CARAVEL: A Uresia Supplement By S. John Ross

[The Ship's Magic Maid]

[Part of the Ship Deckplan]

[Vela Skylark, the Sailtender]

. .. She set sail in 1351, an accursed ship. Her crew never survived, but the vessel did. Her current captain might be a rogue nobleman who caused an island to vanish. Her crew includes a Magic Maid, a Red Metal Golem, a tale-telling Satyr, a giant Bandit Slime, a hold full of clever rats, and an Aracor tending the ghosts who haunt the sails.

There's a kitten aboard, on the verge of a nervous breakdown.

She's more typical than most landlubbers might want to believe. She's Poison Pepper, a caravel of Temphis. Caravel takes you on deck with the mariners who sail the waters of Uresia: Grave of Heaven, braving the ire of the Sea Dragon and carrying cargo sane men won't touch. This mini-supplement describes Pepper from keel to foretop, and peeks into the private lives of those aboard her, providing a look at daily life at sea, at each section of a merchant caravel, and at the ways in which a sailor's life can be the best way to harbor secrets

Caravel includes a full-page deckplan and side cutaway of the ship, providing a model for any Uresian sailing vessel. And, as befits a vessel of heaven's Grave, there's more than meets the eye, and more questions raised than answered! Caravel explores several topics, including:

  • Other Ships: The crew compositions of “everyday” caravels (or as close to “everyday” as Uresia can manage).
  • Enchanted sails: They're more than just magic items. Learn of the Ghost Flax that whispers in the south of Dreed, and of the Sea Witches that command the harvest.
  • Slimes at Sea - and the mysterious Slime Ferries -
  • Magic Maids: Only Temphis vessels are daft enough to bring a woman aboard, but you'll find out why, and learn how the history of Maid Magic and the maid battle arsenal ties to Temphis, Winnow, Sindra and beyond.
  • The City of Fogport: Get a whirlwind tour of the harbor Poison Pepper calls home. Get drunk and wrestle the Old Guardian, or walk with the Fog Parade.
  • Complete rules for Mizzenjib, a mariner's drinking game that holds the secret to a perplexing manner of speech. Har, avast ye!
  • Coatestown: This new edition now includes a free copy of Coatestown, an exclusive bonus micro-supplement, describing the dragon-siege of Coatestown from the perspective of a foreign spy (and one other ...)

The scope of Caravel is comparable to the Shadow River chapter from Uresia itself. Caravel includes two new maps (the City of Fogport and the Realm of the Dreed Sea Witches), plus the full-page caravel deckplan and cutaway. In essence, Caravel adds a new chapter to Grave of Heaven, exploring shipboard life and related matters. Caravel is part of the All-Systems Library, and contains no game statistics. It's compatible with any edition of Uresia, and with any game-system you enjoy.

Caravel Is Available at DriveThruRPG

Caravel is sold in Adobe Acrobat (PDF) format. If you enjoy Uresia, you'll enjoy this new visit to heaven's grave! If you like what you see, you can Click Here to Purchase Caravel at DriveThruRPG!

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