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Atlas of the Magi is wide, handmade font I designed for cartographic labeling in Uresia: Grave of Heaven. It has a homey, soft feel to it that blends well with woodcut or scratchboard styles. The goofier Almanac of the Apprentice is a playful, somewhat dysfunctional cousin. Both are freeware.

[Atlas of the Magi & Almanac of the Apprentice image]

Punkinkhead It's a font full of punkinheads! But it's not just a dingbat font, it's a sneaky collection of Jack-O-Lantern templates that you can print and use. The documentation includes lots of handy tips on Jack-O-Lantern carving and preservation, too, so you'll be psyched and ready to cut gourd. Freeware.

[Punkinhead Image]

Martian Hull Markings is a freeware"alien alphabet" font in two styles, Regular and Gloopy. . . . Mars needs women, and this is the alphabet they're sporting this year on their hotrod flying saucers! The font is monospaced, with 26 characters, mapped to the normal (lowercase) alphabet, A through Z.

[Image of the Martian Hull Markings characters]

Archipelago is a very silly (freeware) font where all the letters and numerals are drawn as islands! It would make for a wonky logo, but I actually use it as a mapping font: by layering the letters over one another in unusual ways, I can quickly create any sort of continental outlines I need, and they still have a hand-drawn look. The lowercase letters are solid; the uppercase are hollow outlines (composite shown).

[Archipelago Graphic Sample]

Hultog is a freeware "antiqued" font inspired by an old Venetian-style typeface. For my fantasy campaign, I wanted an antique font that wasn't quite as grungy as most of the ordinary ones, and one that felt a little more turn-of-the-century and a little less medieval or Victorian. I've used it extensively in map-labeling since, and Visionary Games laid out their entire Archangel RPG in it. You can also snag the engraved and snow-cap variants.

[Hultog Text Sample]

Prison Walls and Uneasy are my ventures into the chaotic realm of pure-madness scribbled fonts. The first font, as the name implies, screams out from within solid boundaries, while the second is open, disturbed, and jittery.

[Prison Walls & Uneasy image]

Vermin Magic is another experiment with hand-drawn type taking letterform inspiration from minimalist, legible digital type. In this case, I drew inspiration from a tiny videogame font, and doodled from there to give it sharper points, looser curves, and a funky blend of the warm and the sinister. Freeware.

[Vermin Magic image]

Cup and Talon is some truly humble hand-calligraphy given a dash of redemptive style with some vertical-scrape texturing and a bit of digital smoothing and rescaling. It's pure low-fi fantasy gaming, named after my oldest campaign fantasy tavern (and it's appeared on signage in the Nodwick comic, so this apple isn't meant to fall far from the tree). Freeware.

[Ye Olde Cup and Talon!]

Deco Freehand is a grungy, messy deco font I sketched out with a permanent marker on paper with a lot of bleed. When adapting the sample to font form, I decided to keep the rough edges. Mostly just a font-building exercise, but it has a bouncy kind of fun to it. Sand in the face of symmetry! If cavemen liked deco! It's seen some commercial use as part of an unusual hybrid art-soap-and-tea project, too. Freeware.

[Deco Freehand Sample Image]

The Alchemist is the handwriting of an odd fantasy-world character. But it's a character who lives in the fantasy city Hultog is named for (which is in the same campaign as Wolves & Ravens) so, clearly, a pattern is emerging, here . . . Freeware.

Dirty Headline In a universe of stressed poster fonts with sharp edges, I needed a stressed poster font with slightly blotted edges. I built it for Fly From Evil, my crime-drama RPG, but it's been used worldwide by musicans, sports teams, state lotteries, book publishers, filmmakers, candy companies, at least one dairy, a bank, a French supermarket chain and more (and Fly From Evil still ain't done)! Includes a full alphabet and numeral set (small-cap), and stuff (version 2.0 includes a full U.S. keyboard, euro, yen, pound sterling and more).

[Dirty Headline Sample Image]

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