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Please contact me with any questions or broken-link reports, and remember that there are many more downloads scattered all over the Cumberland webpages and the Blue Room (some playfully hidden).

The Cumberland Fontworks

Specializing in fonts and font-toys for gamers, the Cumberland Fontworks is the home of Sparks, the world's first paper-miniatures fonts, and HexPaper, a cool map-making tool.

Risus: The Anything RPG

Risus is Cumberland's free "rules-lite" universal roleplaying game for late-night sessions when the brain is tired but the imagnation won't quit. These files are only the beginning of a vast global library of Risus material, thanks to the efforts of thousands of fans over the years (Risus will celebrate its 25th Anniversary in 2018)!

Uresia: Grave of Heaven

The gods have died, heaven has fallen, and man has rebuilt his world on the wreckage. The Elves belong to an ancient demon. The Dwarves can turn to smoke and walk on the wind. Men wage wars of trade for the emeralds which fuel the most powerful sorceries, and the Satyrs sail the high seas ... to stage panty-raids. Beneath it all, the dungeons are the crushed remains of heaven itself.

Encounter Critical

An adventure game from an alternate 1979, where your Evolved Hobling-Frankenstein Doxy Pioneer can use her Unusual Sexual Gifts, detachable limbs, evil birthmark companion and brand-new Damnation Van to brave a world where the Ape Sultan's sorcerers fill pits with a substance such as crocodiles. Better still: true scientific realism on every page, and etc.

The Pokéthulhu Adventure Game

You're 10 years old. You're our last hope. Armed with a Shining Dodecahedron and the elder incantations to make it work, you capture the monsters and train them to use their power . . . But not for evil. For sport.

The All-Systems Library

All-Systems Library e-books are settings, sourcebooks and adventures for use with any roleplaying system, complete with maps and NPCs and all the action your players crave! Download a sample and try one out!

Fly From Evil

Fly From Evil will be Cumberland's flagship RPG of crime, mystery and sin. It's coming soon(ish), and here you'll find a spiffy free demo version, and support material. Click here to read the FAQ.


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