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The gods have died, heaven has fallen, and man has rebuilt his world on the wreckage. The Elves belong to an ancient demon. The Dwarves can turn to smoke and walk on the wind. Men wage wars of trade for the emeralds which fuel the most powerful sorceries, and the Satyrs sail the high seas ... to stage panty-raids. Beneath it all, the dungeons are the crushed remains of heaven itself. Welcome to Uresia. Welcome to Blue Lamp Road.

Uresia: Grave of Heaven is an eccentric, swashbuckling fantasy world by S. John Ross (that's me) at Cumberland Games & Diversions. Blue Lamp Road is Uresia's home on the Web, and it's a portion of the Blue Room, my sprawling, happy mess of a homepage. Here's the nickel tour:

  • For Newcomers: If you've heard tell of Uresia but want to learn more, this quick primer will give you a good sense of where Uresia is coming from, and what kind of gaming it's made for.
  • The World Itself: The 2nd (All-Systems) Edition is a Cumberland Games title; it's pure world-lore, good for any fantasy RPG you fancy. If you poke around the edge of the Internet or at used bookshops, you can also still get the earlier Guardians of Order editions.
  • The Scrolls: My growing collection of personal essays, articles, conversion notes, cartography notes and other stuff I've written about Uresia. The scrolls are also where I archive Q&A material (drop me a line if you've got any Q's that need an A!), and where I provide links to downloadable freebies.
  • The Fan Archives: Both an on-site archive and a place for links. So far, there are locales expanding the world, adventures (both full-fledged modules and some nifty adventure-seeds), characters, a collection of short stories, and more! If the mood strikes and you end up creating some of your own Uresia stuff, let me know so I can host it or link to it.

Cumberland Games supports Uresia with a line of expansions both free and commercial, the latter including Caravel and the Temphis Runes. I post Uresia-themed items to the Free Stuff of the Month page now and then, too, and there's excellent Uresia swag over at Redbubble (they provide excellent poster versions of the maps, plus mugs and stickers and other oddities).

If you'd like to meet other Uresia fans, check out the Google+ community maintained by Dan Suptic. It's the best place online to discuss the setting, post characters and ideas, and just shoot the breeze in that special, grave-of-heaven way.

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