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Risus: Pumpkin Spice Edition
2018 Version. Available 'til Sometime in November

Welcome to the home of Cumberland Games, the finest "pretzel cart" in adventure gaming. I specialize in fonts and electronic books for face-to-face RPGs - specialty titles built on decades of experience in professional design for Guardians of Order, White Wolf, Steve Jackson Games, Avalon Hill, Flying Buffalo, Last Unicorn, Wizards of the Coast and others.

Here at Cumberland, I can stretch my legs and write directly to my needs as a Game Master, without compromise. I take pride in exceeding the industry's standards, designing fun, unselfconscious gaming material for the needs of adults. Wander around and explore; snag some free stuff! Here's a quick guide to what I have to offer:

Electronic Books

The Cumberland All-Systems Library includes some of the cooler gaming supplements you'll find anywhere. Fief, a medieval history resource by Lisa Steele, is a revised edition of an underground classic, and Points in Space 1 is the first in a series of space-adventure resources. Uresia: Caravel expands the popular Uresia: Grave of Heaven fantasy setting, where peril and whimsy dance hand in hand. All-Systems Library books don't have stat-blocks or rules references; they're pure resource material: maps, facts, cultures, characters, adventures and ideas.

I've got a soft spot for comedy, too. Risus: The Anything RPG, my free beer & pretzels RPG, has been online for half of forever; it's free, supported by the sale of The Risus Companion and campaign modules like A Kringle in Time. There's also the Pokéthulhu Adventure Game, the free electronic edition of my bestselling parody game (revised and expanded from the editions you've seen in game stores). If that isn't quite strange enough for you, try Encounter Critical on for size - it's my free RPG from an mythical 1979, written by my well-meaning alter ego, Hank "The Wordsmith" Riley! I love freebies, and I've got more by the cartload! Ring of Thieves is a swords-and-sorcery solitaire for Risus, and I've got a handy free PDF of my infamous Big List of RPG Plots available. See the downloads page for several other freebies and samplers; I add more all the time.

Fonts and Paper Toys

Cumberland fonts are designed with gamers in mind! There are several titles available, including Sparks, the world's first and grooviest font-based paper minis, and my bestselling mapmaking tools, HexPaper and Flagstones. The Fontworks also includes a three-page gallery of more than a dozen free fonts, with more appearing all the time.

More Coming!

I'm always working on new games, toys, and books for Cumberland. I'm also looking for skilled RPG writer/designers to join me! If you're interested in designing for Cumberland, Click here for the writer's guidelines.

The Top Shelf
Uresia 2nd Edition
Risus Companion
Fief & Town
Points in Space
A Kringle in Time
Sparks Miniatures
... and Free Stuff!
Uresia 2nd Edition
Uresia: Caravel
Uresia: Temphis Runes
Uresia: Arcana
Toast of the Town
Ring of Thieves

The Risus Companion
A Kringle in Time

Science Fantasy
Encounter Critical
EC: Treasures of a Slaver's Kingdom

Design Tools
The Temphis Runes
Uresia Arcana

Rolltop Indigo

[A Very Tiny Teensy Map from Caravel]

A Uresia Map from
Uresia: Caravel

Creativity. Unbound.

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