Flagstones: A TrueType Font For Gamers!

Flagstones™ is a TrueType font for gamers - a graphic-design aid that can be used in conjunction with any paint or illustration program (Paint Shop Pro, Photoshop, Illustrator, and more) as the basis for creative RPG art projects. Just add colors and textures!

You can also use Flagstones in a word processing program as simple as WordPad to create sheets of game-ready combat maps. Print sheets of neatly-gridded dungeon floors and cut them to any desired shape. Lay them out on your gaming table to create endless, easily visible floorplans. Best of all, Flagstones works with your roleplaying game system: With the help of "half-tile" characters, it supports both hexagonal and orthogonal grids!

Flagstones comes complete with a tutorial file to explain how to use each of the characters in the font to create a variety of creative graphics projects for your dungeons. Registered owners of Flagstones are entitled to free updates for as long as they can receive files via email or ftp. Flagstones is a Windows TrueType font. Here's what it contains:

Floor Style One: Flagstone

Letters A through E are five different "flagstone" tiles, useful for representing well-built, organized strongholds. To create hexagonal staggers, flagstone half-tiles can be created with the "1" key. An alternate flagged half-tile can be created by hitting the "1" key while holding down SHIFT.

Floor Style Two: Open Stone

Letters F through J are five different "open stone" tiles, which are ideal for clear visibility for low-light gaming (only a few cracks around the edges to indicate age). Suitable, in particular, for courtyard tiling or the floors of a villain's monster coliseum. To create hexagonal staggers, open stone half-tiles can be created with the "2" key. An alternate open half-tile can be created by hitting the "2" key while holding down SHIFT.

Floor Style Three: Cobbles and Black Earth

Letters K through O are five different "broken cobbles" tiles, with shattered, random stones and fragments against a dark background of the earth beneath. Great for abandoned mines, seaside caves, and other places untouched by man or ruined by neglect. To create hexagonal staggers, broken cobble half-tiles can be created with the "3" key. An alternate cobble half-tile can be created by hitting the "3" key while holding down SHIFT.

Others: Trapdoor, Stairs, and Heavy Lines

Flagstones includes eight stairway characters (two styles, rotated in each cardinal direction). Spiral stairways are mapped to the numbers 4,5,6 and 7. Straight stairways are mapped to the same numbers, but hold down the SHIFT key. Number 8 contains a "trapdoor/hatchway" symbol scaled to match the standard grid. The "underline" key produces a thick, hand-drawn line in "rough-hewn" style that can be applied easily in a paint program to define the texture of walls, or to create barriers within a room.

Flagstones is Free
(For Personal Use)

Just click here to download it. Enjoy! Flagstones is an old soldier here at Cumberland. A popular partner to HexPaper, it enjoyed modest sales during its commercial run, selling between 400-450 copies, which is ... okay-ish ... for such an oddball little thng. I'm proud of it, and I still think it's lots of fun.

When Cumberland did the move to DriveThruRPG in 2017, I made some streamlining decisions, and one of those was to move Flagstones from the for-sale list to the free-for-private-use list. The old sodier earned a furlough. If you enjoy this font and want to support Cumberland's projects (which include more maps and mapping tools), just browse around! I hope you'll find more to like.

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