Pages from the PokÚnomicon

Legal Mumbo-Jumbo

Any submissions to the "Pages from the Pokénomicon" website become the sole property of Cumberland Games & Diversions, who may edit it, rewrite it, spill cola on it, sell it for billions of dollars without giving you a cent, pass it around the office to make fun of it, fold it up to play paper football with, burn it, eat it, dissolve it in acid, or otherwise enjoy it in any way whatsoever. In return, you get the joy of being on a webpage most people will never be aware of (including a hyperlink to your homepage in the credits, if you have a page to link to), and possible free swag: anyone who submits at least five thulhu that are accepted for inclusion on the site will also receive a free copy of any single Cumberland Games title (font, paper toy, electronic book, etc.) of their choice! Anyone who sends any entries that makes S. John Ross laugh out loud like a loon gets a free CG&D title instantly, regardless of how many other entries have been accepted. You must, with each entry, indicate explicitly that you've read, understood, and agreed to these conditions, or your entry will be automatically rejected. Phew!

Note: After five submissions or so, I "retire" the submitter to make room for more folks, so send me your best!

Oh, and please submit your 'thulhus in a format matching the one used on the Pages, including capitalization and such. Thanks!

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