All-Systems Library Medieval: Sourcebooks for the Middle Ages by Lisa J. Steele

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Critics & Colleagues Praise Fief:

"Steele sets down for the reader in about a hundred pages more useful material than can be gleaned from a dozen role-playing manuals. The tables of meticulously-organized data are worth the price of admission alone ..."

Guy McLimore

"Fief is an excellent quick and accurate reference for someone trying to run a historical RPG (such as Ars Magica, or a historical GURPS campaign) with something more than Hollywood-level historicity."

Spike Y. Jones

... and Town!

"She's done it again! Definitely adding this one to the Fantasy Hero Bibliography."

Steven S. Long

"Wow, that's a hell of a book!"

John Tynes

Enjoy a trip to a world where powerful priests can charge sinners with the death penalty, and where knights gather for illegal combat sports ... where thieves can thumb their nose at the authorities from within the walls of a church, and where a foraging band of the king's own soldiers is more dangerous than a pack of brigand outlaws. In the midst of all this, ordinary people survived to work the land, weave the cloth, and pray for safety from famine and plague. The real Middle Ages were as brutish and wild as any fantasy world.

    Fief: A Look at Medieval Society from its Lower Rungs is a sourcebook that examines the Middle Ages from the viewpoint of the ordinary farmer, priest, and landholder - the inhabitants of a feudal manor. It's one of Cumberland's best-selling and most acclaimed titles.

    Town: A City-Dweller's Look at 13th to 15th Century Europe is the all-new companion volume: a self-contained sourcebook examining medieval life from the perspective of the guild and merchant-house, through the lives of craftsmen, traders, students, thieves and mercenaries - dwellers in medieval europe's cities and towns.

Each serves as a friendly primer on the basics of medieval life, and a treasury of hard-to-find details for the Game Master or enthusiast, including:

  • Lists of historical wages and prices for things from common beasts to the construction of houses, from the price of swords to the cost to hire mercenaries.
  • Sins, crimes, and the penalties for getting caught, including lists of fines, fees, and holy penances.
  • Anecdotes and accounts that bring the Middle Ages to life and provide surprising insights into the workings of medieval society.
  • Magic and superstition with a historical slant: Learn the reputed magical powers of blacksmiths, procuresses and shepherds, or the everyday miracles the priests were believed to perform.
  • Details on daily life, from the brewing of ale to the baking of bread to the clatter of weapons in times of war.
  • New features in Town include appendices exploring specific historical examples (the cities of Paris, Venice and York) to provide added perspective on - and some telling exceptions to - to the ideas explored in the main text.
  • And more! Fief is 100 pages; Town is 150, each including thousands of sometimes-suprising character- and adventure- inspiring details, all drawn from the pages of history. Download the sampler versions to see ...

Fief and Town are by Lisa J. Steele, author of Medieval France from White Rose Publishing, GURPS Cops and GURPS Mysteries from Steve Jackson Games, and more. They are produced and indexed by S. John Ross, creator of the All-Systems Library and of works ranging from Risus to the Star Trek Narrator's Toolkit to GURPS Russia.

Try The Books For Free!

Get to know these books at no charge: download the Fief Sample Edition and Town Sample Edition, and explore! Each sampler includes the book's complete Index and Table of Contents to gauge the scope of the work, along with sample pages from nearly every section of the commercial PDFs. Print, browse, and understand why these books are sought after by medieval gamers, re-creationists, and armchair historians alike.

If you decide to buy one or more of these titles, click here to order Fief (100pp) or click here to order Town (150pp) as PDFs from DriveThru, or click here for hardcopy options!

Fief and Town are part of the All-Systems Library.
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