Cray Canyon Cold Snap: Supernatural Horror in the Wild West - by S. John Ross

It's mid-winter, 1882, and you've boarded the #40 long-haul, westbound over the Rocky Mountains. Meeting the train just west of Denver in a dining stop at Brown Creek, Colorado, you were among the last passengers to board before the haul up into the snow-laden hills. Your baggage checked, you've settled into the train's third Pullman car, and braced for the journey westward. Your fellow passengers are clustered forward to the heaters, and the conductor is muffled for the weather. Frost plays at the edges of the windowpanes.

Despite the harshness of the winter, everyone is assured of their safety as tickets are taken.

Nothing could be more wrong.

Cray Canyon Cold Snap is a free adventure by S. John Ross for the All-System Library. Use it for any roleplaying game set in the Wild West, and introduce a murderous new threat for your players to face.

To print it, you'll also need to a copy of the freeware Acrobat Reader installed. You can download Cray Canyon Cold Snap from the All-Systems section of the Free Downloads page. Enjoy! If you like it, you'll probably like Sparks: Sunburned & Rusty, our wild-west miniatures font!

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