground movement, 2 BP)

by RedFox Whiteruff

Princess Lespu Vanya, Secretive Supervisor (BESM 2nd Edition, 40 Points)

Mina Vulkar grew up in the savage urban jungle (literally!) of Laughingwater. She was especially favored by She Who Chitters In The Dark, one of the Primal One's demonic avatars in the form of a bloated rat, and learned many survival gifts from it in her youth. Eventually, however, she grew up to be a stunningly beautiful elf maiden and thus She Who Chitters In The Dark turned on her pet with hungry fangs and eager claws.

Mina wanted none of that and so left her homeland of Birah after first appropriating a sizeable fortune from the current figurehead ruler of the city.

She Who Chitters was not amused and called a hunt for the young elvin maid. Her Duandralin magics were not revoked, however. Instead, She Who Chitters struck Mira with a horrible curse, twisting her demonic gifts to corrupt her form. She is marked with the scaly tail of a rat, which she keeps hidden in her clothes, and for the three nights of the full moon each month, she is transformed against her will into the form of a tiny rat. Thus, paradoxically, Mira is terrified of rats due to her fear of She Who Chitters In The Dark, yet she herself is a wererat and Duandralin mage who calls upon the demonic animal powers of that creature.

Mina changed her appearance with the help of a Boru sorceress, but has been unable to find a cure for her curse. She hopes to make a friend of the Syndra academies somehow and make discrete inquiries about her predicament, but until then she is left pursuing the one rumour she has heard that may help her: The ancient ruins of the elvin goddess of magic and beauty may be hidden in the fog shrouded peaks of the Urthul vernia. In there she may recover magics that could save her.

To that end, she has sponsored the Vernia adVenturers Venture (the VVV!) company under guise of simple greed.

Her current cover identity to avoid the hunters of Birah is that of Princess Lespu Vanya. She styles herself as a haughty heiress from a far off elvish island with an interest in the bottom line. She studiously takes notes of all Venture operations on a clipboard, takes incriminating photographs of misconduct that she can later use to justify docking plunder shares with, and generally makes herself as annoying, bitchy, and unapproachable as possible in hopes that others won't get close enough to uncover her secrets.

It is operating under this identity that has drawn the enmity of the surly Minotaur known as Bantu the Brave, and his Band of Dangerous Deep-Delvers. A rival adventure-for-profit company that has thus far specialized in exploring down, not up, they clashed with the Venture company several months ago over rights to a ruin in the Troll-land mountains. There are sure to be more encounters with that rowdy bunch in the future, and Mina feigns hatred of Bantu and his pack... though secretly she's near fallen head-over-heels for the super-masculine adventurer.

Body 6 Mind 6 Soul 6

Health Points 50, Energy Points 80, Attack Combat Value 6, Defense Combat Value 4, Shock Value 10

Attributes: Animal Friendship (1 CP), Appearance (6 CP), Art of Distraction (6 CP), Features (Longevity, 1 CP), Heightened Senses (hearing, 1 CP), Jumping (1 CP), Sixth Sense (detect magic, 1 CP), Special Movement (light-footed, 1 CP), Duandralin Wild Magic (Level 2, 8 CP), Energy Bonus (2 CP), Unique Character Attribute: Wealth (Level 2, 6 CP)

Skills: Animal Training (Level 0, +1 Levels from Animal Friendship, 0 SP), Burglary (breaking-and-entering, Level 1, 4 SP), Business Management (small business, Level 2, 2 SP), Sleight of Hand (lock picking, Level 2, 8 SP), Stealth (silent movement, Level 1, 4 SP)

Duandralin Spells: Swarm ("Eyes in Shadow, Teeth in Flesh", rats, Still, Silent, 8 Power Points, 24 Energy Points to Invoke, 8 Energy Points to Maintain), Metamorphosis ("She Who Chitters Form", self, Silent, Still, 5 Power Points, 15 Energy Points to Invoke, 5 Energy Points to Maintain), Stealth ("Seeker of Shadow", vision only, Silent, 4 Power Points, 8 Energy Points to Invoke, 4 Energy Points to Maintain), Elasticity ("Rat Head", Silent, 1 Power Point, 2 Energy Points to Invoke, 1 Energy Point to Maintain), Special Defense ("Purity of Pestilence", vs. disease, Silent, Still, 2 Power Points, 4 Energy Points to Invoke, 2 Energy Points to Maintain)

Defects: Easily Distracted (all that glitters, 1 BP), Nemesis (Bantu the Brave and his Band of Dangerous Deep-Delvers, 1 BP), Phobia (rats, 2 BP), Skeleton in the Closet (Not a Princess but a Wanted Criminal, 2 BP), Skeleton in the Closet (is a wererat, 1 BP), Wanted (by Birah, 1 BP), Involuntary Physical Change (into a rat three nights every lunar month, 1 BP), Marked (scaly rat tail, 1 BP), Not So Tough (1 BP)

Equipment: Variety of formal dresses, modern business attire (complete with intimidating granny glasses and clipboard), controlling interest in the VVV, a secret set of lockpicks, a variety of mousetraps (usually spread strategically about her cabin on board the Vernia Raider), and an instant camera.

Game Notes: Rinli is aware of Mina's "condition", if not her identity. He's also horribly infatuated with her. At least when she's in a "proper" form. It's only a matter of time before he approaches her with his amorous intentions.

Combat Notes: Mina prefers to sneak-attack from ambush and end fights before they get fair. As Princess Vanya, she's more than happy to let all the adventuring sorts handle all the work they're being paid for while she hangs back and ticks notes on a performance-rating chart.

She Who Chitters Form: Extra Arms (tail), Features (night vision), Heightened Senses (smell), Natural Weapons (claws, fangs), Super Strength (Level 1, entire body, +10 damage), Cannot Talk (like a beast), Awkward (generally clumsy due to malformed hands/paws), Physically Unappealing (+2 penalty to Seduction)

by RedFox Whiteruff


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