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Arvigo is playfully evil. Like Hultog and a few of my other fonts, the inspiration for this one came from my long-running FRP campaign. Arvigo's a decidedly unpleasant character: a shifty, machiavellian underworld figure lacking ethics, sympathy and, as it happens, his nose. He'd consider this font pretty. The folks at White Wolf agreed; they found it sufficiently ooky to be the "Nosferatu" header font in their Vampire: The Requiem RPG. Freeware.

[Graphic Sample of Arvigo.TTF]

Apple Butter - the food, that is - was a childhood favorite of mine. Strawberry-rhubarb preserves, apple butter, and a creamy potato and macaroni soup are my three fondest food-related memories, and all three were the work of Etta Collins, my great-grandmother. Something about the look of this month's font got me thinking of those days. Freeware.

[Graphic Sample of Apple Butter.TTF]

Mexlar is an alien script it took me a year to nail down, and I'm very happy with the final result. This is the writing of the red-shelled, hooting alien prudes I introduced in Points in Space. Handy for Game Masters in need of an alien/fantasy alphabet your players haven't seen before! Goofy freeware.

[Graphic Sample of Mexlar.TTF]

Vanthian Ragnarok is an oddity I produced mainly as a teasing inside-joke during the days when Encounter Critical was still a hoax. It begins with the same kind of typewriter face used in the game, but then thrashes directly across the middle with a wavering line. I'm not sure why; I just liked the way it looked. A stress-font for the end of this or any other world. Freeware.

[Vanthian Ragnarok image]

Phaeton John is one of the more eccentric of my warmly-hand-drawn family of families, stretching high into the vertical, and dancing unashamedly through a jumble of retro styles. It is, in other words, very Uresia, and designed to complement other Uresia fonts like Apple Butter, Heirany and Atlas of the Magi. Freeware.

[Time to call Phaeton John!]

Oddbats began with me teaching myself pure-vector doodling to make a single glyph for a sourcebook, and quickly became an avalanche of spinning, carving, and smooshing. I kept going (and kept learning) until I had a set full of ... I guess you'd call them typographer's bullets, but the kind the typographer would shoot himself in the head with, rather than actually use in a sensible layout. Or would he? Would you? Freeware.

[an image of some very odd 'bats]

Homespun is a less-assuming sibling to Phaeton John, a font more careful in its stride and infused with far less self-confidence. What it loses in style it gains in warmth; this is a font that needs a hug, but knows how to hug back. Two versions, both freeware.

[Homespun and the small-caps variant image]

Nicotine Stains is the result of continual exposure Austin's bar-band scene (and the resulting handbills), as well as what amounts to a dirty little thrill from seeing nice, clean type thrashed and mangled. I regard myself as a knight in whatever army opposes the symmetrical and regular things in the world, a champion of the rumpled, the worn, the comfortably lived-in and casually discarded. Rock on. Freeware.

[Graphic Sample of Nicotine Stains.TTF]

Yemite Snow Letters are magical glyphs from death-haunted Yem, that dark and frosty island at the northernmost edge of civilized Uresia. Don't eat the yellow snow? Indeed, and if you're very wise, you'll keep line of sight to it blocked, as well. Freeware.

[Yemite Snow Letters image]

Dragon Harbour speaks for itself. Alas, it speaks mainly of drunken fantasy cartographers hitting their noggins painfully on trestle tables and giggling into the sheperd's pie. Freeware.

[Dragon Harbour image]

Lunatic is my earlier (stiffer, caffeine-wracked) handwriting font. It's perfect for corresponding with homicidal maniacs, disturbed Cthulhu cultists, and similar friendlies. According to correspondence from users, earlier versions of Lunatic have been employed in projects ranging from RPG handouts (the handwriting of a child werewolf) to a 10-page final essay for a Psychology class! I use it for map labels in Points in Space!

[Lunatic Sample Image]

Cock Boat "You can name it anything you like," I said. Jhada Rogue Addams, my sister-in-spirit from back east in Virginia, was visiting Sandra and I in Texas and so, naturally, I had her "working in the font mines." Apparently, the phrase "Here comes the cock boat!" was used in an off-color Dilbert parody online somewhere, and Rogue had found the term charming. Share it with your family; I'll be sharing it with mine. Freeware.

Heirany is, in theory, a constantly-growing family of warmly-hand-drawns based on the same master drawing, an obvious complement to other fonts you can find here. In practice, it's a very, very slowly growing family. Currently, there are two styles (a faint and extra-bold version), made a couple of years apart! More soon. I hope. Freeware.

[Heirany image]

Skuntch I've played a bit with the ever-popular "stressed" approach to making a font, where you take a traditional typeface of some kind and make it look like it's been printed, scratched, faded, bloated, crumpled, discarded, abused and so on . . . and I've done a lot of hand-drawn, playful fonts, too. When I sat down to draw Skuntch, I was doing the latter in the mood for the former, so I got messy with a calligraphy marker! Fun freeware.

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