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Gamers from around the world test each Cumberland release before it's made available for sale. The standards I set for playtest quality are strict . . . and I expect my "fire-eaters" to be just as strict with the standards they apply to my work. The result is better games and more useful resources.

  • Benefits: Cumberland testers are credited explicitly for their contributions, and provided with free final copies of any title they playtest, plus free copies of any prior titles necessary for the test. Productive testers are usually offered extra freebies, as well, especially if the scale of the project is large. Plus, there's fun and satisfaction and stuff (really)!
  • Methods: Cumberland's preferred testing method is blindtest. Once a playtest begins, the material will be alone with you and your gaming group, without "benefit" of Q&A with the designer. Fire-Eater groups have no online discussion forum or email list: the only way you'll know the names of your fellow testers is by reading the credits when the work is done. This maintains the highest standard of testing and produces varied and insightful results.
  • Format: Playtest materials for most projects will be provided in electronic form (for a few exceptional projects, I'll send out big packets of printouts and other materials). Playtest reports (including table notes, session descriptions, and copies of character sheets used in play) may be submitted physically or electronically, as you please. I try to always set testing deadlines to allow for postal correspondence.

When emailing to become a tester, your email should include the following:

  • Your basic contact information: Name, email address, physical address.
  • The names of those in your group who will be participating in the test sessions.
  • A description of the nature of your interest in the project.
  • A description of your group's general play-style and character.

I'll select testers based on the above, and respond (either way) within 24 hours in most cases.

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