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A long-time commercial staple here at Cumberland, the Flagstones font has been released as freeware! This is a new version of the font with improved internal coding but the same old stoney squares, waiting for a good dungeon-stomp, so snag it and get stomping!

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Toast of the Town: A Risus Fantasy Adventure

A busy market town on a quiet mountain lake. A pillar of smoke. An infestation of demons? Grisly murders and cowardly fraud? A deadly peril demanding some swashbuckling rescue ... All this and a pretty map? It's Toast of the Town, a free full-sized fantasy module for Risus: The Anything RPG. Grab some friends and play! Groovy pregens included.

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Kentucky Fireplace

[Image for Kentucky Fireplace]

Another warm, hand-doodled font made for labeling Uresia maps, but fueled by bourbon (hence the name, for a different kind of warm).

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Bad Guy Black

[Image for Bad Guy Black]

An experiment in making a font look not only stressed, but genuinely old. In addition to the nifty look, it's also got a more-packed-than-usual set of foreign glyphs. Enjoy!

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Afton James

[Image for Afton James]

This is just a little heavy-Roman stressfont doodle, but I like the cut of its jib, as they say, and it's nicely packed with careful hand-kerning. Those familiar with the lore of Uresia: Grave of Heaven may recall the "Isle of Afton" from Caravel, and yeah, Afton James is a mariner (a pirate, some would say) on heaven's grave. This is his font, but now we can all play with it!

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Risus: The Anything RPG (20th Anniversary Edition)

[Image for Risus 2nd Edition]

Way back in 1993, when my ties to the internet consisted of local Bulletin Board Systems, my original email address (now long defunct), and an unruly pack of echonets communicating through nightly hub-connections, I published a free roleplaying game called Risus: The Anything RPG, one of the first of its kind. It went out by echo, by email and by post, and I had no idea, not even a daydream hope, that it would one day have a global fan-following as enthusiastic, busy, and friendly as Risus has today. This new edition is just as free as ever, just as huggy as ever (huggier, really) and, by the by, may be the first RPG to ever lose 33% of it's page-count in its second (indeed, 20th-Anniversary) edition. Need to roleplay, but only have 4 pages of attention span? Welcome to Risus, and I do mean welcome.

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Fountain Avenue v2p0

[Image for Fountain Avenue]

An all-new version of one of my older fonts (I have 11-year old fonts now? When did that much time sneak by?) updated with massive improvements to the metrics (especially the kerning, but it's a top-to-bottom revisit of all the boring math). I built it a long time ago for mapping projects, and some mapping projects that demand it finally came along. Snag and enjoy!

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Uresia: Grave of Heaven Sampler Edition

[image for Uresia: Grave of Heaven]

The gods have died, heaven has fallen, and man has rebuilt his world on the wreckage. The Elves belong to an ancient demon. The Dwarves can turn to smoke and walk on the wind. Men wage wars of trade for the emeralds which fuel the most powerful sorceries, and the Satyrs sail the high seas ... to stage panty-raids. Beneath it all, the dungeons are the crushed remains of heaven itself. This is Uresia, the acclaimed, eccentric, and basically good-natured fantasy world by S. John Ross. The free Sampler Edition is a 48-page chunk of the book; snag it and enjoy!

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The Day That Love Came To Play

[image for The Day That Love Came to Play]

Another foray into text-adventures, but this time into the highly-nichey subform of single-move games (a form invented in a game called Aisle, by Sam Barlow, and occasionally visited by those mad enough to do so). This one's a bit odd, naturally, partly because it's by me, and partly because it's also (part of) a They Might Be Giants tribute. That all makes sense, right? Right?

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Eight Cumberland Fonts: Alphabet Stew

[image of a bunch of fonts]

This installment of Free Stuff of the Moment is more of a grab-bag than usual, but no less fonty than things have been lately. I've been on an energized font-kick lately for a variety of reasons, and some of the results have become fit to share. This package of eight fonts includes a family of five Gelio Greek fonts (hinted at in the earlier Gelio Greek Diner standalone release), a warm slab-serif font (and genuine-small-caps variant) called Tender Goliath (I've always wanted to do one, but until recently didn't trust my kerning skills enough), and a manic cartoony monster called Shock Shimmy. All are free for private use, as usual, and I hope you groove on them, as I've grooved on making them! Snag 'em and get playful.

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[Screenshot and Peek at Docs]Encounter Critical: Treasures of a Slaver's Kingdom

In the cruel kingdoms north of the Viraxian Empire, a barbarian seeks treasure - and vengeance! Having escaped the clutches of the Slaver King, he has vowed to pillage the wealth of the kingdom ... then bring it to its knees. YOU are this barbarian. Weakened by your ordeal as a slave, wandering an unfamiliar realm filled with danger, you must use cunning, savagery, and something approximating English syntax to regain thy might, rally an army of friends to your cause, do repeated business with a Delicate Doxy, and do deadly violence unto the Slaver King! The one and only official Encounter Critical computer game is free, so snag it, fire up the z-machine player of your choice, and play!

>>>> Download <<<<

Rugged Ride: Having Fun Gettin' Dirty

A muddy, weekend-in-the-high-country sort of font, mangled through the filter of off-road tire tracks. Treads are pretty serious stuff to those who make (and use) tires professionally, and many treadmarks are also trademarks (and valued patents) of their inventors and manufacturers ... so rather than trod on another's tread, I had to trot out my very own. To give it an authentic feel (I doubt it would pass engineering muster) I researched mud-tires, all-terrain tires, and tractor tires, because I knew I'd be going for a wet, mud-track look (I also glanced at rock-riding tires and others, but more in an ambling haze of wonderment than as research, because before I began this project I was blissfully unaware of how many types exist). Anyway, snag it; it's muddy fun!

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[Image of Rugged Ride TrueType Font by S. John Ross]

A Love of Thunder: Brother to the Headline

This one doesn't have a complicated origin story. I love the warm stressing on my Dirty Headline font, and I wanted to create a brother-font for it; similarly stressed but with an alternate style, for some mixed graphics. For the base forms, I went to one of my favorite fonts from the 1920s, and dipped it in the same acid-pit (or rather, a very similar one) as DH. The main differences are less stressing on the outlines, a bit more texture and "resolution," and less vertical precision; this one hangs looser on the baseline. Other than that, it's your basic full-keyboard small-caps set with one or two of the usual extras (Euro, Cent, Pound Sterling, etc).

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[Image of A Love of Thunder TrueType Font by S. John Ross]

Erthe Gaming Systems: Character Sheet

Once upon a time (a real time this time, not a hoaxy Encounter Critical sort of time), there was a little outfit in the Pacific Northwest called Erthe Gaming Systems. They made character sheets ... I think maybe that's all they made, just one character sheet, for an, ah ... unspecified gaming system. It was my very favorite sheet for whatever game it may have been for, and this is a digital replica of it (an all-new build from the ground up), preserved for the ages, with affection.

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[Erthe Gaming Systems Character Sheet Graphic]

Town: Sampler Edition

[Town Page Images]For several years now, Lisa Steele's excellent Fief has been one of Cumberland's best-selling titles, and it achieves that without much in the way of flashiness or fanciness. It is, simply, exactly the kind of book that Game Masters wished for for a long time: a densely-packed, well-researched guide to real medieval country life, in a gamer-friendly format. It makes a promise to the reader, and it keeps it, and heaps on a few surprises at every turn, as well. Now, Lisa has returned to that territory and topped herself with an all-new companion volume: Town: A City-Dweller's Look at 13th to 15th Century Europe is everything Fief was for rural life, turned onto that most fascinating beast, the medieval city. And of course, there's a meaty 48-page free sample version. Snag it, print it, browse and enjoy!

>>>> Download <<<<

Want more? There's more. Plus, every now and again, I'll post a new bit of stuff here; new stuff will slowly edge older stuff off the page, forever. As you can see, the "stuff" can be just about any kind of file you can imagine from Cumberland Games: TrueType fonts, paper toys, gaming articles or expansions, maps (probably quite a lot of maps), and maybe even some audio now and then. In every case, it'll be a bit of something I've been enjoying and want to share. Snag 'em!

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