When Uresia: Grave of Heaven collides with Risus: The Anything RPG, the result is (perhaps inevitably) Uresius: Grave of Anything! Knowing a little about the first two will really, really help make sense of the third. Not that I make any promises.Click here to download a ZIP archive of Uresius, or click the image below to read it in your browser (at Google Docs).

I get a major kick out of Uresia (it's my go-to homebrew), so keep an eye on my Uresia homepage, Blue Lamp Road, for more material now and then. If you like Uresia and you like my fonts, you'll want a copy of the Temphis Runes and Uresia Arcana, font-sets to make cool player handouts! If you're ever stuck with a rainy day and no gamers, grab some Sculpey and make some cool runestones for the next time you play!

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