The year was not 1979. The place was not Racine, Wisconsin. In a playfully naughty mood, S. John Ross undertook ... ENCOUNTER CRITICAL,: A Science-Fiction Fantasy Role Play Game ... from another past!

Interstellar war destroyed the navigation beams, leaving thousands of planets isolated and billions of wayfarers stranded in their last ports of call. Out here on the Medieval Rim of the galaxy, the locals don't even know what a spaceship is. For more than eleven years, the navbeam recievers have remained silent ... just tiny blue lights, blinking in the darkness: NO SIGNAL.An alert Hobling, ready for action!

They call this planet Vanth, and they call the starport "God City." In the old days, space merchants played the "visitors from the godly realms" routine and the locals - accustomed to sorcery, like most medievals - ate it whole. That lie is a luxury no one can afford anymore, and God City is going native, becoming as much a fantasy metropolis as anything else.

The wizards and warriors of Vanth have accepted that the "sky gods" are here to stay. The star-soldiers and space-merchants wonder if there's anything left of the galaxy they remember. In a situation like this, there's only one reasonable course of action left: make friends, form a party, and go adventuring!

The one and only ThrazarEncounter Critical is an unusual free RPG from Cumberland Games & Diversions. It's by S. John Ross (Risus and Pokéthulhu and whatnot), with added illustrations (of a sort) by Dave Insel and Cody Reichenau (friends from his gaming group). But at the same time, it isn't ... This is gaming from another past, a garage-made RPG designed circa 1979 by two mythical gamer-buddies who went to the same school and listened to the same rock bands: Hank "the wordsmith" Riley and James "idea man" Ireland. It's illustrated by friends from their gaming group, the Saturday Night Dragon Slayers.A dangerous Doxy

Confused? Intrigued? Vaguely horrified? The best way to explore the world of Encounter Critical is to download the game itself. You can snag the PDF from DriveThru or RPGNow (same thing, different color scheme). Go grab it; it's free and fun and Not of This Timeline!

A tantalizing view of the high-quality cartography in Encounter Critical

Beware the thunderous Manion Devil!A Hoax For All of Us!

Just by finding this page, you've made your way inside an inside-joke I'm very fond of. Now that you're one of the cabal who know the secret, join us in exploring EC - and in exploring the alternate gaming history it comes from! If you're feeling really naughty, have fun passing EC off as a genuine "lost classic" to gamers who haven't heard of it yet. You'll probably go to hell for that, but hey - there'll be gamers. If that sounds like an enjoyable path to eternal damnation, you'll enjoy The Encounter Critical Mailing List! Join and download yet more free stuff (including the mysterious Encounter Critical FAQ, character sheets, the computer game, and some very awesome fan material) and meet strange gamers. And it's moderated (by the able Jeff Rients), so it won't fill your inbox with unexpected 90-post threads about how phasic Thrazar's lapels are. Which is not to say we'd never discuss it. So happy with the game you need a mug or poster of that sweet, sweet map? Alrighty then.

New: writing new Encounter Critical stuff is now a paying gig! Click here for guidelines.

A tantalizing view of the high-quality cartography in Encounter Critical

The Saturday Night Dragon Slayers (Auxiliary)

Tonya showing off her new axe and fashionable ensembleYou are not alone. I mean that in the comforting way and the scary way. Vanth has lost touch with the galaxy, but Encounter Critical keeps the lines open, meaning more EC madness for you to enjoy thanks to the game's ever-growing (and ever-shrinking, and ever-mutating, and ever-growing-again) community. Visiting these sites may expand your universe in ways you aren't medically prepared for. If it does: join the fun, and let me know so I can include your site here.

With extra thanks to Jeff Rients for assembling the original list, and to Chris Creel for creating graphics for EC bloggers to show their colors (you can snag 'em from the files section of the Mailing List). Visit all these fellow gamers, and let them know how much you appreciate their efforts.

A tantalizing view of the high-quality cartography in Encounter Critical

The Warlord of Unheroic Decay adds: Visit again soon!

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