HexPaper: A TrueType Font For Windows

HexPaper Pro is a mapping font with 62 different glyphs for composing and printing sheets of specialized graph paper, and for applying grids to existing maps. Because it's a font, the grids are immediately available in all your graphics, layout, and word-processing programs, and you can scale and combine the grids as you please. HexPaper Pro is a graphic tool for Game Masters, RPG designers, and cartographers!

Along with the font, you get the 181-page Sheet Book (60 pre-composed graph sheets in black, cyan, and dark-cyan versions), and the 5 page HexPaper Guide, which is both the font documentation and a visual catalogue of its many styles. The best way to get a feel for HexPaper Pro is to download and print the Guide.

This is Version 3 of the classic font, HexPaper, a Cumberland staple since 1999. This latest version comes with a commercial-use license at no extra charge; see the Guide for details! The font is provided in TrueType, OpenType, and Adobe Type 1 formats, so it works with any modern desktop Operating System. HexPaper Pro is just $5.95.

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