HexPaper: A TrueType Font For Windows

An isometric-view dungeon map!HexPaperô Version 2.0 is a TrueType font for gamers. With a copy of HexPaper, a printer, and just about any word processing program, you can print out endless reams of hex paper, quad paper, and even isometric graph paper. HexPaper can also be used in conjunction with graphics software like Paint Shop Pro or PhotoShop to create grid-overlays on scanned maps, game-related web graphics, and dozens of other creative projects.

HexPaper comes complete with a tutorial file to explain how to use each of the characters in the font to create the graph-style of your choice. Registered users of HexPaper are entitled to free updates for as long as they can receive files via email. The font contains nine characters. Here's how to use them to make the grid of your choice:

Hexagonal Graph

Just hit "h" over and over again to create a line of hexes. This character alone can create a hexgrid of any scale. Some thumbnail guides to scaling your hexes, based on type size:

  • 144-point type = 2.00 inches (50mm)
  • 100-point type = 1.38 inches (35mm)
  • 72-point type = 1.00 inches (25mm)
  • 43-point type = 0.59 inches (15mm)
  • 29-point type = 0.39 inches (10mm)

The font also includes a "capper" and "bottom" character for making perfect grid-edges in graphics applications, or for grids that won't take up a whole sheet of paper.

Hexagonal Graph (Alternate Solid)

Version 2 adds an alternate form of hexes: a solid, closed-corner version. Just hit uppercase "h" repeatedly to fill the page, and it's done!

Quad Graph[Inset Image: Same Price as Version 1! Just $3.00!]

This is made simply by typing either lowercase "q" or uppercase "q" over and over again! Lowercase is simple quad; Uppercase is divided quad (see the middle portion of the graphic below).

Isometric Graph

This useful grid-type is great for doing isometric "angled view" dungeon maps and floorplans like the one illustrated here (above). It is created by typing an entire row of lowercase "i," followed by a row of uppercase "I," and so on, repeating to fill the page.

"Hexaquad" Graph

New in version 2! A hexaquad graph is a 100% functional hexgrid built from staggered squares. This graph is great when you want the functional power of hexes but still enjoy using clean orthogonal lines to aid in drawing walls. Just use the "p" character at the beginning and end of every other row of lowercase quad to create this useful hybrid.

HexPaper Sample Output

How to Order HexPaper

Order HexPaper online or via post. If you have a Visa or Mastercard (or a check/debit card that can be used like one), ordering online is easiest! I accept payments via PayPal, the fastest way to get money across the internet.

Click Here to Order

The price is just $3 for private (home and gaming-table) use. Drop me a line if you're interested in an inexpensive public/commercial license.

Attention, Users of HexPaper Version 1!

If you're a registered user of HexPaper version 1.0 through 1.51, HexPaper 2 is a free upgrade. To request your free copy of HexPaper 2, email me at sjohn@cumberlandgames.com. If you're emailing me from a different email address than the one you registered under, let me know so I know where to find you in the database.

Want More?

Cumberland Games publishes a variety of electronic toys that work together. Use Flagstones and HexPaper in tandem as a more elaborate mapping tool. Use the output with Dungeon Interiors and Sparks paper miniatures for a complete 3-D gaming environment. There are freeware demos of many of our titles. Thanks for visiting!

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