HexPaper: A TrueType Font For Windows

Sales of HexPaper version 2 have been discontinued, pending the Spring 2017 release of HexPaper version 3! Watch this space for more details!

I mean, don't literally watch this space. This space is pretty dull.

You can if you want. It's just ... it's not even animated or anything.

But check back in a few weeks, is what I'm saying. Look for HexPaper 3 soon! It'll have fifty-two styles of hexgrid and offset (a different style for every letter of the alphabet in both uppercase and lowercase) which is pretty rad. It'll still have isometrics and stuff, too. It'll also include a legacy copy of HexPaper 2 for your older project files. It'll be awesome, is what I'm saying.

If you're feeling bored, drop me a line and say hi! We can talk about hexagons. I like hexagons.

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